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by: Percy Wintheiser


Percy Wintheiser
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Percy Wintheiser on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FISH 250 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/192259/fish-250-university-of-washington in Aquatic And Fishery Sciences at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Breathing and Eating Marine Biology Monday November 17 2008 water breathers 23 Eicnlarpmat sh Cemscnm bmolor Tiger39sth Gnleocenb owner Wedel s 1 al Lep ovgchote waitquot air breathers 2 water breathers air breathers Wm seal Lepmmmm waitquot 3 Amara quotquot Flmnl 3 mm 33 l 72 Marine mammal diving adaptations Reduced heart rate Reduced blood supply to muscles amp digestive system More oxygen per kg Most oxygen stored in blood Myoglobin in muscles Collapsible lungs and rib cage Breathing undeIwater Gm specialized structure for r athmg in aquatic animals Oxygen diffuses from the Water into the bloodm the gills HIGH surface area Show vi deo http www youtube comWat h7voEGQ0LAPu7 I ml mm 8 N4 4 LLI GillSnrfzceArez FISh Breath Twp 7 Fast Mummers quotquot Bmtnm 7 Slow Mummers Camlagmous sh Sharksskztes rays Class ondnchthyes K M Vocab sgiracle Mam ram venulauonquot Bonyfish Class Osteichthyes 7 V cab ogemulum m gum 5 39 I 5 Q Q quot Slap pumping start 9 a 12 0 Gills Which ofthe following is NOT an 39 39 39 adaptation for diving maIine mammals 139 Mu fsgctave a high 50 50 1 Reduced heart rate 7 7 7 7 because 2 Reduced blood 2 Must have a low supply to brain surface ea 3 Collapsible lungs becau 4 Muscle myoglobin 5 Y A 7 7 7 7 r 3quot pf blood yyiy a o yquot Mldterm exam H scores Mean 73 We are here to help you Avg 40 to 93 learn the material Bimodal peak high 805 amp I W high 705 LONG tail I Of ce hours Jh e e4 4bood Announcements I SeminarLibr extra credit 10 oinw 7 Attend a seminar research 7 Due 0nline 11PM Sunday November 23 I Exam regrades 7 Ifyou feel exam was graded incorrectly submit a regrade request in writing within one week 7 Rememberievidence tone 7 Due in lecture Monday November 24 I Reading Feeding I Filter feeding I Herbivory 7 Microalgal scrapers 7 rnacroalgae B1 oi Equot no 7 Floathide and vwit 7 Collection device 7 Pursuit Filter Feeding http www youtube comwatc h7VZSBkrOBJ4ZEUampN IWith siphonsv mm cm 4 Hum Herbivory the radula Radula ofMargarlta mall Black abalone Halath crachemdn 18 Cocoa damesl sh szzgmtzs varmbxlxs Top szrangyzaczntmms amxsmnus Bottom Dmdzma armllarum 19 Detritivores Semaphore crab spaghetti worm Heloecim cordlformis phylum Amanda Class Polychaeta Lam39ce conchilega 2 l Angler sh Jelly Phyl mi 1 a Order Lophnformes 22 Predators Blue n tuna Thurmus macmyn Great White Shark Carcharodon cmchmim How do predators choose their prey one smelt 25 Paci c cod readily available FwBmhgyrmnaum easy tn catch 335th eat nu spines tastes guud nu tuxms fatty biggerbef re smaller easytu digest If time play octopus video Sometimes predation happens in Ways other than We expect http39WwwyoutubecomWatchHDUx39X le c Dean Adams Fishing Lecture 27 Review What type of gear is used for shing halibut amp sable sh How does it work How were orcas a problem for the halibuthable sh shery De ne bycatch How was bird bycatch reduced in AK W at is a general solution for avoiding bycatc Dramatic changes were made in the halibutsable sh sheries in the 1990s ow weret ese isheries managed before and after What were effects ofthe change What is the marine stewardship council In the 19905 Individual Fishing Quotas IFQ were introduced to the halibut fishery How did this work That statement is not true IFQs ere not used N Anyone could sh as many sh as possible in a short time period There was a lottery for shing rights Everyone who won got an egual share Fishing rights were distributed based on previous success and time in the shery Shares were not egual Fquot F Ocean Acidification Richard Feely ure 28 Review What is ocean acidification What is the cause of ocean acidification What are the potential effects of ocean acidification ls ocean acidification happening now Can we measure Describe a local food web which may be severely impacted by ocean acidification What did you learn about ocean acidification on Wednesday 1 I understand the main concepts 2 I understand the concepts and some specifics 3 l was completely confused What is the cause of ocean acidification 1 Increased atmospheric to W Increased atmospheric C02 leads to increased oceanic C02 which leads to increased ocean pH Note lower pH more acidic N Final Exam Wed Dec 10 830 70 new 30 old 46 questions per new lecture 1015 questions 39om the rst 23 of the course Concepts tested likely to be tested again Short optional written component will be used to 39 tion assess participa Regrade Will post scores amp answers Wednesday Need regrades by Friday Review Session Monday Dec 8 630pm Mary Gates Hall a Marine Conservation Marine Biology Friday December 5 2008 When one tugs at a singlething in nature he nds it attached to the rest ofthe worldquot John Muir Planet Earth is Planet Ocean Everything we do matters For scientists and policy makers Management options Be Political Vote People for Puget Sound wwwpugetsoundorg Puget Soundkeeper Alliance wwpugetsoundkeeperorg SurfriderViMMsurfriderorg Puget Sound Restoration Fund ViMMrestorationfundorg Seattle Aquarium ViMMseattleaguariumorg IFQ eartime Ml restrictionslocation Write a letterto a politician Life hlsmry T39 quot quotS39 e c39 Note you can do this now to ask for ood webs Marine protected areas su 0391 for the FORAM Ad Migration History of shing pp 39 Habitat shifting baselines Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray Genetics W httplldirectoryusayfoundationorngAhtm Oceanography Economics longshort V w r Currents and Land development quot Planktonic dispersal Runoff pollution Ocean temperature Ocean pH 9 quot 10 Volunteer Shop differently Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture Marine Stewardship council wwwmscorg Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood watch guide w montere a a uariurn or crseafoodvvatch as x Local Organic SeafogdWatch Lean vegetarian 39 Close the loop 3 39 recycle and buy recycle inwini min n n How is farming related to marine conservation Wurldvvide dead zones Eutrophication Dead zones Biggest US dead lune Use less stuff Less energy Dishwash line dry short showers etc Think where water resou Buy less else can I conserve energy rces Thank you l have greatly enjoyed teaching this class I will be available to you by emai message board all weekend and for meetings next week Good luck on the nal exam land available


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