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by: Bessie Towne


Bessie Towne
GPA 3.92

Jason Scullion

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About this Document

Jason Scullion
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bessie Towne on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVIR 100 at University of Washington taught by Jason Scullion in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/192162/envir-100-university-of-washington in Program On The Environment at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Centilena By Jason Seu ion Which of the following are elements of biodiversity 9 2 4 wquot 94 Fish Genes Ecosystems Mammals All of the above U39H ENE J 1 meats in all eco systemsare variable in e the resu is envjr nmental 39 c em ical gradients richest near the equator an decljnes as egto the poles Mammal species richness GLOIAL nxvsnsm as Humus 5pm richnes Nmmu d Inna mmmi Numbu Mud mlmmnll 1 7151mus4210 11019 25 so naunxuu Flowering plant familial richness Frames Curnez l Am Mmm mass Relatively stable temperature Available water able energy 396 c 1t Hotspots of life 7 Estimated Vascular Plant Species RlChneSS Question 2 What is the history of life on earth and what role does extinction play Question 1 What is biodiversity where is it found and w y Wet n w 39mngmbw v ersnyarz 1 gka p ed pan asphysgala39n39a mammal 54 5de Dn theEarth 39 39 A A J r L 1 TH uhgl Egg mum afbmdwermy and m ampm must39examme he pasL l Imagine the life of the earth Drivers oflife in 24 hours Evolution Mmeevolution Extinction Evolution Natoral selection operates at the level ot metivicloals in relation to local conditions Gracloal change vs mnctoatecl equl min Extinction quotLuck not soperio ity plays a role in what organisrns survive especially in times of mass extinctionsquot mm 900a of all species that have I I ted are nva extinct Thousands of Genera w T Li Biodiversity during the Phanerozoic i D Au Genera n CI Weleresoived Genera L v Lonngerm Trend L v The quotBig 5quot Mass Extinction v otherExtlnction Events Nini K iJiTr P CiDiiOiCmi 50 100 150 200 50 300 350 400 450 500 542 M illions of Years Ago Macroevolut 011 DESL ihes the larger patterns of the histor of life Evolutionary trends 0 Species change Solne disappear Solne nt Ner ones appear Great Extinctions Periods in Earth39s history vhen a significant tr tlon o of the exlst ig species are e tirpated There have been five great extinctions and around 0 minor ones Once considered a passive component in the course of evolution they are now recognized as a major deterrninant of its ootcorne Causes of the 5 Great Extinctions IIore than one factor causes a 7 eat eVbn tion a a tangled webquot iwa g c s glob hng global 39anlnng 7 sea levels predation and Cox npehhon Question 3 The 6th Extinction How do humansuse V interact hiadi t ms gy 39 Holocene extinction event quotOverkill hypothesisquot Five proximate causes of extinction II man in Y alluhon Tlie eartli is cnrrenuy experiencing substantial and largely irreversible What of other species are lost each year bc of humans losses in uie diversity oflife as in as mi iii 1 01 2 05 3 1 4 3 5 5 Harnans are Wiping aiil abanllVa afall ather species every yearl Terrestrial losses Mantle losses mu ninair uniiii ramsaaiiaaa saris Pawmm AtlanstQSVi smie warms rnarnrnal s tnskafexnmhan peciesarea e AIle aunni am ie 5 plant and animal species are lirea nedwnhexnmhan Taday lie planet is lasing mun species per year 39Anu mikd an perceniiimie leige yndimx rh aie pine 75 peneniarinarine rlieiiei are Imw wererirlieil arriilierl m capiaiiy Almnxl lfnf lk carilr are gene arare ieiinnily uiieaienerl Marth valii d 39 d Does biodiversity matter rem xstPmr ustrles 7 Fund prailnciian 9311 billianperyear e Tirnlier indnslxy 4M liilliiin per year 7 Marine fisheries 311 billion per year 7 Marine aqucnllmt 57 billion p er year Status of Provisioning Services Society and biodiversity status Ecosystem degradation can iareiy irereverse with d qtactigns thataddress nine or ihor indirect drivers of change 39 an population 2 in namic activity


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