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by: Mrs. Evelyn Cruickshank


Mrs. Evelyn Cruickshank
GPA 3.86

Edward Bartholomew

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About this Document

Edward Bartholomew
Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Evelyn Cruickshank on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 498 at University of Washington taught by Edward Bartholomew in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/192230/arch-498-university-of-washington in Architecture at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
instructor Edward Bartolomew student Zigurds Greivulis A 3 an u3939 III u u lil39 39l nlrllr Location in Seattle near Magnuson Park Section of Community Living Room 1 level ii0000i Plan the fragment for which the electrical lighting was designed Massing of entrance community living room 481 mm QQ E E mm Q L777777777777777777777 39 39 community garden 798 Sequence of entrance spaces Sequence space 1 Principial idea of lighting the entrance overhang upwards Illustrative graphics of illumination of overhang entrance 7310 a 7320 The Edge39 in Luminaire used for illumination entrance canopy w 73m 7320 7310 amp 7320 The Edge HMOGEN Wm ScoNcs Fame Aluminum Housing Speculal Re ector Clur i nmi leved Pyrex Fluxactive Len mnaale in l or Lam lenlles Halaaen Dc aayanalmu Wall or 150 wan lamp 7le SA swam eneclarAuembly auluslanlu la la Var PM Oumml ol Ham allawe wll plela Damw lar Quick Easy lusrellarialr Hluaee Asaemaly 0 he Mounkd 5a nmh Options Sam Alumlnum m in m coal Titanium Powder eaer Cunom nishes are avalable ul am am Lisbon Damp Loeeuar 7320 WH swam W m mu maw quot Minimumquot e a l r v YEizi39nzHaaezsss l FAX122093gt1MI wwwaellaream Column mounted Lamp Q1 OODC Color Temperature Kelvin 2900K Light Output 1750 Lumens Energy Used 100 Watts CRI Hume lneanaeseem Linm lllhs llalorlen Liam Bulbs Single Ended anngeu 12 Unit Wining Per E ILI39I llllil 5 Each Unit 2599 l Umt Prlclnn Par Elch C18 Eatll Case 31133 case Duesuons Mm me Sylmua 511757 7 Semi us an emnlllor more lnfolmalmn la Product Coda 52157 3 a ma Wan 12a Von n nouhlr Comm Bayonet Base Frosted Sule a singlet Ended Quartz Hnlouen Light Bulb Prudutt natal Energy Used llJclN 1350 lumen l Average Liletime haul Color Frosted Beam Angle Fillmam cc r quotumber in Casc39 I unrlrs MIMImlrlr SMvallla Pncclllnn 1559 mummy l limits 1 Previous men n Sequence space 2 Principial idea light washing the opaque interior walls to achieve the effect of glowing glass Wall Mgum ITS l Phatametry Canal Selling A We mu Wimp p m m 2m s m mer Daucal sum 3 v 1m rum 7 Rm swim Indirect 281ST01 um Eumsvnlmmuu msmmww WWW m r M mm m m MW W M w n a n o a a g g n g s a a W n is m r u in m a Murmur29mm n 5 l 33 l5 5 39m m in 51 in an um 2mm 94mm 7531 momma mvnzs39 COVE Mount lTE M i zsie rui Hi n r r v v V Vghv gs omganu causal system des gnsg macsummuam one 0 Ma TE lamps spemmmns vmqalix sliminages me Sudan snsaowg found wrl using gmqmonai smp Iigms Eiiillin 11 v mm mm m 2 intervloddng modules allow in iasl eaSy installs I v I I om Svsinm p p V V p cmmgmvsuculuralummum Can be mounted vertically or use as u wall washer m quot V 39quotquot 2 quot5 m t 39 39 39 39 39 39 m mm m um raglan yrsWired wrm nne nileurdi erem con gurauun apnnns mm W mm mm Dim mw isms Wm mama m mum in Order Number Guide am cm mum m W 15 sm be laclaw pmwmn is 251 3 m E 77 W mm m emsmumenuss 39m aw an39a 5mm w Lamp um um rumours my m Dplku lug 51quotquot 5mm Mm wall n 2 NW is mm m 4 ml qu mm wSmMImei mm mayquot on ten L wEmaimmv 2 2w mm W 5 mum 1 347v mi am 7 ms mm Always mm 5 1 coma in ma SA 5mm Linear Seams W mnsmrrmwmxm m MW aw mammal m Mimi we a mg I wnumuNGN K W s 3 s res Emmi a I mem L Museum g J a lvuyvml g r lmmsm 5 w QNwl as l w mam a m lvzfml l lvmmmsm a imam quotowl mew I mml m 437ml 39 Hlium m 9299 twirl swimw mm W 5 m sumac Em Luminaire used for washing walls Wall mounted Lamp PHILIPS ADVANTAGE T8 LAMP F32T8ADV830ALTP length 48 inches Color Temperature Kelvin 3000K Light Output Energy Used CRI 2950 Lu mens 58 Watts r inMamlilLxnwww nuanlerdnlrlnmw Mnullzluimghzllmn mm as mmmm mm LIGHTING CALCULATIONS Calculating RCR W 10 feet L 15 feet H 15 feet or 45 feet RCR51010151015 Coefficient of Utilization CU highly reflective surfaces 034 when RCRmax 10 CU 029 Lumens per lamp 2950 Number of lamps Q 3 on ech side Footcandle calculation FC 6295010340910153611fc When CU 029 FC 30 fc Adequate lighting levels for reading while sitting on the bench are achieved Sequence space 3 Principial idea light washing the opaque interior walls Sequence 4 entering the Community Living room 5050 z V I quot 39 d f WW WWWW v V S 439 A I I A beer terrace WWWW 39 39 Daylighting strategy for community living room llllllll llllllll I Pedants accentating the staircase 7 of ces 39 m mmm 39Pedantsyaccent at 62 lpprchl l v Cafe E l 7 L aquot pickup L l ii t it a l a 5 D community living room lJi i L f U 1 at l l U l we we 26 28 i3 Hi iii i Lulu uaiui g i r W quot7 I I Pedants illuminating horizontal planes f 39 I I Spotlights illuminating the area of the ceiling stucture and people giving task light 39 39 distant corner Overall composition of electrical lighting of Community Living Room HHHH HHIIII l l I 39oo oo ltgt 0390 0 0003300 gogoo bood gjooogg 11mm lgig uicKup 39l I u D communitylivin om man 431 9f U u I E E E El E g E E ELM E El Em E I I I of ces 162 Luminaire plan garden Ax MVXQQA W Luminaires in section Axonometry showing the beams Case study from LOUS POULSEN catalog Pedant Xvi R from LOUIS POULSEN L i for iluminating Community Living Room Lamp 254WT5HO mini bipin iieinitni spe ifita1l Pedant i LeiEATE from LOUIS POULSEN for illuminating reception Lamp 154WT5HO mini bipin T n Ln


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