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by: Chadrick Ebert


Marketplace > University of Washington > Art > ART 120 > ISSUES CONTEMP ART
Chadrick Ebert
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 54 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chadrick Ebert on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 120 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/192205/art-120-university-of-washington in Art at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
WHAT IS ART Is art necessary What does the word ART refers to Art from behavioral perspective What kind of behavior is art making What is art for Why is something considered as art while other things may not Value judgment Vocabulary words Craft Tom Friedman Art as processProcess as art Oliver Herring Aesthetics Value judgment What does the word ART refers to In the past The word ART was not used or In Latin techne ars Current vernacular use art 1 skill acquired by experience study or observation ltthe art of making friendsgt 3 an occupation requiring knowledge or skill ltthe art of organ buildinggt 4 a the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects also works so produced b 1 FINE ARTS 2 one of the fine arts 3 a graphic art 5 a archaic a skillful plan b the quality or state of being artful 6 decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter synonyms ART SKILL CUNNING ARTIFICE CRAFT mean the faculty of executing well what one has devised ART implies a personal unanalyzable creative power ltthe art of choosing the right wordgt SKILL stresses technical knowledge and proficiency ltthe skill of a glassblowergt CUNNING suggests ingenuity and subtlety in devising inventing or executing lta mystery plotted with great cunninggt ARTIFICE suggests technical skill especially in imitating things in nature ltbeieved realism in film could be achieved only by artificegt CRAFT may imply expertness in workmanship ltthe craft of a master goldsmithgt From Merriam Webster Online Dictionary What is art In economy Production of unique objects andor experiencesquot Terminology Arts Performing arts music dance theater Visual arts pictorial arts plastic arts applied arts Literature Film what about new forms eg internet What does the term FINE ARTS refers to goal is aesthetic and not utilitarian skill is being employed high level of taste purity of discipline validation by an expert or institution craft Etymology Middle English strength skill from Old English craeft akin to Old High German kraft strength 1 skill in planning making or executing DEXTERITY 2 a an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill ltthe carpenter39s craftgt ltthe craft of writing playsgt ltcrafts such as pottery carpentry and sewinggt b plural articles made by craftspeople lta store selling craftsgt lta crafts fairgt 3 skill in deceiving to gain an end ltused craft and guile to close the dealgt synonym see ART From Merriam Webster Online Dictionary What is art What is craft Is an artist different from a ho Dictionary definitions leave us with more questions than answers The boundaries of the term ART are blurred in practice and often debated in theory Let s compare the two activities Martha Stewart Nicola Vruwink What is the PROCESS What is the PRODUCT What is the GOAL Tom Friedman Let s compare again Martha Stewart Tom Friedman They both share Making objects and placing them in the world Handwork work made by hand Strive for perfection Obsession with labor detail meticulousness What is the difference What is art What is craft What is play What is work What has meaning What meanings can be made What is art Process or Product Oliver Herring Do you want to do something out of the ordinaryquot Once I gained the confidence just to play with the unexpected and the more chance I could incorporate into the work the more my work grew because I could not predict what would happen And that chance element combined with working with strangers became the heart of my workquot Oliver Herring Task at the Seattle Public Library 2008 Is ART necessary Are the fine arts necessary Why What kind of need do ART satisfy What kind of a behavior is art making Nonutilitarian purpose Creating an alternative reality Exploration innovation curiosity creativity Play Problem solving Transcending normal modes of operation seeking novelty and chaos Special kind of experience heightened experience of being achievement climax revelation Why do we do it Instinctual Basic human instinct for seeking balance harmony rhythm Experience of mystery Expression of imagination Need for communicating with others Ritualistic and symbolic functions Motivated conscious intentional Communication of an idea emotion Seeking pleasure entertainment Political and social functions Agent of confrontation change transgression subversion anarchy Agent of confirmation propaganda commercialism What is it being used for Why do we look at it 0 Visual pleasure beauty Expectations toward art Being a mirror reflection representation of reality Should it reflect represent reality Alternatives to our reality Art s role for Individual Art as an agent of consciousness morality empathy enlightenment transformation pleasure Community society art that does something other than sits on its in a museumquot Claes Oldenburg Culturecultural history artifact AESTHETICS esthetics or aesthetics Greek for sensation perception aisthesis Pleasing to the eye visual appeal BEAUTY inherent value Philosophy of art Arthur Danto Dave Hickey value theory sensory or sensoryemotional values Other values theories truth goodness etc judgments of sentiment or taste What makes something beautiful sublime disgusting cute discordant harmonious Judgments of aesthetic value Discriminating at a sensory level TASTE depends on how refined one s sensibility is Eg a wine taster s ability to perceive subtle differences in quality and flavor What makes some objects art while not others We tend to ascribe value better more beautifulquot more interestingquot etc Who gets to call it art How do we know if it is GOOD Art BAD art Who gets to be an artist Aesthetics asks these questions of value judgment Art Theory We will set questions of value judgment aside for now to look at the activity and the product of ART for their instrumental value and to be able discuss the most important question WHY is that art Homework Writing Assignment1 Come up with your own definition of what ART is Create a checklist of properties art must have that distinguishes it from other things and activities Select an object act or environment that others may not see as art but you consider as such Take a picture of it and upload as a jpg file Include a description of your example and explain how it satisfies your own definition Note you have two files to upload this week 1 one jpg max 1Megs file 2 one doc or pdf file Site visit your choice anywhere in Seattle or in your local Submit through your DROPBOX by Sunday at 11pm Have questions about course material Need help with homework assignments CLUE discussion sessions Thursdays 630 800pm at Mary Gates Hall rm242 Office hours Timea Tihanyi M 1 2pm ART 328J Arun Sharma W 5 6pm ART 319A Ben Waterman W 5 6pm ART 341 or 318 Bo Choi Th 4 5pm ART 009 Art History Writing Center ART rm120 Slide Library TA Shayla Alarie salarieuwashingtonedu Drop in Tuesdays 200400pm Appointment Only M 200 500pm T 400 500pm W 100500pm Writing Center at Mary Gates Hall 7pm to midnight Sunday through Thursday first come first served httpcourseswashinqtoneduart120 CONTENT OF ART Talking about art Describing and interpreting What is Contemporary What is art What is it good for Aesthetics Art s value Value judgment The world its institutions Vocabulary words Theme Medium Media Subject matter Content Context Concept Appropriation Marcel Duchamp quotReadymadesquot Aesthetic judgment value Theme Clustering of ideas around a particular topic Why looking at themes I Non chronological look at current art in the West I Not organized by mediums formal characteristics and movements quot ismquot I Better reflects on what is happening in art currently I Allows flexibility of interpretation and discussion while introduces a spectrum of artistic choices and ideas Note It is an artificial categorization of artworks and artists that mainly serves didactic purpoaes and allows to cherry pickquot among various topics to find vital or historically important ones 1 TALKING ABOUT ART 39 Description Verbal pointing objective relies on internal information in the work subject matter medium and form I Interpretation quotAboutnessquot subjective relies on external information outside the work in relationship to a system of rules cultural conditions worldview knowledge history biases beliefs etc I Evaluation Value judgment extremely subjective according to a specific value system Edouard Manet The bar at the FoliesBergeres 1881 Jeff Wall Picture for Women 1979 Describing Art What Internal Information Visible in the work Can be gathered by looking at the work 1 Subject matter Imagery persons objects places events in a work of art It is different from Subject theme main idea recurring topic What is the work about Used interchangeably with Content Everything that s in the work of art Intent meaning handling of visuals subject matter form media 2 Mediummedia materials C print pencil on paper porcelain or used to refer to a group of artworks photography ceramics 3 Form Compositional elements Formal elements line dot shape lightampvalue color texture mass space volume Principles of design scale proportions unity variety repetition rhythm balance emphasis etcm Abstractionrealism Representationnon representation External Information 1 Context Where does the artwork live Physical location Place in culture society history art history etc and how does it relate to these 2 Concept Artist s intention behind the work form meaning interaction with the viewer placement etc 2 WHAT IS CONTEMPORARY I Art of our time I Artist is usually still alive I Being in flux constantly changing I There is no unified crystallized interpretation or theory of it categories are in flux I Diverse nature of issues styles and forms I Part of our Culture and visual culture Terms wit different meaning Medern art Mo Art from late 19 erniem th ca through mid20th ca Specific set of characteristics We ostmo ern art i oetmo erniem econd half of 20th on n opposition to modernisma U L Contemporary Art Some Peculiar Characteristics 39 Forms and media 39 Relationship to other disciplines and popular culture 39 Means of production and dissemination 39 Artist s role in culture Fl u w x 2 p a 4 41 E in J J y FOLLOW DIFFERENT PERSON EVERY wma M a ru PERSON ENTER PRWIATE l LIgHII quotalw jfgc Contemporary Art Some Peculiar Characteristics 39 Forms and media 39 Relationship to other disciplines and popular culture 39 Means of production and dissemination 39 Artist s role in culture Contemporary Art Some Peculiar Characteristics 39 New art forms appear besides traditionally recognized art forms eg installation art video art process art 39 No single medium dominates 39 Medium categories are broadening boundaries are getting blurred and redefined 39 Referencing and sampling from contemporary popularconsumer culture 39 Art becomes interdisciplinary amp cross disciplinary artists as scientists cultural anthropologists journalists reporters etc 39 Technologies gt new way of producing and conceptualizing art digital culture Internet virtual reality 39 New media potentials video robotics transgenic art etc 39 New technologies create new paradigms ie photography and truth 39 Art world goes global global production reproduction art market global economy dissemination 39 Artist as social amp cultural critic 39 Artists are aware of larger context of the art world What is to be called art Where amp how is it displayed How does it interact with the audience 3 WHAT IS UNIVERSAL ABOUT ART How to define it No specific identifying feature no unified or consistent meaning In economy Production of unique objects artifacts andor experiences Is it the Process or the Product Why do we do it Why do we look at it Homework Writing assignment Come up with your own definition of what ART is I Create a checklist of properties art must have that distinguishes it from other things and activities I Using your own checklist answer the following o Is making a fancy cake art Why or why not 0 Select a piece of artwork from the assigned site visit to evaluate or challenge it according to your own definition Site visit Henry Art Gallery An My L Viewfinder Get help with course material amp homework V Form study groups with your peers V Attend office hours V Attend CLUE discussion sessions Wednesday nights in Mary Gates Hall specific time and location TBA For Wednesday s lecture Read quotDealingquot by Dave Hickey required and quotSeeing Dollar Signsquot by Jerry Saltz suggested Think about questions you want to ask an art dealer Write 2 of them on your index card


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