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by: Cara Deckow


Cara Deckow
GPA 3.55

Lance Forshay

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About this Document

Lance Forshay
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cara Deckow on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASL 305 at University of Washington taught by Lance Forshay in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/192154/asl-305-university-of-washington in American Sign Language at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Deaf Culture Part 2 Values and Identity Lance Forshay ASL 305 Introduction to Deaf Studies University of Washington April 23 2008 Disclaimers a Variety of Deaf identities and educational backgrounds 139 I will present viewpoints and values all the way to end of Deaf ist continuum So some concepts may be objectionable to some of you Keep your mind open and you don t have to agree with them 1 I do have a strong Deaf culture identity but it doesn t mean I agree with everything that I present today Values and Identity Models Woman studies H Black studies Gay studies H Dwarfism studies In Search of a Deaf Culture Model Cultural Identity not deafness deaf Hearin NO delw late De aan Ora Deaf H3de 9f H Deaf Signing OM if H aaw jng Mn 5 a J 1 Daaf UVJjHU En nt Damquot inar Hard of Hm naanng DDA D an n 9 ND anonqn Norms Values and Identity Deaf Pride Ann Silver s art Eyes over Ears Helen Keller versus Deaf Blind citizens raised in Deaf culture 1 Disabled39or ethnic group 3 Social Security and quotDeaf Card Peddler of ABC cards 11 Use of ASL Interpreters disability implications American Sign Language Norms Values and Identity Deaf Schools Prevent closing Reunion n Abusefcases why secrecy Deaf Clubs Coffee Chat etc Deafvalues vs religion n Deaf Identity usually more important than familyS religio39ni r Deaf values Religion Deaf Religion 1 Few interested in religion why Norms Values and Identity Marriage situations Deaf and Deaf culture vs faith 1 Deaf and Hearing 90 ended into divorce Attitudes of having deaf children 1 Reactions to having deaf children Every deaf children belongs to Deaf people Ella s Poetry 7 My relatives response to my hearing son r Common reactions to hearing baby in a large Deaf family Norms Values and Identity Deaf lesbian couple case Biomedical issues Cochlear Implants 1 Genetic Design Oppression and Deaf Identity Discrimination Much related to audism Why n Different n Education 11 Communication Types n Job n Education n Finances insurance loan etc n Sports Discrimination Evident in ASL Literature ASL Jokes 7 Success Stories r Hands Down story Audism Definition Group discussion The notion that one is superior based on o39ne s ability to hear or behave in the manner of one who hears Tom Humphries 1977 7 An attitude based on pathological thinking which results in negative stigma toward anyone who does not hear like racism or sexism audism judges labels and limits individuals on the basis on whether a person hears and speaks Humphrey and Alcorn 1995 Audism 1 The corporate institution for dealing with deaf people dealing With them V akin statements about them authorizing views of them describing them teaching about them governin where they go to school and in some cases W ere they live in short au dism is the hearing way of dominating restructuring and exercising authority over the deaf community It includes such rofessional people as administrators 0 schools for the deaf children and of training programs for deaf adults interpreters and some audiologists spe ech therapists otologiSts psychologists psychiatrists librarians researchers social rkers and hearing aid specialists Lane Dysconscious Audism 391 Study by Dr Genie Gertz California State University at Northridge Audism De VIA art Poetry n And in many other parts of ASL Literature Ling uicism g Oppression based on use of a language 7 ASL Research r Deaf Bilingual Coalition New national organization on July 2007 B Mission To promote the basic human right of all deaf infants and young children to have access to language and cognitive development through American Sign Language 11 Perfect example of Deaf values and identity THE 354 TEST IRONY Research shows that if hearing babies learn sign first they will be ahead with language development As this concept becomes very popular why are deaf babies still denied this right for natural language acquisition in order to receive speech training for the sake of hearing parents and audiologists who chose the most difficult and frustrating way of teaching children education through Oralism which often result in a delay in language and social development Deafism n An attitude39of superiority that influences39one s perspective attitude or action towardother people according to a level of belonging to Deaf Culture n Elite Deafquot n Deaf in family or number of deaf generations Deaf status r authority Subtle or Not So Subtle Comments What type of oppression He is deaf buthe is smart Audism You will succeed more in this World with more speech skills Audism I prefer SEE over ASL Linguicism Deaf nitwits called by a Deaf person Intellectualism Check with a hearing person for a correct English sentence Audismquotif within Deaf communi Check with a Deaf person for a correct ASL si n or sentence Deafism why is this di erent from 6 Subtle or Not So Subtle Comments What type of oppression Deaf Power Deafism He s a grassroot Deaf39person IntellectualiSm Giving babies CI by hearing parents Audism Giving39babies CI by Deaf parents Audism quot Lesbian couples finding Deaf gene sperm donors to get a Deaf baby each Deafism Subtle or Not So Subtle Comments What type of oppression I want to marry a Deaf woman man Deafism I want deaf children Deafism I prefer to be with Deaf people Deafism Forshay s picnic Deaf HH and Hearing grouping Deafism Audism Deaf church in Birmingham Racism Quotations from the past What type of oppression 17 Deaf people born incapableto reason Aristole Audism 122 Deaf People are not ready39to function in the hearing39 world Bassett Spilman chair of Gallaudet Board of Trustees 1988Audism 19 I am not Deaf enough Jane Fernades 2006 in reaction to the39 seCond protest at Gallaudet aboutzherselection as an university president Deafism 20 True story about Matt s Cochlear Implant Removal Success quoted from a VLog on the internet Deafism Questions to think about 1 H ave you said or heard any comments that reflect any of oppressive attitude here Which attitude and why in How can we liberate our minds and attitudes frOm these oppressives is What kind of effects on the Deaf people will take place with audism in medical profession


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