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by: Bessie Towne


Bessie Towne
GPA 3.92

Yoram Bauman

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About this Document

Yoram Bauman
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bessie Towne on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVIR 100 at University of Washington taught by Yoram Bauman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/192161/envir-100-university-of-washington in Program On The Environment at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
u 3 seattlcp com NEW standard 75 ppb Giww y ilh s 7 WWlnvI at at Clear Alrnn Air Pollution De nitions History Patterns amp Principles Examples 802 Acid Rain Ozone Particulates Aerosols and soot smug in Seattlenm r u 4 Definitions Air pollution Standards Acute versus chronic Point versus nonpoint sources Asbestos Pb 03 Hg Particulate 802 l toxins conti enteations es ort or Hiec i3 hogglt e cts or antHeaFltht d c s sern ro ec on Cl l all l nip oneentvat o acl term r arganiatm smoke Crude Examination of History 2qu Presem aauu ac jam var Otzi der Mensch aus dem Eis l Crude Examination of History industrial Revuiutiun am a 53m van Today an m Acute quot Local F39uirit 502 impacts individual numan neaitn Visible damage lat smoke North America s Largest Sources of SO2 Sudbury Ecological Effects Acute PointrSource AirPollution Principle Stages orAcute History Continued Sudbury 59 1553 6mm 25 1972 1993 s a m Level Russing Super mm nine Ram Bedsrgane Stew 2 u inns 7 Beds g mesa 25w lDaViZiblE Waste Land Only must tolerant plants plants me alive Crude Examination of History TranSition from ACUte POint Source Local to Chronic Nonpomt Znua AgeuftneAutumubile FM m source or multiple Distant aannac Beginning at Climate 39 HEP significantregulatinnscnange ACld PreCIPltatlon m M 0mm esult oftransferring problem from local to Dispersed distant Tianjinquot Application oftechnologies to reduce Ozuneiiui oke an Am Premp taum Takes incredible detective work especially Su sm with terrestrial vs aquatic systems Regulati nsLEWS 13 Greatest nancial impact is on structures Tree amp Ecosystem Images Acid Rain I Example of an Ozone Episode 91 95 Ozone Formed General Principle Chronic levels ofa pollutant do not kill humans or plants outright weaken A weakened person or plant Plant its productivity or ability to make biomass decreases How might this affect a trophic pyramid or prices of food Human Immune system compromised Other stressors THEN some other factor usually kills the human or plant Today Laws and Regulations Clean Air Act of 1970 and most recent modifications Combinations of ozone and elevated carbon dioxide Longdistance transport Soot and aerosols Yoram s lecture Cap and trade model for controlling SOZ Crude Examination of History ma Present r j ii ac Climate mums Change om rm Long Transport Ozone nee interactions Climate ProblemsGlobal ChangeAir Pollution 21st Century Greenhouse gases global warming COZ CFCs NOW CH4 H20 Air pollution NOW 802 haze aerosols Os heavy metals Hg Pb Cd organic compounds Ozone depletion O3 In the article by Travis and Carleton 2002 they used the abbreviation DT Diffuse transmitted radiation N Diurnal temperature range on Delta transfer Delaye transrnission 4s om Results Mechanism Dailytem perature range 1 is Q l l l 39 L m E 05 3pr E D 19717 E ZUDEI Warmer g 705 L l 8711 Sept 1144 Sept 14 17 Sept mer Tm DTR set to zero for 1971 e ZUDEI Anuve the liner greater below the line smaller V Ramanathan in his testimony before Con re s maintains that BC has the following characteristics select the false statemen i is spread rapidly 2 Has maiorhealth impacts Has a maior impact on global Warming 4 Has a relatively long atmospheric lifertirne mu Very Impressive Person Aerosols BC and Climate Change Synthesis Aerosols A d t Greenhouse gases m mama of 002 CH N20 N02 3 Carbon eyeie Nitrugen eyeie Sulfur Lyeie Photosynthesis wbuft m 53335533213 7 se mcesses rESp ra mn W p Eases by bacteria decompositionfire mom 5 Combustion Summary Def nitions Principles History Dan Jaffe s Lecture on Wednesday 7 Longsdistance transpo e Tighter regulationsstandards Yoram s lecture on riday 7 Cap and trade 7 Taxes Orphaned Slides from previous Lectures Emphasis on Acid Precipitation What it is How it impacts ecosystems Acid Rain 1 Acid Rain 2 Bottomline H is being added 804 is being added N05 is being added Acid Rain 3 Acid Rain Effects on Forest Ecosystems squot punI m mu m H II in Acid Rai Effects 0 Forest amp Crude Examination of History n n Aquatic Ecosystems Major Industrial Revolution SEW Detective39s 43 50 Age me Am m bne Shallow rooted trees and plants 753m vap Climate Change 0m maquot Acme Chronic Where do plants get their Local Dispersed Li g fsr a er and 3quot 2335 WSW c0 air Ozone Smog olme coz N soil amp decomposition Acid Precipitation lntEraEtanS amp in ut of No Particulate Other minerals Ca Mg impacts Individual hum an healt WES amp 2 39 h t mmsmm 8 Nonhuman impacts RegulationsLawsi ieaw fg ea ermg Visibility Issues of Social Justice Con nued si l aterial Geology of parent material Rocks minerals Chemicalamp Physical secondary minerals clays Weathering Parent material Climate Topography Vegetation Time wewwe Certain soils are more susceptible to acid rain Low soil carbon poor acid buffering capacity Con nued H acts to remove K Mg Mn Ca NOS39 combines with K Mg Mn Ca Combination is very soluble leaches out If H very high then Al is removed Clay 39 Ca Organic matter 39 K Cay39H Organic matter39H Clay 39 H WHp frgr Organic matter39H Ca NOj K NO AI


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