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by: Aurore MacGyver Sr.


Aurore MacGyver Sr.
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aurore MacGyver Sr. on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to OCEAN 443 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/192147/ocean-443-university-of-washington in Oceanography at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
OCEAN 443 Fall Quarter 2005 DUE NOVEMBER 1 Milestone 3 Experimental plan and rationale The goals ofthis assignment are 1 To formulate a testable hypothesis and to describe the methods needed to test it 2 To begin to integrate student projects where applicable 3 To establish a contingency research plan in case of problems shipboard 4 As in Milestones l and 2 to interpret data critically and to incorporate relevant data into a wellreasoned and wellwritten argument Note This assignment is intended to jumpstart the writing of your proposal If wellwritten and wellargued it could therefore serve as at least a partial draft and save you some future work The assignment should be handed in by E Submit Assignment Please answer the following questions in a detail comparable to that given in the examples 1 L V What hypothesis do you intend to test in your research Example I intend to test the h pothesis that chocolate enrichment Will Increase phytoplankton biomass and alter phytoplankton species composition Why do you think this hypothesis is relevant to the Galapagos Islands Cite at least two different types or sets of data with references in support of your argument preferably from more than one paper Example Previous experimental work in the Equa torial Pacific found thatsemisweet chocolate enrichment increased chlorophyll a concentrations b ya factor of 3 Hershe y et al 1994 Wonka I998 Hershey et al 1994 also observed surface chlorophyll concentrations 3 times greater downwind than upwmd of the Galapagos Islands shortly after a convention of chocola te addicts on Isa bela Island see their Fig 4 Perhaps this was due to chocolate pollution from land as argued by Cha veZ and Brusca 1991 In addition to increasing photosynthetic biomass chocolate enrichment may shift phytoplankton community composition to larger size classes as observed in humans Di T ullio et al 1993 possibly affecting other food web dynamics like grazers What experiments do you think could be done to test this hypothesis What speci c predictions of your hypothesis would the experiments permit you to evaluate Please cite at least one reference pertinent to the methods you expect to employ in your project Example Bottle experiments could be performed in which phytoplankton biomass was measured in incuba tions with or without added chocolate A similar approach was used by Di T ullio et al 1993 after whom I am modeling my work though Di T ullio conducted his experiments on human beings fed chocolate intra venously According to myhjpothesis chl a concentrations should be greater in chocola teamended bottles To test howspecies composition changes I Will use sizefra ctionated chlorophyll as a broad proxy Based on the results ofDiTullio et al 1993 I expect that in chocolateamended bottles and relative to OCEAN 443 Fall Quarter 2005 O V DUE NOVEMBER 1 values observed in situ tbe phytoplankton community will sliilt to ward larger size classes including diatoms and morbidly obese cyanobacteria Where in the vicinity of the Galapagos Islands should these experiments be conducted Why Example I m not sure precisely wbere I d go but Hersbe y et al 1994 report tbatlngb cbocola te concentrations were found near Isabella and Fernandina islands Perbaps I would do one experiment tbere and for comparison anotber experiment east of tbese islands wbere cbocolate concentrations are known to be lower b ya factor of 5 Wonka 1998 Does your experiment have to be conducted at a particular time of day or during a particular time interval If so why Example Ideally I d collect my pliytoplankton samples wbile it was still dark and 11a ve tbe experiment ready to go at first ligbt If tbis is not possible at tbe very least I need to be able to conduct slnpboard incubations lasting 23 days under natural ligbt Ibis period of time sbould be su 39icient for me to detect cbanges in growtb rate between tbe experimental treatments judging from Di T ullio et al 1993 who used 48bour incubations What equipment and analytical procedures will be required for your proposed work Example I Will need a butterflynet and a pair of cbopsticks to collect pb ytoplankton Additionally I Will require 6 bottles 2 treatments ea cb in triplicate and access to one of tbe incubators I m not sure exactly wbat volume to use for tbese incuba tions39 it depends ifotber students jom me in tbis experiment see below To measure cbl a I 11 need etc Does the work you propose bene t or bene t from any other student research project Which ones and how Example I know tbat otber students Will be measuring cbocolate concentrations pliytoplankton growtb rates graZing rates and Virusinducedmortalityra tes If we coordinate our sampling and experiments our combined data ma ybelp us deduce tbe relative importance of tbese di erent processes Can you think of a fallback plan in case for some reason the experiments can t be done or don t work Example Iffor some reason incubation emeriments aren t possible I could at least look at overall and size fractionated cbl a biomass up and downstream of tbe Galapagos and see if tbe y are different similar to wbat Hersbe y et al 1994 did in tbe Galapagos Please list at least 5 references from peerreviewed scienti c journals including those cited above At least 3 references should be new papers ie not ones discussed in class or previously cited in Milestone 2 2 of the 5 references should speci cally pertain to the methods you intend to use in your experiment For each reference write a single sentence explaining its pertinence to your proposed work additionally for the two methods papers that you cite explain in more detail what the method is and how you intend to apply it on the student research cruise See Milestone 2 and the web page for appropriate reference style OCEAN 443 Fall Quarter 2005 DUE NOVEMBER 1 If you have questions please contact Llyd at chimeraloceanwashingtonedu


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