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by: Wanda Mosciski


Wanda Mosciski
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Wanda Mosciski on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCHY 401 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/192131/archy-401-university-of-washington in Archaeology at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Page 1 of8 18upa11 The Upper Paleolithic in One Lecture All of this is based on the notyet rm calibrations of 2050 ka BP Look What happens a er 40 ka 32 36 40 44 4B Radiocarbon years BP ka 0 Jgt a 039 o 01 w o N 01 2 36 4o 44 4e Calibrated years BF ka Page 2 of 8 18upall Greater NE Africa turn right SW ASIA MidPal made by mods and Neandertals 7 hard to tell apart except for early mod burials Later real UPal with bladelets and mods Initial UPal 1UP Emiran 7 4745 ka Levallois pts and blades from same cores But never any bladelets Overrated 1UP in SE Turkey 42 ka Ucagizli 7 perforated shells Earliest true UPal Ahmarian starts 743 42 ka In Sinai 42 ka or earlier Has bladelets amp perforated shells amp bone tools Turkey Ucagizli 3834 ka bladelets shells bone tools 7 shells different from 1UP Final MidPal quotTabun Bquot has Neanders Early Ahmarian has no fossils but has mods at Ksar Akil Egbert 40 ka and Qafzeh But from where Sahara was impassable No bladelets in Nile Valley but a mod fossil at38 ka at Nazlet Khater a could walk up East African coast to Sinai b Irhoud gt mods in Stage 6 c early UPal in Libya Dabban resembles SW Asian stuff long before 40 ka Maybe earliest SW Asia UPal was part of N African province Other early SW Asian UPal quotLevantine Aurignacianquot but first Europe Page 3 of 8 18upall Europe Oversimplified As we approach 45 ka Mousterian with Neanders some regional diffs Then Aurignacian 7 real UPal Oase fossil 7405 ka all fossils modems Aurignacian covers V large area gt similarities in bone and stone technologytypology Dufour bladelets Aurignacian retouch split bevelledbase bone pts Comparable changes through time Remarkable maintenance of social networks unlike before or after BUT are shorttermregional diffs in making ornaments Where did it come from Indeed Aurignacian Ksar Akil Lebanon 7 Levantine Aurignacian gt38 ka LeV Aurig in SW Asia rarely gt35 ka SE Europe 7 4443 ka Central Europe 7 4240 ka possibly gt42 ka N Spain 7 4241 ka or not SW France 7 4039 ka S Spain lt35 ka European origin and spread east and south Rage 4 of 8 18upall Version 1 Chatelperronian 7 SW France N Spain 3038 ka Dates and stratigraphy gt Chatel and Aurig postdate Mousterian Most not all Aurig postdates Chatel Mousterian and Chatel have same technology and some tools lt MTA Chatel also has UPal types of stone tools UPal bone technotypology Personal adornment Patterned space at ArcysurCure Associated with Neanders at Arcy and St Cesaire Chatel resembles Aurig only generally not in details Acculturation of late French Neanders by Aurig modems Compare Szeletian foliates blades Bohunician ditto Uluzzian denticulates blades That is Europe has patches of local Neanders trying to be UPal but not getting i Page 5 of 8 18upall Version 2 Concerns only MousterianAurignacian interface and really only the Chatelperronian Zilhao amp D Errico Neanders were making Chatel before mods got to western Europe 7 independent invention Improbable but late Neanders did things earlier ones did not and if dates are wrong If so then why did Neanders fail I More expensive bodies and having a hard time anyway 2 Chatel lacks some Aurig traits inc bone points longdistance networks 3 Among plants weeds always win Too little too late Meeting mods shows Neanders capable of more than if they hadn t met Calibration of 3050 ka dates effectively kills this version In any case mods and Neanders did meet Why nolittle interbreeding physically different signs of matepotential v conservative and specific some things are not cultural 7 faces Behavioral diffs language Neander physicality Neanders were slobs Rage 6 of 8 18upall UPaleolithic before 25 ka 30ka calibratedD vs MidPaleolithic Technologies Years BP Western Central Eastern Southern Years BP calibrated Europe Europe Europe Siberia not calibrated 30000 Eyed needles Lignite fuel Cordage Allover 25000 Cordage Fat lamps tailored Ceramics Cold storage clothing Storage pits Winter houses Lignite fuel Mattocks 35000 Eyed needles Heated shelters Heated 30000 Shovels Shelters Eyed needles Needles 40000 Splitbase Splitbase 35000 points points 45000 Bone awls Bone awls Bone awls 45000 Bone points Bone points Snares Rotary drillfor fire as well Based on Hoffecker 2005 All of these are practical and advantages are obvious Some Other Things present in the Aurigpacian in Europe and not present in the Mousterian import of exotic things stone and especially decorative objects over v long distances wide network of social contacts lots of things for personal adornment symboling and complex social relations de nite representational art more symboling indications of social complexity social storage Advantages not obvious No advantages without understanding Page 7 of 8 18upall Symbolic Behavior There are vast quantities of art and such Two early areas S FranceN Spain Chauvet France 37 ka direct dates Amazing cavepaintings as good as later stuff Isturitz N Spain several utes pipes gt33 ka with markings SW Germany Czech Geissenklosterle 7 3338 ka Flute v similar to Isturitz with markings Ivory gures of animals with markings Vogelherd gt40 ka Boneivory gurines of animals with markings HohlensteinStadel 7 3540 ka Perforated teeth Ivory gure of humanlion Dolni Vestonice Czech Republic 34 ka 7 large camp occupied by mammoth hunters Several huts surrounded by a fence of mammoth tusks gt1000 mammoths altogether Huts circles of bones and stones probably holding down skin walls Large group of people Use of mammothparts in architecture Venus gurine of baked clay A small hut up the hill had a kiln with thousands of lumps of baked clay some shaped like animals and made to explode Second kiln 7 the same Triple burial of 2 adolescent males unid amp crippled adult bet them Ochre and ornaments Lots of charcoal 7 buried while burning Looks suspicious Rage 8 of8 18upall Sungjr Russia 32 ka Three burials an adult male and two children girl boy Children were in same grave head to head Spectacular gravegoods spears made of straightened mammoth tusks not functional many other ivory things 7 including N8000 ivory beads Much labor involved in making these 7 4560 minutes per bead gt Great wealth was apparently wasted so this was not a poor socie Profound social differences among members of the group some kind of power structure Contemporaneous with Neanders and Mousterian at Gibraltar Sigh


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