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BIOL 5600 Notes 3/1/16

by: LaurenC

BIOL 5600 Notes 3/1/16 BIOL 5600

Marketplace > Auburn University > Biology > BIOL 5600 > BIOL 5600 Notes 3 1 16

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About this Document

Notes from 3-1-16
Biomedical physiology
Dr. Mendonća
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by LaurenC on Wednesday March 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 5600 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Mendonća in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see Biomedical physiology in Biology at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 03/02/16
BIOL 5600__________________________________________________________________ ___________3-1-16 The rest of the nervous system info:  Gastrointestinal Motility o Parasympathetic -Increase motility -Smooth muscle in the gut wall >Contract >M1 and M3 -Smooth muscle sphincter along pathway >Relax >M2 o Sympathetic -Decrease motility -Gut wall smooth muscle relaxes >B2 -Sphincter to contract >A1 o Piloerector muscles -Hairs all over body have these connected to them -Only sympathetic >Raise hairs up like goose bumps >Reaction to cold or fear o Eccrine sweat gland (=merocrine) -Only sympathetic ///New Topic///  Drugs given and uses -How specific is the drug >Does it target sub receptors or does it have system wide effects 1) Cholinomimetics (agonist) -Mimetic drugs mimic effects -More potent than actual neurotransmitters -Not broken down as much by ACHase a) Pilocarpine, also called isopto-carpine -Can bind to nicotinic and muscarinic receptors -Used to treat glaucoma >Build up of aqueous humor in eyeball -Stimulator -Causes contraction of ciliary muscle >Muscle that causes eyeball to bulge >Bulging causes drainage of humor -Has parasympathetic wide effects b) Duvoid (M agonist) -Used to treat non-obstructed urinary retention >Response to surgical anesthesia reaction -Contracts detrusor muscle and relaxes sphincter muscle -Promotes urination -Potent M receptor agonist c) Nicotine (tobacco substitute) -Nicorette, nicoderm -N receptor agonist -Biphasic action -Low does of nicotine >Increases action of N receptors -High does of nicotine >Decreases action of N receptors *In the past, used as a hypertensive >At high doses, N1 receptor blocker >Not used anymore because of side effects o All of the above have more general effects  N2 receptor antagonists (blockers) -Decrease effects 1) Curare (Tubadil) -N2 blocker -Will bind in place of Ach >Results in muscle paralysis >Skeletal muscle relaxation 2) Succinylcholine (Anectine; sux) - Muscle relaxant -Used for intubation >Be careful with dosage, will relax diaphragm if dose is too high  N1 receptor antagonists -Found at the pre-ganglionic /post-ganglionic synapse 1) Trimethaphan (Arfonad) -Used to produce a controlled hypotension during anesthesia  Muscarinic receptors -Antagonists (blockers) -At the effector/organ -If blocked, there will be less of parasympathetic effect at the effector/organ a) Atropine (belladonna) (means beautiful woman in Italian) -Natural chemical molecule derived from the plant deadly nightshade (poison) (lots of things come from this plant) -A mark of beauty was large pupil in the renaissance age -Causes pupils to dilate -Keeps pupils from constricting in reaction to light -Takes hours to wear off *Other med used to do this today is called Mydriacyl (takes less time to wear off) b) Detrol -Muscarinic receptor blocker -Treats incontinence, aka: bladder instability -Causes sphincter to contract and detrusor to relax -Leads to more bladder stability and continence  GI tract -Block M receptors -Decrease gut motility a) Bentyl >Used to treat irritable bladder syndrome b) Scopolamine >Derivative of deadly nightshade >Used to treat excess bladder movement >Sometimes given to delay labor “Twilight sleep/labor” –women don’t remember giving birth -Active ingredient in Scop is transderm >Used to treat motion sickness >Ingredient found in motion sickness patches  Cholinomimetic -anti-cholinesterases >prolongs life of ACH once it is released at NMJ >anti-Ach >same effect as receptor agonist a) Neostigmine b) Physostigmine (Eserine) -Insecticides, nerve gases >Malathion >Parathion >>Both are insecticides c) Sarin >Nerve gases >Lead to muscle convulsions


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