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by: Ethelyn Rempel IV


Ethelyn Rempel IV
GPA 3.82

Gregory Ettl

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About this Document

Gregory Ettl
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ethelyn Rempel IV on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CFR 501 at University of Washington taught by Gregory Ettl in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/192222/cfr-501-university-of-washington in College Of Forest Resources at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
1282008 A Summary of CFR 501 120508 Study Question from 12308 Lecture The lbanez paper uses a process based model to ssess forest responseto climate change by examining one important step in the life history of5 species seedling establishment If climate were projected to be warmer and drier in the future what would we expect to happen to the range of these 5 species given the probability outputs of he process based model Does this prediction match with what we would predict 39 eenvelope mo el eg showing species north or up in elevation with climatic warming Main themes Biogeography the in uence of the physical environment on species distributions and processes Biotic Interactions and Stand development uc ession competitive exclusion facilitation Disturbance impacts on species composition stand development and biotic interactions Stand History initial species composition long term climatic history prior disturbance Precipitation in the Pacific North est PaLlIlcthwasivuinamualpmclrulxunn 19mm luncnalml Source Oregon 1 a sum University Emma Emmi WA Natural Heritage Classification reesgt2lh r 251camr Wm 5 1atmalmecamr u Waadla a 51 indwtalvee cm lt7 am canavvwaadland Pandemsa pm gt5 mam camrzndmalvee cm lt7 mm m cammmm rskscue m arred escue mm mum mm mum Fund a m 2 imam mom gt251 NM deciduausbmadleatxmes gt 75 We hemlack ar western mdmdar Wm WM 1 m vulva mm w my bigleatmagle ma mu Weiemhemlackarweslem redemva ammmsuccessmm Nvenemmn Dauglastr gamma Mm macedarhmi anmnm x W Paci cmadmne gt2 WW mm W chmpeu c MPHWWM mm gavnhpvetdeskcam munmesmmikewamnmmmm 1282008 bJENSOamIru 39 HS k quot iuu I I I I a nowpac La Plant Assomations for our Wenatchee SlteS quot caoIF 2 Harrod et al 1999 broader grouping from Lillybridge I Hot dry shrubgrass PIPOPUTRAGSPamp NW in PSMEPUTRAGSP a e E Warm dry shrubherb PSMESYOR E 7 E D Warm mesic shrubherb PSMESYALCARU 7 EI Ni 4 39 Cool dry grass PSMESPBELCARU PSMECARU and wgn m g PSMECAGE Lia I 39 39 720 730 Jul Aug m ENSO PDO ENSOPDO nan 4mnmmm mmnwmumm m 1 mm rm mu veuwnttmnxmsnmlmnvm x gamma 1 e m meme mmgwmmmw u a maximum mu m wwmnzud kn uu mm in m mm mm vamm 5 Wm mm mm u mum Miwlue wurm mm mm n mum Vaulan yinaunuhnz l39 qzmnimm lhmlvmum mm LNFNml Yn l uuuxmnmhm ny Munninnw uni m um madam m m k n mum e mm WRCC Water Relations pw gradients in oldgrowth Douglasfit PNW SPECIES CHARACTERISTICS Solar noo Relative Tolerances of PNW Species 1111911 HI 9 a r 4 M Hui 7 mm H We Pnndelsnsz ine 3 0 Water Potential WW MPa Bauerie et aI IBBBTrEEs i3 Ziiez REGIONAL LEVEL 39 39 FOREST ZONES AND WATERTEMP STRESSES S U be I p 39 ne Meadow I n Temperaluies were about 1 0C coolerfrom 105kW9W 15901900 mum P1110 11325J m iiiiibii sm 39 W0 I 11 wzxzizaxnr on 1x 9WesiemhemIJck 10Fetquot ilvetfi lt Suhalpme II m TEMPERATURE Number of Opnmum Growth Days Tempemum Index I I l I l Predan Wm Patenual MN mum n sum mum at us smIpm Mummmwhum nun quotmunl pm w an u s A Regina M Ramemn and new L Paersan A and1 pine Research vm 25 Na 1 Feb 1995 PF 5259 MeadaWInvasan 1282008 CLIMATEG ROWTH RELATIONSHIPS Light and Stand Development High elev snowpack High elev Low elev 5quot ij mmmem OlvevandLavsan lQQU Farest vlcunure ts stand Dvnarlll Southern Figure 9 V 1Increzsed ALRU density redmed PSMIE lea are and gnwlh 2 Increased PSMZE density reduced ALRU lear area and yuwth and increased Dnugr r yuwth and leaf area athigh Alder density Sudiinq brighl cm n 7 znul1 a t n 4 a lzliznztn Distance tram gap enkv m net Heights of naturally ugenenned smdlings after we growing scuons by sund an pecies on nettle scum lun secls in L0 siu gape showing nuns and nandam crmn n s IS Gray and Spis 1995 Duke Community Upper limit to volumetree m 156 Trmjecwrlcs Hhmc dl crcntiaLing stands heavy I VOLUMETREE m Laue Buile a me mammal m llmTulm nnniar ll t eemum mwd maniP 1282008 Franklin et al 2002 m iJLHJ uh Facilitation Alnus fixes nitrogen ameliorates A site for Picea a o I 39 DRDR SAW POTR ALXl TSHE Plil Alternate stable states J N xul lj i i l t 39 Willows Willow exclosure shows 2m browse line Browse along restricted stretches of the river were reduced 1282008 Simard et al 1997 New Phytol 137529542 Resistance ResiIience and StabiIity air 39i39 911 7 l 3 quot9mm quotC quotnewer Stability the absence of a change in a W n D uglasfir m l community 25 i D quotglas39 r Or perhaps the tumoverrate of communities f Normative statement that stability is desirable Resistance the ability ofa communityecosystem to avoid a change when disturbed Resilience the ability of a communityecosystem to return quickly to its pre disturbance state n 1 a r V WWW WW5 mm m a 3 1975 mm sum Minimisast VIIIre 1 anI H Van DabbemLR H Lmtmcannell ms ummnv canceps m Ecaiaw Di IIJurk Yhe Hivue quotCan m quotc mm Fire Regimes Vary by Environment MBP in Southern OR Cascades PICO 1 WWW 335 pm 9 mm my a a w w gomfey g u w A m a yummy t i l NS 2 my a r smrm m g m m E Cold m swim F tarer sunu M mum W mm mm Mala mammamgmlmmm mim nsmwmm New year WWW mm m MDiSTURE smsss mngx Wet Dry lKl quotwhy q LA dennd Plal l39ll39ll39l Suucessional Changes 7 y m mm MPB 199a MPE lam MP5 wan Pmpomon a wee specles on MP3 plots lung mm Cuastal sitesiincrease in shrubs Huiamc etal 1997 090009151114297433 1282008 Mount Rainier Communities1930 s 7 39 mv Past Vegetation Zones with no modern comparison usmccuaasuce 9 x x Mfr mus nEronE pnzszm E ammoquot m mm viaczurwss PEMEABAMl39HNOtTSMETSHE Fignlrl J ElevationnngenlmalormmlnrspunatmmwutunCzsndzMountamsshuwnnn m tdiml t ammm lay mm mm MnumRzmmrNuioml ParkfahtrDm mddic 1925 l R WEE Vegetati gunquot n q n n h rm Ecosystem Management oParks and Wilderness uvv Pressifmm M E Davis 198E Climate Change to Shift Species Range 2080 3 C warmer 2006 500 m Differences in vegetation response reflect local expression of regional climate q sL ke 39I39I39Y39a man Mazama ashisteplike Shift Mum Climate Envelope Models gamma limit in m my mini J l mu mm l mw WWW Wm We damning m m ll um mam mm mm nu analog climate SEIllS fire andDr communities 1999 from lbanez etal ZEIEIE Emlogy E7 lEBErlBDB lversun Predicted probability of establishment lines meamnms39RSDacl dots aremeacn plot aggy g a M1 1282008 Andy s Slides from the website ErNunh 375mm 93 I 5 cth


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