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by: Dr. Tatyana Leffler


Dr. Tatyana Leffler
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Tatyana Leffler on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SWED 203 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/192129/swed-203-university-of-washington in Swedish at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 09/09/15
Present Participle How to make it verbs with roots that end in vowels add ende verbs with roots that don t end in vowels add ande Ex ande Brinna brinner brinnande Skriva skriver skrivande Prata pratar pratande ende Ga gar gaende Bo bor boende don t worry it s easierthan it seems What it is a verb turned into an adjective used in the present tense in English you would say I am walking to the store when you re doing that right then versus an unspecified time I walk to the store Swedish simplifies that so that the present tense Jag gartill affaren covers both in Swedish you only use the present participle when you are using verbs that are turned into adjectives For example the running man what is he He s the running man not the walking man thejogging man the barbecuing man etc etc isjust like the blue man orthe fat man except the adjective is a little funkier Partikel Verb What it is also called phrasal verb they are verbs that change their meanings when used with certain adverbs and phrases this is weird to think about when learning Swedish as a second language but English does this too Here are examples of phrasal verbs in English Ex give in give up tell someone off get off tee hee what s frustrating is that particle verbs are like idioms getting something from the store is different from masturbating obviously it seems that you just need to know the phrases so it ll be easier to pick up in them in an immersion situation but for now you ll have to use flashcardsmemorization sorry often the difference between the two only depends on the syllable stressed Ex TA av vs ta AV take from vs take off clothes Sample Partikel Verbs TA med take with vs ta MED bring someone along TYCKA om like vs tycka OM opinion SLA p turn on vs sl PA beat on SKRKA till to yell to vs skrika TILL yell out of fearhurt TA p touch something vs ta PA put on LAGGA sig I lie down vs lagga SIG I mess in someone s business Grammar Review Nouns Verbs Adjectives some information taken and simplified from SE Dictionary UMN press most from my own notesexperience Nouns sg inde nite sg definite pl indefinite 81 a an or eI eln or s sen sor 82 e en ar 83 en er S4i iet ier 85 0 on or 86 e et en 87 d det no plural 88 um umet aum 89 ande anden ande Adjectives positive comparative superlative A1 stark starkare starkest A2 fri friare friast A3 vacker vackrare vackrast A4 rutten ruttnare ruttnast A5 defekt mera defekt mest defekt A6 komisk mera komisk mest komisk Verbs infinitive present past supine past participle V1 prata pratar pratade har pratat pratad V2 spreda spreder spredde sprett spredd V3 k pa k per k pte k pt k pt V4 tro tror trodde trott trodd


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