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by: Hertha Kihn


Hertha Kihn
GPA 3.78

Dominic Chung

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About this Document

Dominic Chung
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hertha Kihn on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOC 426 at University of Washington taught by Dominic Chung in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see /class/192377/bioc-426-university-of-washington in Biochemistry at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 09/09/15
Department of Biochemistry Laboratory Roster 010709 NOTE All area codes are 206 The prefix 6 is 616 3 is 543 5 is 685 1 is 221 and 7 is 897 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email Aitchison Aitchison John Affiliate Professor 7321344 Jaitchison system hinlnm org Baker Alonso Darwin Systems Administrator J558 7078 dalonso Althoff Eric Senior Fellow J555 L 6968 ericalthoffcom Andre Ingemar Senior Fellow J575 15283 ingemar Ashworth Justin Graduate Student J559 7228 ashwortj BMSD Baker David Professor J567 31295 dabaker MSTP Nivon Lucas Senior Fellow J563 37134 nivon Quadri Arshiya Research Technologist J559 37228 arshiya Raman Srivatsan Graduate Student J562 64396 sraman D Richter Florian Graduate Student J555 56968 floric BMSD Roethlisberger Daniela Senior Fellow J555 56968 roethlis Sheffler William Graduate Student J563 37134 wsheffle Genome Science Page 1 of10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email Siegel Justin Graduate Student J562 64396 siegeljb BMSD St Clair Jennifer Research Tech J555 56968 jenniferstclairgmailcon Strauch Eva Senior Fellow J559 37228 evasO1 Thompson James Grad Student Genome J563 37134 tex Sci Thyme Summer Graduate Student sthyme BMSD Tyka Michael Senior Fellow J563 37134 mtyka Ulge Umut Graduate StudentMCB J575 15283 umutu Vernon Robert Graduate Student J559 37228 rvernon F IOC Wallner Bjorn enior Fel ow J562 75259 bjornwa Wang Chu enior Fel ow J567 39818 chuwang Wang Ling enior Fel ow J505 56968 wangling Zanghellini Alex Graduate Student J563 37134 zanghell BIOC 426 Liu LingLin Staff Instructor T586 36098 ln Bornstein Bornstein Paul Professor Emeritus J433A 31789 bornsten 67243 Brockerhoff Brockerhoff Susan Associate Professor J391 69464 sbrocker 68249 Holzhausen Lars Graduate Student J387 amp 34222 holzhl J631A Stearns George Research Scientist J387 amp 54961 gstearn J631A Lawrence Owen Research Scientist J387 68249 olawr Lewis Alaron Senior Fellow J387 68249 alaron Chamberlain Chamberlain Jeff Professor K2438 66645 Jsc5 15363 Cooper Cooper Jonathan Affiliate Professor A2 105 6674454 jcooperfhcrcorg Daggett Daggett Valerie Adjunct Professor RTB 57420 daggett 300H 51510 Jonsson Amanda Graduate Student RTB 39305 ajonsson 300H 62780 Law Peter Graduate Student 39305 plaw BMSD McCully Michelle Graduate Student RTB 39305 mmccully BMSD 300H 62780 Merkley Eric Graduate Student 300H 39305 edm4 J061 31788 Schaefer Dustin Graduate Student 62780 rschaeff Schmidlin Tom Graduate Student RTB 39305 tschmidl 300H 62780 Scouras Alexander Graduate Student 51000 scouras Page20f10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email DaleCrunk DaleCrunk Beverly Professor B147 34393 bdale Daum Daum Guenter Adjunct Research 815 8971551 daum Associate Professor Mercer rm335 Davie Chung Dominic Research Professor J317A 31748 chung Davie Earl Professor J309A 30323 ewd Kulman John Research J305 3985933 jkulman Davis DavidsonEliott MCB Graduate Student J483 53740 Eliottdavidsongmailco Davis Trisha Professor J459 35345 3 tdavis 354 Doehring Kathleen Secretary Senior J4 65A 5201 doehring Gestaut Dan Bioc Graduate Student J4 57 535A omni17 Graczyk Beth Fesearch Scientist J4 57 6354 bgraczyk Greenland Kristen C raduate Student J4 61 6354 kristeng CB Ramsden Richard Research Scientist JM 1 35354 rramsden Riffle Michael Research Consultant J4 53740 mriffle Sharma Vagisha Research Scientist J4 A vsharma Shimogawa Michelle C raduate Student J4 39 35354 mish47 MCB Wargacki Megan Graduate Student J457 35354 mwargac BIOC Zelter Alex Senior Fellow J457 35354 azelter DNA Byun Sung Research Scientist HCK 15604 Sjb3 Sequencing 223 Devarayalu Lekha Manager HCK 67491 lekha 223 Fodor Julia Research Scientist HCK 15604 jhcf 223 Hurley Dave Data Server HCK 58038 dhurl ProgrammerAdministra 220 tor Eisenman Eisenman Robert Affiliate Professor 82105 6674445 eisenman fhcrcor Eyre Eyre David Adjunct Professor BB104 34700 deyre 6 Fan Fan Erkang Research Associate K454A 57048 erkang Professor Shibata Sayaka Graduate Student K460 64515 sayakas Zhang Zhongsheng Research Scientist K460 64515 zhzhang Page30f10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email Ferre FerreD Amare Adrian Affiliate Assistant 83160 6673622 aferrefhcrcorg D Amare Professor Fischer Fischer Edmond Professor Emeritus J465A 31741 efischer Doehring Kathleen Secretary Senior J465B 35201 doehring 16115 Gelb Baird Jessica Secretary Senior 404A 31656 Baird chemwashingtonedu Gelb Mike Adjunct Professor 4048 37142 Gelb CHB chemwashingtonedu Glass Nguyen Hai Lab Technician J083 36096 hnguyen washing Glomset Glomset John Professor J611F 52503 39glomset SaravananKolandaivelu Senior Fellow J611A 34113 Shen Yan Senior Fellow J611D 52515 yanshen Gonen Dranow David Graduate Student J379 68529 dmdranow BMSD Gonen Tamir Assistant Professor J383A 67565 tgonen Reichow Steve Senior Fellow J379 68529 slr77 Vollmar Breanna BIOC Graduate Student J379 68529 vollmb Wisedchaisri Goragot Senior Fellow J379 68529 goragot Zheng Hongjin Graduate Student J379 68529 hjzheng3 BMSD Hahn Hahn Steven M Affiliate Associate A1205 6675261 shahnfhcrcorg Professor Hauschka Angello John Research Scientist J512 52646 5 jca 2786 Buskin Jean Research Scientist J512 52646 buskin Chen Connie Xiaolan Senior Fellow J584 5284 A xchen2 Garikipati Dilip Senior Fellow J584 5284 A dilip Frock Richard Graduate Student J584 6808 4 5 rifrock 2844 Hauschka Stephen Professor J541A 31797 5 haus via 2786 AnalauErwin Research Scientist JO18 67982 eanalau Page4of10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email Castaneda Lisa Research Scientist J018 67982 Uj Hol Wim Professor K428C 57044 wghol Kay Jonathan Computer Maintenance K426A 64512 jpkay Mam Turley Stewart Research Scientist K416 64292 turley Wu MeiTing Graduate Student K416 64292 mtwu D Zhang Li Research Scientist K416 64291 dawnzli Zucker Frank Research Consultant K428 64514 frankz Kennedy Burtner Christopher Graduate Student J377 69484 Creid2 BIOC Chen Steven Graduate Student J377 69484 bug BIOC Fox Lindsay Research Scientist J337 69484 indfox Frock Richard Graduate Student J584 68084 5 rifrock Kimelman Dahlberg Lina Graduate Student J534 35697 3 dahberg 5690 Farr Gist Hank Research Scientist J529 35697 3 gistfarr 5690 Kimelman David Professor J533A 35730 kimelman 35697 Martin Benjamin Senior Fellow J529 35697 3 blmartin 5690 Page5of10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email PorterPeden Laura BIOC Grad Student J531 psquared Row Richard Graduate Student J529 35697 3 rrow 5690 Weiser Doug Senior Fellow J529 35697 3 dcweiser 5690 Klevit Brzovic Peter Research Assistant K410F 36391 brzovic Professor Caputo Christine Research Scientist K464 36391 caputocgmailcom Cho Seunghee Visiting Scientist Eakin Catherine Senior Fellow 4 0 63 N eakin ox David Graduate Student 46 4 63 N vger leikaus Clemens Graduate Student 46 4 63 N heikaus levit Rachel Professor 4 6A 58 N klevit 36391 Raiannnal Ponni Research Scientist K410D 6 4508 ponjan Stoll Kate Graduate Student K464 36391 kstoll D Wenzel Dawn Graduate Student K464 66391 dmwenzel Krebs Krebs Edwin Professor Emeritus K540A 38500 egkrebs Nicolaus Chris Secretary Senior K343 38500 stnic Loeb Bielas Jason Senior Fellow lt 356 30556 39bielas Chen ChengYao Senior Fellow lt 356 30556 Ericson Nolan Research Scientist 058 30557 Fry Michael Visiting Scientist lt356 30556 Mickey techunixtechnionacil Herman Asael Senior Fellow K056 30556 hermana KamathLoeb Research Scientist K056 30556 askamath Ashwini Kennedy Scott Senior Fellow K056 30556 scottrk Loeb Larry Professor K072B 36015 laloeb Schmitt Michael Graduate Student K056 30556 mwschmit MDPhD Venkatesan Ranga Senior Fellow K058 30557 rnv Vermulst Marc Graduate Student K058 30557 mave Pathology Whiting Mary Secretary K072 39360 pocow Maizels Bednarski David Research Scientist H479 54449 davebed 16781 Caracol Amber Graduate Student H479 54449 acaracol 16781 Cummings Jason Senior Fellow H478 54449 jas100 16781 Davis Luther Research Scientist H479 54449 lwd 16781 Eddy Johanna Graduate Student H478 54449 johannae 16781 Hamilton Nicolle Graduate Student H479 54449 nkh Page60f10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email 16781 Maizels Nancy Professor H474A 16876 39 Sacho Elizabeth Senior Fellow H479 16781 esacho Vallur Aarthy Senior Fellow H478 L 444 aarthy 16781 Yabuki Munehisa Acting Instructor H479 54449 yabuki 16781 Professor Merz Angers Cortney Graduate Student J355 39274 cgangers Brett Chris Senior Fellow J355 39274 Cbrett1 Lobingier Braden Graduate Student J355 39742 bt12 BIOC Lo Margaret Graduate Student J355 39274 mslo Chem Merz Alex Assistant Professor J357A 68308 merza Nickerson Daniel Senior Fellow J355 Dpn2 Paulsel Andrew Graduate Student J355 39274 apaulsel BIOC Plemel Rachel Research Scientist J355 39274 plemer Schwartz Matthew Graduate Student J355 39274 someguy Zimsen Stephanie Visiting Scientist J355 39274 zotsemilogorg Morris Brandal Garth Research Tech J367 brandagbwhitmanedu Brackett David Senior Fellow J363 37096 dbrack Morris David Professor J367A 31694 Dmorris Muller Arms Luther Research Scientist J483 63028 larms Asst Muller Eric Research Associate J483 63028 emuller Professor Office Acuario Cynthia Fiscal Supervisor J409A 31454 cacuario Alvarado Teri 440 Series Program J409 15335 teria Coordinator Pankow Kelley Student Services J409 31661 kelleyp Counselor Pearson Paul Administrator J409C 51215 ppearson Rawson Gail Program Coordinator J405 31660 gailr2 Turet Lydia Fiscal Specialist J409 66968 lydiaet Page7of10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email Guler Ali Senior Fellow J661 36090 agular Kafer Kathy Research Specialist KO24B 65902 kathyk 5596534 Kruse Shane Graduate Student J661 D 36090 kruses Palmiter Richard Professor J661 D 36064 palmiter ampE 36090 Parker Jones Graduate Student J661A 36090 jgparker Parson McMillan Andrew Graduate Student J061 31788 amcmilla BMSD Merkley Eric Graduate Student J061 31788 edm4 62780 Parson William Professor J061 31743 parsonb 31788 Petra Petra Philip Professor Emeritus J404 35714 hue Reid Reid Brian Professor Bagley 31672 Reid 298 chemwashingtonedu Ranish Ranish Jeffrey Affiliate Assistant ISB 206732 jranishsystemsbiology Professor 1357 Roberts Roberts James Affiliate Professor A3205 6675083 jrobertsfhcrcorg 6675052 Roth Roth Mark Affiliate Associate A3105 6675602 mrothfhcrcorg Professor Ruohola 31710 Seal Sudeshna Senior Fellow J579 31710 sseal Stadler Brad Senior Fellow J587 31710 bstadler Ward Ellen Senior Fellow J587 31710 ejw7 Russell Russell David Adjunct Professor K236A 64562 drussell Saari Saari John Professor RR814 35633 jsaari Page80f10 Professor 67598 Serra Andreia Senior Fellow J505 61819 serraa Stenkamp Stenkamp Ron Adjunct Associate K440a 51721 stenkamp Professor Stockroom Alcantara Leo Stockroom Supervisor JO14 31728 3 rio 2319 Rullan David Stockroom Attendant JO14 31728 davo Stoddard Stoddard Barry Affiliate Associate 83169 6674031 bstoddarfhcrcorg Professor FHCR C Lambert Abigail Graduate Student B3175 6674031 labratab BMSD FHCR C Zhao Lei Graduate Student B3175 6674031 leizhao BMSD FHCR C Teller Teller David Professor Emeritus J465C 31756 teller Tsukiyama Tsukiyama Toshio Affiliate Associate A1 162 6674996 ttsukiyafhcfcorg Professor Varani Bardaro Michael Graduate Student J479 67417 mfbardar hem Barnwal Ravi Pratap Senior Fellow J479 67417 barnwal Begley Darren Graduate Studentt J479 67417 dbegley Chem Bjerre Daniel Graduate StudentBMSD J479 67417 bjerre Chen Yu Senior Fellow J479 67417 chenyu Clem Deanna GraduateStudent J479 67417 ch25 Chem Davidson Amy Graduate Student J479 67417 Awillia4 hem DeBaecke Julia Graduate Student J479 67417 debaecke ElsonSchwabLev Senior Fellow J479 67417 Lev2 Godin Katherine Graduate Student J479 67417 ksgodin Chem Lee Mi Kyung Senior Fellow J479 67417 mklee Page90f10 LabOffice Name Title Room Phone Email Leeper Tom Senior Fellow J479 67417 tleeper Lobingier Braden Graduate Student J355 39274 bt12 BIOC Lunde Bradley Graduate Student J479 67417 lundbra Shajani Zahra Graduate Student J479 67417 zsha39ani Varani Gabriele Professor 630 37113 varanichem Bag 67417 washingtonedu J479 Zheng Suxin Senior Fellow J479 67417 swhem Verlinde Verlinde Christophe Associate Professor K428A 38865 verlinde Walsh Walsh Kenneth Professor Emeritus 5222748 walsh Weiner Bailey Arnold Research Scientist J487 33962 adb7 Gray Lucas Graduate Student J487 33962 ltgray OC Pavelitz Thomas Research Scientist J487 33962 pavelitz Weiner Alan Professor Chair J417 31768 amweiner Page100f10


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