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by: Cara Deckow


Cara Deckow
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Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cara Deckow on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASL 305 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/192155/asl-305-university-of-washington in American Sign Language at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Views of the Deaf World and Hearing Children of Deaf Parents Richard Ladner Introduction to Deaf Studies ASL 305 Spring 2008 Outline Views of the Deaf World gt AGB vs NAD gt Mask of Benevolence Harlan Lane Hearing Children of Deaf Parents gt Mother Father Deaf Paul Preston gt Personal view Views of the Deaf World amp 2 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Two Contrasting Views Alexander Graham Bell Society AGB National Association of the Deaf NAD Views of the Deaf World amp Hearing Children of Deaf Adults AGB Your advertisement perpetuates a common myth that all people who are deaf can only communicate using sign language and are therefore isolated from the rest of society Views of the Deaf World amp Hearing Children of Deaf Adults NAD We find it deplorable that AGBell continues to perpetuate the myth that the use of ASL isolates deaf people from mainstream society a stereotype that is far from the truth mm IVE maww g Haring c mimequot a De Aunts Harlan Lane Disabling me benevolence Deal Community v Harlan Lane a m imiiii im mm IVE maww g Haring c mimequot a De Aunts Harlan Lane The Mask of Benevolence 1992 Knopf Wrote other books gt When the Mind Hears gt The Wild Boy of Aveyron Introduced to deafness in midcareer otherwise has no connection with Deaf community Views of the Deaf World amp Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Lane s Models lnfirmity Model Deaf people are broken and need to be taken care of made normal and made more like us Cultural Model the signing community of Deaf people forms a unique culture that should be respected like any other culture similar to medicalrehabilitation vs social models discussed in the technology lecture Views of the Deaf World amp Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Paternalism A system under which an authority undertakes to supply the needs and regulate the conduct of those under its control Lane1992 Examples gt Colonizers control of colonized people in Africa and other parts of the world gt Deaf professionals control deaf education psychology vocational rehab Views of the Deaf World amp 9 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Audism Paternalism practiced on the Deaf world Psychology of the Deaf gt Dependent poor language impulsive paranoid terms in the psychology of the deaf literature and in colonization literature Deaf Education gt Speech Lip Reading and Hearing are paramount Views of the Deaf World amp 10 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Audism Con t Medicine gt Modern hearing technology will make the child as normal as possible All audists agree that they know what is best for the deaf child and adult We don t need to listen to the Deaf community because they do not have the Judgment that we do Amy Views of the Deaf World amp 11 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults The Conundrum Deaf culture is not passed down from generation to generation in the family except for the small percentage of deaf people who have deaf parents Most deaf children 90 have hearing parents who are part of the dominant Hearing culture the colonizers Views of the Deaf World amp 12 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults If I had a deaf child would lprovide himherwith the best hearing technology I could afford would I spend countless hours with himher on lip reading and speech would I learn sign language would lconsult the Deaf communityfor advice VEwsaHVE Beat Wang a 13 Hearing Chimequot m Beat Adults Hearing Children of Deaf Parents LDDKII ISIDE quot l Mother Father Deaf b 1 Paul Preston VEwsaHVE Beat Wang a u Hearing Chimequot m Beat Adults Paul Preston s Study 1994 Harvard University Press Preston himself had deaf parents Preston is an anthropologist who based his research on indepth interviews from 150 informants The book is full of quotes from his interviews Views of the Deal World amp Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Some Data 65150 43 work with deaf children or adults gt Teacher gt Counselor gt Minister gt Speech therapist gt Audiologist 91150 61 had worked or were currently working with deaf people 30150 20 never learned sign language Views of the Deal World amp Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Families Two deaf parents or one deaf parent Only child Multiple children gt Oldest daughter often becomes the family interpreter Deaf siblings Often deaf parents only deaf people in the extended family Views of the Deaf World amp 17 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Views of Many lnformants Often interpreted for parents gt With hearing outsiders in person and phone calls gt With siblings gt With grandparents and other relatives Often felt they made decisionsquot for parents Often felt that parents were too dependent on them Almost all felt proud of their parents and how they faced their challenges Almost all had respect for Deaf Culture Views of the Deaf World amp Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Immigrant Comparison Immigrant gt Grandparent Parent Child original language bilingual English Deaf Family gt Grandparent Parent Child English Sign bilingual Views of the Deaf World amp 19 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Moderating Between Cultures A Hearing culture whose nuclear child centered families rely on defined roles a hierarchical structure and at times an obsession with individualismquot Preston 1994 A Deaf culture in which the family reflects a community that is peerbased and interdependent and whose goals are to provide support and communication to other Deaf people while countering the oppression of those who speak and hear Preston 1994 Views of the Deaf World amp 20 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults quot3 Welcome to CODA International Mozilla Firefox Eile Edit jiew History ookmarks we Iools Help a httpzl39i ivvvvvvcodainternationalorgv 77W if Getting Started 63139 Latest Headlines IQ Google 1 Yahoo 3935 MyUW W Directory UW Library 0 Content Tool 0i Ladner 5 Catalyst 393 tcstomm EPIC Ll SIGACTEC 393 SIGACT J theorynt a vmwb W UWIN b CODA Oz Retreat April 2008 WHENquot III call IMIIIIIIIOIIII CODA Children of Deaf adults is a non pro t organization for the adult hearing sons and daughters of deaf parents The organization began in 1983 and has grown to include people from many different countries and very different family and extended family situations The CODA experience is strikingly similar across the world Regardless if you come from a family with one deaf parent both deaf parents additional deaf family members families who signed families who didn t etc you are welcome here Visitors it39s your time to speak up Please click the quotTake The Surveyquot link and give us your opinions Take The Survey CODApolis 2008 quotRestart Your Enginesquot Annual CODA Conference Site Index Read wwwcodainternationalorg v 3 Faciliato E5 2 Mlch 22 11 Forever Explaining the Deaf World My doctor suggest you go to an audiologist to have your hearing checked Acquaintance Are any of your siblings eaf quot Acquaintance You must have learned sign language naturally as a childquot Acquaintance How did you learn to speakquot Colleague Why wouldn39t a deaf person want a cochlear implantquot Views of the Deaf World amp 23 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Discussion Views of the Deaf World amp 24 Hearing Children of Deaf Adults ASL 305 Introduction to Deaf Studies University of Washington April 2 2008 Lance Forshay Review Pre1817 Deaf History i How did deaf people communicate with each other in the past Egypt i lsrael Law of Moses Greece Socrates Rome Aristole i Early Christianity Deaf History Before 1817 England St John of Beverly 700 AD Talmud Judaic law Categories of deafness and legal rights Europe Royal families America Martha s Vineyard Italian Monks and Vow of Silence Spanish deaf education French School for the Deaf Spread of Deaf school and signing method in Europe Oralism philosphy in deaf education Deaf History Before 1817 Philosophies of Deaf Education Oralism Combined Methods Deaf History 19Lh Century Jean Massieu first Deaf teacher at Royal Academy for the Deaf Paris France Laurent Clerc second Deaf teacher and was very intelligent and fluent in sign language and written French Deaf History 19Lh Century Thomas Gallaudet saw the need of education for deaf children He went to Europe and brought Laurent Clerc a deaf teacher from deaf school in Paris to America to start a deaf school together in 1817 Deaf History 19th Century Laurent Clerc learned the old ASL used by deaf people in America and combined it with LSF French Sign Language Eventually he standardized the sign system at the school into modern ASL as we know it today Deaf History 19th Century Alexander Graham Bell and the spread of Oralism took a strong grip on deaf education in American and all over the world in 1880 s 1880the World Congress of the Educators of the Deaf met in Milan V Italy and passed a resolution to promote Oralism in deaf education all over the world and dismiss all deaf teachers out of deaf schools i Germany s influence on France Deaf History 19 h CentUIy At the same year National Association for the Deaf was founded and they fought long and hard for the rights to use sign language in deaf community and education C By 1910 most schools for the Deaf in America turned to Oralism NAD establishes Moving Picture Committee to presene sign language George Veditz ASL activist 1900 s 1960 s Oralism method proved failure in deaf education Average deaf high school graduates ranks third grade in English Many Deaf culture historians called this period a dark age of deaf education Sign language was presened in Deaf Clubs during this period Rental movie from NAD at clubs Deaf History 193911 Century 196039s William Stokoe a nonrconventional my lin uist who taught English at quot ia laudet recognized it lInguIstIc characters In ASL and started to have a deep interest to do research on r I sign Heeventually proved A that ASL Is a language He published his linding 192039s Sign Language Studies Classes Training and Book materials began to emerge Dealculture recognized and dellned with SL Deaf History 193911 Century 1975 Sign Instructors Guidance Network Today it is called ASL Teacher Association 197039s Sign language slowly returns to deal 1990 ASL accepted as a loreign language credit and course o ered in many college and high school at explosive gro h 199039s Many states legalize ASL as a loreign language course lor HS and college Resources Eriksson Per The History of Deaf Peogle A Source Book Translated from Swedish Sweden SIH Laromedel National Swedish Agency for Special Education 1993 Technology for Deaf People Richard Ladner Introduction to Deaf Studies ASL 305 Spring 2008 Outline Background and terminology Hearing technology Texting Video Phone Web Other Technology Research Deal Technology


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