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by: Bessie Towne


Bessie Towne
GPA 3.92


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bessie Towne on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVIR 260 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/192165/envir-260-university-of-washington in Program On The Environment at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
ga WI Ecosystemwide focus Physical environment Biological system um an management system Hum an impacts Restoration activities I Salmon isthe focal point but this is not a salmon course Canary in the coal minequot How changes in the ecosystem affect salmon Will not consider direct hum an harvest amp hatchery Impacts 2 ga WI Showcases the activities and resources of the UW PRISM program t Sound Regional Synthesis Model Interdisciplinary among several UW departments Both research and educational components A system for storing amp accessing information i i i m Interdisciplinary campuswide program apping Ea Space Sciences Hydrology Atmospheric Sciences Civil Engineerin Salmon Modeling Aquatic amp Fisheries Sciences Puget Sound Modeling Oceanography Virlual Reality Human Interface Technology Laboratory Try There is no textb First timethis course is o ere A d a ing to pull together a wide range of activities lam not a specialist except in teaching ok sophomore le 200 level indicates a more speci c course c ntent than a loolevel survey course Mostlyust selections from a huge P 8 d d h h I M assortment ofweb pages and online F99 0 quot quot395 ea 0 e w o e wor publications Bloreglonal emphasis for Program on Environment curriculum 5 a mrrg o as l mi Wde range of students freshm an a seni Course is intended to be at a freshman if casts TE 39 Not sure of the pa Try different approaches to see with this material and this group This includes tests as well than multiplechoice Syllabus will need to be exible ce at which we will handle the m l Assignments are experimenta Most likely shortanswer or essay rather what works of students 7 Please give us feed ac Umail link for anonymous feedback Itrrgaa is k Courserelated resources you can identify half emptyquot constructive criticismquot tyour course experience Will place the link on the course home page mgs zaalymmlswashinguned toolgumal unmas zm swx x J gallons Section B Lecture sessions only 3 credits Tuesday amp Thursday 5 Forums with guest speakers 3 Days of Reckoningquot Assessments to be determined it Section A Lecture sessions plus Friday afternoon sessions 6 computer lab sessions in 111 083 20 PM 4 hours 12 3074 30 PM Additional Written assignments m Natural Worldquot Learn integrated science ofthe Puget Sound ecosystem terrestrial amp marine that supports salmon Learn impacts of human alteration on the o ys em Learn research techniques for understanding t e ecos s em Learn techniques for restoring the ecosystem u migrme 1553th Individual amp Societ quot man management of the Puget und ecosystem that supports salmon Learn individual citizens39 roles in alfecting and managing the ecosystem Learn about ongoing elforts to restore the ecosys em Learn about challenges amp com promises in res oring the ecosystem u LabField section Learn how scientists study the Puget ound e osystem that supports salmon Especially using computerized tools to orcmoe guidance to managemen rSuch as mapping and modeling Field trip and lab assignments oriented a iting a eld guide to salmon habitat restoration sites a 5 l3 Each unit culminates with a Forum Guest speakers Discuss how the s stem is mana ed cnaiienges and compromises in applying science toward management Howthe science guides the management M Each unit culminates with a Forum k plan Prepare questions for guests eakers Finish assignment with answers to questions Review amp integration day follows forum Finish unit with exam Intro to the ecosystem and salmo pacts in upper watershed Managing the recovery effo Human impacts in lower watershed Use of models in ecosystem recovery Managing land use for recovery in King Co w m 1 rsmmys m m 3 Jnuly 11 Family 2 l39 Mommas I r 44 5 rm 1 a 394 i E lamm There is a vast library of written material on the subject of this course No textbook ofthis material Much of this material is must be ltered Very recent Prompted by legal action concerning Puget Sound salmon Written for a dilferent purpose Course pak Purchase at Communications Bldg copy center 39 Basement faclng Padelford Price 3650 Includes general introductory readings for each unit ofthe course The underlylng sclence and management principles In amingos i Online readings Note that latter part of syllabus has Shared Salmon Strategyquot report incomplete reading assignmen s A nonprofit group commissioned by More webbased readings added as the government Overview or salmon conditions amp recovery plans course goes a Most Adobe Portable Document Format PDF External web sites er merit g s Additional lab amp eld trip readings May seem like a lot of readings Most are short excerpts Skim the rest for key material overnrnent agencies amp community groups Some htrnl some PDF 2


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