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by: Ibrahim Crona


Ibrahim Crona
GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ibrahim Crona on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CM 420 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/192189/cm-420-university-of-washington in Construction Management at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
EN 5 Formwork Design Tables Temporary Structures a Temporary Structures Ta hles WKSVXFr men c Furmwurk Design tab 5 Based am the DHnUD eS authned 5a ram safe spans fm mew whey and D Waad favmwmk mvanents have been a m ate and a a avvanqed m lab es fm use hv fanquot a k dam nev Yhe tab e vev squa svan beams twarivan beams and beams antmuaus avev thvee m Mme Svans 5quotqu a umfmm msmhuted mad Yheta 2551 eusedtadeveava Drehmxnaw des qn fay cases wheve anvaus 5tvutuva amabsa 5 ve uwed fay fmmwmk dawn x c Furmwurk Deslgn tables me 525 m aHDWaHE scum messes ayemdammmecabxes Aababaamaaaammambmmamaamm mm badmv amass mammmwam maaa a Na 2 maaa mm mm baumaa rm Lama Aamabaamaaaa 9m bammmamm ama anvkvm aadmvaVNa zsmaaa bma m amaba Mammy Tatle 7V1 smws me expybssm mm ave mad m gamma the safe supum spawns spans w a ssnr Kamran M Neman mee wmar Quarter 2mm ll 4123 Temporary Structures WQVy g 39 A t J Formwork Design Tables Formwork Design Tables Table 71 Expresslons Used m Calculatlng the Safe Su ortS acln sofCha ter 7 Desl in Tables Wn il c o vempwy swam Formwork Deslgn Tables The tables are in four groups Table 72 through 74 for plywood sheathing Tables 75 through 77 forjoists studs stringers or any ot er beam components ofthe formwork where framing members are used singly Tables 78 through 710 forwales or other formwork components where the members are used dou Table 711 and 712 for shore loading and bearing checks Wm Nominal lumber sizes are d10wn in the tables All calculations are base on lumber f39nished 39 on all four ilrfaces s45 Professor Kamran M Nemati Winter Quarter 2007 ik l Formwork Design Tables Formwork Design Tables Sheathing Design Tables 72 74 Table5 772 773 and 774 Were calculated for both long term information from Table 472 forface grain parallel and perpendicular to dll ectlol l of the Span Table5 772 through 74 are applicable to plywood sheathing roroolumns slaos and walls Temporary Structures umvnswv or WW AS H l N GTON cover beam two 5 an beam ora beam continuous over three or more spans Theoretlcal deflection of W do not exceed 116lrlch o rempwy structure Formwork Design Tables Joists Studs Barns Tables 75 77 Tables 75 76 and 77 are applicable to joists studs or any other form members loaded uniformly as a beam Tables 751 through 754 are beams continuous over three or more spans with the following adjusted allowable stresses Mn 7 mm M r um mm WWW mm mm thequot mum who a my er Trimmer 7 c o rempwy structure Formwork Deslgn Tables Joists Studs Beams Tables 75 77 Tables 76 and 77 are like Table 75 except that span length are calculated for simply supported and twospan rather than continuous b sizes are given in conventional fashion with b or the width of beam face to which indicating depth of beam or a 2x4 nominal size 4x2 nominal Wm Professor Kamran M Nemati Winter Quarter 2007 Formwork Design Tables Temporary Structures Deume Members Temes 7r 7 Tames 778 779 and 74 ave smeaHu Tamesra 776 andrmmemsm e adus1 mbevswmch ave cumrmmv used my webs and YvEuuenW 1m smneevs Spansaveca cmatedum ebaswsuf mese memnevs sme w sme wnmhew nuevmrmnsunasmedEmhuHhe beam v WAs h q c Furmwurk Design tables wm shares Temes 771177712 Tame w Shaw aHuvvame uads un Wand shaves 1m same Mme mm cumrmn useuumneys zeswmase vame m cummessmn pavew m we mam vangmg um mu mun psw wnh rmdmusme a m vvames um znn nnnpsmmnn nnn e Tame w Shaw nu uadwhen rd m v c Flat slab prehmmew se ettmn we smnger Just and shea mng m Intimater suueme fur furrmng a at s ab Wm dead mus We had efzuu psf se ettad fur mu np euse farms meessur Kamran M Nemeu antar Quarter 2mm Temporary Structures Formwork Design Tables Temporary Structu res Formwork Design Ta bles EXAMPLE Flat Slab TL She39 i 9 lt m iiiii doile n Slringer7gt4 ft39 x 4ft 4ft 9 Shores q Wuf sizitiziitt 12 C 0 Temporary Structu res Formwork Design Tables EXAMPLE Flat Slab From Table 42 the base stress values are IF IFV E 1600000 psi As explained above Tables 751 761 and 771 are developed with adjusted stresses that can be applied for No 2 Douglas Fir Larch or Southern Pine under long term loads with conditions as stated Witt353 l E 15 it 1 3 C 0 Temporary Structu res Formwork Design Tables EXAMPLE Flat Slab STRINGERS With shores placed 4 ft on centers both ways the stringers will be 4 ft apart and have a span of 4 ft between supports They will be designed as continuous beams with an equivalent uniform load equal to the distance between stringers times the uniform load on the formwork psf 4 ft x 200 psf 800 lblf Use Table 751 since the stringers will be continuous over three or more spans Enter the table at the left on the 800 lblf load line Witiv i l r 7 m 14 Professor Kamran M Nemati Winter Quarter 2007 iJMItEanl r EIF l wmmH T H Temporary Structures WASHINGTON Formwork Deslgn Tables m Flats mm Nm mm mm be m m 5mm WNW 5pquot Ammmm Mum hm m a w my m a mmmw m a mmmsy mm a H c Furmwurk Design tablesr EXAMPLE Hatsab smspmv p acsmesmnvmxmapm m mumquot mayquot mum my avesvaceddwen a qmmmm 5mm AssumelAm V Waadc ass avequamua m mum seamM ms m mm move a vedmn may Smce mum 5 cammums WSW spans mm mm 2 muwmsmumm Wm 54 vs 1 iWMssmcuhs samumweuse mm c Furmwurk Design tablesr EXAMPLE Flatsab EHEATHING mm mm cmumnmvaun mckness WNMacen13m pave b m me man my madam 21 mad he aHuvvame span m numenuusew sheetsmp kuud emmen v a span mam 5 we 2 m Pvubag y W H be used mm each am pm WWDud mm m Euna seen We pewan edge sunpun 1m he mkuuu lane s meessur Kamran M Neman wmr Quarter 2mm Temporary Structures wxgv m oe Formwork Design Tables Flat slab Joxsrs Yhs1 2m becamesmeveqwedyaslsvacmV m yaslsvan has aheadv been me awn u r quuedyas slze39o 0inle 2m aanf Avamu m rmamsmeerassm WWW wuswm sm mm M wadedautumnHMSannuawamesvanav gm mmurbm mwmswmsm a M c Funquot PLE Hatsab 1953 mm Bv mum mm appears he heme mes rasnmwaum mummyquot 45 m span emm cansme he lxllwmch has anaHmuab e sums autumnn Yhewsa en sereeemurswpemm seem Mme Pmmdes mm mumsan aeannu Achew wemrmrsss Wrererass remquot 5mm andwhevesomvevs res anshaves We be quotmm m s c 39 m WeiFarm Use the tab es m deterrmne spamng DfWaH rerm members assurmng cunter e sr een rmsand N gr uug as r ar ha Equa umber wrm shea mng er p Desrgn a mm m u e r a mawmum atera pressure gh Wa rm re uf psf assurmng rm reductmn er pressure near the up Ufthe farm meessur Kamran M Nemau Wrrrcer Quarter 2mm t Temporary Structures Vr lglrI 39 a x J Formwork Design Tables Forn1work Design Tables EXAMPLE Wall Forms 13 tutnt t E J zj C o Yemporary Sirumura Formwork Design Tables EXAMPLE Wall Forms SHEATHING Assurntng tnat Mn ptwood ts used wttn race gratn ventcatt tne gratn WtH be perpendtcutartotne span between tne studs and ptywood WtH be conttnuous verat spans Tne rtgnt stde orTabte 7V2 appttes because tne tower stress tevets are recommended wnen rorrns are destgned ror conttnutng reuse and tne rar rtgnt coturnn appttes because tne race gratn ts perpendtcutar to tne s an Entertngtnetabte at 600 psr tevet We rtnd span or 13 tn to set tne studs t2tn o c so tnat they can be untrorrnty spaced and atso support ptywood at tne W pavrtet edges 1 9 a o zz C Formwork Design Tables EXAMPLE Wall Forms STUDS thn the studs 12 tn apart tne toad perttneat rt ts Assurntng tnattne studs are conttnuous overthree or rnore spans rererto Tabte7r51 rorcnotce or span and member Entenng tabte at tert on tne 600 tbnrtoad hne tne 3x4 stud nas an attowabte span or 37 tn Support rorstuds ware or about Sr tntervats Ptactng top and bottorn wares 6 tn above bottorn or orrn and 6 tn betow top orrorrn woutd perrntt use or rourwates spaced 3 t apart m tmonw 23 Professor Kamran M Nemati Winter Quarter 2007 Formwork Design Tables Temporary Structures Formwork Design Tables EXAMPLE Wall Forms 1 in thick Wilhelmm 2 WX lfl ilil dicix c o lamwsy structure Formwork DeSIgn Tables EXAMPLE Wall Forms WALES lfdouble Wales are spaced 3 it a art the equlvalent unl orm load per llnea it Is 3612 x 600 1800 lb per ft Assumin continuity ofwales the left side of Table 7 1 would be used to determine spacing ofwale suppo s Entering the table 39om lelt on the 1800 lblf loa line a convenien span an ouble member combination may be chosen from the left side ofthe table where adjusted bending stresses are aEpllcable for long term loading of Douglas r arch of Southern 39 ZS Willu39vl39t hw C Formwork Design Tables EXAMPLE Wall Forms WALES Cont d For example lf double 2X6 Wales are used the spaclhg betweeh tles that supportthe wales cah be a maxlmum of33 ll l A check ofthe load capaclty of avallable tles mlght help lh cohtlrmlhg the wa e selectloh lfthe double 2x6 were used wlth supportlhg tles spaced at 33 lh the average tle load would be 3312 X 36 12 X 600 4950 lb uAtle wlth a safe Workll39lg load of5000 lb should be selected thh atle spaclhg of 24 lh the necessarytle capaclty QB 3600 lb 2412 X3612 X N0 3600 lb Zs Professor Kamran M Nemati Winter Quarter 2007


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