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by: Geovanni Kohler


Geovanni Kohler
GPA 3.86

Nancy Kenney

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About this Document

Nancy Kenney
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geovanni Kohler on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 357 at University of Washington taught by Nancy Kenney in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/192409/psych-357-university-of-washington in Psychlogy at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
PSYCH 357 EXAM 2 REVIEW SHEET Note Please note that this review sheet is NOT complete This means that there may be material on the exam that is not included in this review sheet You are responsible for all the material covered in class lecture readings and section However you might also see that this exam review is quiet exhaustive and includes many different types of questions This is for YOUR BENEFIT because you could easily be tested on any and all of this material So if you are able to go through this exam review sheet and answer most if not all of the questions without referring to your notes you will be in pretty good shape for the midterm Please also remember that this test is CUMULATIVE and this exam sheet only covers material since the last midterm You should review your notes and the Exam 1 Review Sheet posted online to prepare for the cumulative questions on the exam N E 4 V39 0 gt1 9 0 O N L What is the target tissue of ACTH and what does ACTH do What is the target tissue of TSH and what does TSH do What is the target tissue of GH and what does GH do What is the target tissue of MSH and what does MSH do What does BLPH do What are the two functions of FSH When is FSH most abundant in the menstrual cycle What does FSH do in men What are the four functions of LH When is LH most abundant in the menstrual cycle What does LH do in men When is progesterone most abundant in the menstrual cycle What are the two functions of Prolactin Can a woman have excessively high or excessively low prolactin levels and still be fertile What are the two hormones needed in breastfeeding and what are their functions How is the hypothalamus related to the anterior pituitary What are releasing hormones and what do they do N 0 LA 0 LA L N LA L U 4 LA UI L O L 1 LA 00 LA 0 What are the seven releasing hormones RH What does CRH do What does TRH do What does Somatostatin do What does GHRH do What does GnRH do Where is inhibin produced and what does it do What does Dopamine do What does PSH do What releasing hormone stimulates the release of two tropic hormones What tropic hormones are affected by two releasing hormones In the adult female how does very low estrogen affect GnRH In the adult female how does moderate estrogen affect GnRH In the adult female how does very high estrogen affect GnRH What type of feedback system regulates most of the hormonal systems in the body What is the feedback loop between FSHLH and GnRH When is the one time of the month when estrogen overrides the negative feedback system and makes it go to a positive feedback loop and why List the Estrogen levels across the monthly cycle List the Progesterone levels across the monthly cycle List the FSH levels across the monthly cycle List the LH levels across the monthly cycle What is the adrenal gland and where is it located in the body A o A A N A U A A A u A ex A 00 A 0 VI 0 UI UI N UI LA on A UI UI UI ON UI VI 00 VI 0 ON 0 What is the adrenal medulla and what is its function What is the adrenal cortex and what is its function What are the three classes of hormones that the adrenal cortex releases and what are their functions Are steroid hormones fat soluble or water soluble What is the major source of androgen for women What is the best known and strongest androgen most prevalent in men What is the most prevalent form of androgen in women How does androstenedione have a testosterone effect in women without having the overall masculinizing effect of testosterone What are the three actions of androgen What is the precursor from which all sex steroids including progesterone androstenedione testosterone and estrogen are produced Are the sex steroid chemicals and their hormone precursors chemically very different r very similar from one another What are prostaglandins and what effect do they have on the uterus Can any drugs inhibit prostaglandins If so which ones When should they be taken What role do prostaglandins play in labor What is the difference between puberty and adolescence What is the concern about the disparity between puberty and adolescence What do Frisch and Tanner report about the age of menarche What do we know about the relationship between raceethnicity and the timing of pubertymenarche What are Tanner s five stages of pubertal development What hormones are involved in the adolescent growth spurt What is thelarche and what two things occur in this stage What hormones are involved in thelarche What is adrenarche and what hormones are involved What hormones are involved in underarm hair formation What is menarche What are factors have been found to correlate with early menarche Draw a picture of the relative hormone level changes that occur during puberty What does this picture mean Explain it in words What does Frisch suggest about body fat and menarche Hormonally how does body fat in uence the onset of menarche What is the failure to menstruate What is exerciseinduced amenorrhea and what happens hormonally in this stage Is exerciseinduced amenorrhea reversible How What are three causes of exerciseinduce amenorrhea What are the risks associated with amenorrhea When do eating disorders become most prevalent in the life cycle What the current argument for why eating disorders occur in some women but not others What does Parlee s research suggest about women s moods and behaviors during the menstrual cycle What does Ruble s research suggest about women s moods and behaviors during the menstrual cycle What was the effect of societal stereotypes about premenstruum on scientific research on mood and the monthly cycle In recall studies what symptoms do women report to be associated with the menstrual cycle Name some nonphai In concurrent studies what relationships between mood and behavior and the monthly cycle do women report Between recall and concurrent studies which is a more accurate measure of mood and behaviors during the menstrual cycle Why About how many women actually experience PMDD as de ned by the DSM IV Give some examples of physical behavioral and mood symptoms of PMS What is the difference between PMS and PMDD PMDD can only be diagnosed as such if the person has at least one of four behavioral symptoms What are they What are the four symptomatology requirements for PMDD 39 and piicu 39 interventions for PMDD


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