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by: Dr. Leilani O'Conner


Dr. Leilani O'Conner
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Leilani O'Conner on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 546 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/192429/com-546-university-of-washington in Communication at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
A Guide to Writing for COM546 Goals of Writing Assignments gain more knowledge about a particular eld that interests you report on research ndings synthesize different positions and evaluate which position has the greatest internal consistency develop support for your own position apply an intellectual framework to a new problem use theoretical criteria discussed in class in an analytical framework extrapolate from ideas developed in readings and in class to suggest what might happen in the future or how a past event might have changed had economic conditions differed Journal Blog Writing Research shows that writing improves thinking analytical skills It forces us to practice a skill that may have gotten rusty because most of the time our thinking remains isolated in our own minds Re ection in these hectic downsized days is a luxury that we often postpone sometimes inde nitely Thus the request to blog to re ect then to put our thoughts on digital paper The act of writing helps us evaluate our beliefs and assumptions and also helps cement knowledge The journal writing does not need to be 7 should not be 7 thought of as a paper Please don t just summarize the content of a reading Instead journal writing should demonstrate that you have thought about the readings and your experiences How did the readings relate to other readings in this or another course How did the readings relate to your experience Did you enjoy the readings What were your insights criticisms comments questions The journal entries are not given a letter grade Instead the act of journaling does the writin demonstrate that you completed the assignment and was it submitted on time is what is graded Each student is allowed to miss one week without demerit completing the assignment every week yields an extra credit score The additional component of peer comment lets us help one another clarify understanding 7 whether the comments are supportive or critical of our assumptions In all cases however the comments should re ect respect for the other person and for those ideas that differ from our own As with the journals themselves each student is allowed to miss one week of commenting without demerit The Three Linked Papers Our class is composed of individuals with very divergent interests 7 from usability to streaming media from online journalism to documentaries The three linked papers 7 a more traditional academic form of writing 7 are designed for you to explore an area of interest to you to expand your expertise or to honor your intellectual curiosity In addition this assignment helps you develop your skills in identifying and evaluating information from a diverse set of sources both academic and popular Writing COM546 Page 2 The suggested process follows brainstorm ideas identify source materials re ne the topic draft revise re ne introduction conclusion cite sources Brainstorming Brainstorming begins in the rst classroom session with the rst peer group meeting It continues in class as well as outofclass using the Catalyst peer group tool Identify Source Materials Jessica Albano the communications resource librarian provides a workshop the rst classroom session and is available via email or facetoface to help students identify sources appropriate to their topics I am also a resource although on some subjects Jessica may be more familiar with source options Refine the T opie After formal feedback from peer group members and the instructor using the Catalyst tool students re ne their topic and present a proposal to the instructor using Catalyst eSubmit Draft Project Proposal 7 Suggested Content due Friday 15 October at 6 pm via Peer Review State the research area you have selected Explain why you re interested in this research area Try to be as succinct and as focused as possible Peers and the instructor will provide constructive feedback over the course of the next few days The task usually takes the form of helping one another re ne narrow the topic so that the work involved can be accomplished over the course of the quarter Sometimes the task is to broaden the topic so that it will be possible to nd academic resources on the subject Final Project Proposal 7 Suggested Content due Friday 22 October at 6 pm via eSubmit State the research area you have selected Explain why this is an important topic to research Explain how you visualize breaking your topic into three linked papers Provide an annotated list of resources you have found that are related to your topic By locating resources at this stage of your research you help assure yourself that there is a body of research on your chosen topic Remember that the nal project must have 15 scholarly sources 0 The proposal is not graded It is reviewed and noted as complete Grade is completednot completed DraftiRevise iRefirie These are classic steps in writing any document The instructor is willing to review document drafts so long as they are submitted at least a week prior to the nal paper due date The earlier the better for all concerned There are reference materials on writing papers on hold for this class in the undergraduate library see eReserve for details I have reference materials in my personal library that may be borrowed for a week Also the University has helpful resources Writing COM546 Page 3 0 Student Athletes writing center documents httn39 dent wn hinutnn 39 ritingcenter O UW Writing Centers hTTn39 farm W2 hinutnn I mite html There are also helpful online resources 0 How to Search the Invisible Web httptmyurlcomdpgdy o Purdue s Online Writing Center 0 Creating a Thesis Statement httn39 nwl enoli h nurdue u n m 0 Developing an Outline httn39 nwl ench h nurdue 544 m 0 Writing a Research Paper httn39 0W encli h nurdue quot m o The Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Writing httpwww hamiltnn 39 W g o The Writing Process httpwww hamiltnn min w39 39 html Sources Because the Chicago Manual of Style is often used in the business world this is the recommended style guide for this course However students who are familiar with APA style or who wish to use a more academic method of citation are welcome to format citations in this manner Online resources include o APA o APA Style httpwwwapasggleorg O Purdue s OWL h n39 nWl encli h nurdue quot 1 apahtml o The Writing Center at the University of WisconsinMadison httjgwwwwisceduwritingHandbookDOCAPA html 0 Chicago 0 Search the Chicago Manual of Style requires free registration httD WWW I r mg 9211 0 University Libraries Ohio State University httplibraryosuedusitesguideschicagogdhtml o The Writing Center at the University of WisconsinMadison httpwwwwisceduwritingHandbookDocChicagohtml 0 Citing electronic sources in general 0 Library ofCongresshttn memm lm 39 39 html 0 A Reference Guide to Online Sources httpwww 39 quot 39 html 0 Other 0 Duke University Comparative Citations by Citation Type book journal web page etc httpwwwlih duke quot quot 39 W ks citedhtm o Footnoted comparative citations and links to style guide PDFs httpfootnotednet o UW Library s source matrix httDZWWWlih W2 hinctnn 39 39 39 quot 39 indioal html 0 Using Sources httpwww hamiltnn 39 39 html Writing COM546 Page 4 Elements of a Good Project Proposal Writing a good proposal will help you manage your time so that you can complete the quarter with three papers that meet your objectives The speci c format and content of these elements may vary they may not always appear as separate sections or in the order listed here Introduction This is a clear and concise statement of the purpose or goal of the project Consider including 1 the speci c questions to be answered what and 2 a brief explanation of the need for or signi cance of the study why The introduction should also address your objectives 7 what you intend to accomplish this quarter Literature Review This section need not be lengthy but it should re ect your understanding of relevant bodies of literature List all pertinent papers or reports that you have consulted in preparing the proposal include conversations with faculty peers or other experts A wellwritten review provides a sense of critical issues which form the background for your own work this quarter Methodology This section is the heart of the proposal because it provides insight into your perspective as well as details on how you plan to carry out the project How will you accomplish your objectives What theories or concepts will guide the study How do they or might they suggest the speci c hypotheses or research questions Where might you run into obstacles Explain the speci cs of what you want present in your project statistical data comparisons of historical and recent data the evolution of a paradigm etc One way to do this is by developing a rough outline of the major topics and subtopics that you will investigate Your timeline and a very rough scope past 7 current 7 future has been predeterrnined A nal note about good proposals Quality writing is critical The proposal should be clear concise and free of jargon There should be no spelling or grammatical errors and the proposal should be easy to read Start early and share ideas with peers Incorporate feedback gain ideas from reading other student work Writing COM546 Page 5 Criteria for Evaluating Research Papers from McKeachie s Teaching Tips 1139h edition 177 A Content 1 Introduction a Is the topic novel and original b Does the author state the purpose problem or question to be considered c How does the author convince the reader that the paper is worth reading 2 Body a How are the statements made warranted Is there evidence that data collected have been analyzed and literature reviewed Are assumptions logical b Presentation of evidence 1 Is contradictory evidence dealt with adequately 2 Are multiple sources considered 3 Is the evidence discussed relevant to the purpose stated 4 Is the argument internally consistent In other words does one point follow from another 5 Is the argument plausible 6 Are the methods chosen for testing the argument convincing c Suitability of paper s focus 1 Is the problem chosen focused enough to be adequately covered in the space of the paper 2 Is the problem chosen too speci c for the author s source of information d Background information 1 Is enough information given to familiarize the reader with the problem 2 Is unimportant background material included e Is the presentation easy to follow and well organized f Does the author deal with the problem set up in the introduction 3 Conclusion a Does the author summarize the ndings adequately b Is the conclusion directly related to the questions asked in the introduction c Does the author suggest areas where further work is needed B Connections to Class Evidence that the class materials have been read and understood 2 Application of lecture materials and assigned readings to the paper 1 Spelling 2 Grammar 3 Appropriate use of words 4 Paragraph form Are ideas presented in coherent order 5 Citations Are borrowed ideas and statements given credit Is the form of citation understandable and concise Writing COM546 Page 6 Grade Research Papers 40 Exceptional work Student employs a creative and comprehensive exploration of the research area and its societal impacts offers cogent arguments and well thought out explanations supported by evidence synthesizes scholarly material explains why as well as how and what Thoughtful and very clear Citations have no signi cant errors and are scholarly in nature Organization Organization enhances the paper the introduction invites the reader to begin The paper is has a wellfocused and has interesting thesis there is a smooth transition among all elements sentences paragraphs ideas The conclusion goes beyond restating the obvious The writing style is engaging and the paper has no signi cant grammatical or spelling errors Outstanding work Student employs a creative exploration of the research area and its societal impacts but it could be more comprehensive offers relatively good arguments and explanations synthesizes scholarly material explains why as well as how or what Thoughtful and fairly clear Citations have minor errors and are mostly scholarly in nature Organization This paper has a useful introduction and a focused thesis Its uni ed and coherent paragraphs support the thesis transitions are smooth The conclusion is competent The writing style is clear and the paper has no signi cant grammatical or spelling errors Average work Student exploration of the research area and societal impacts is average arguments and explanations are average with some evidence moderate synthesis of scholarly material explains how or what but why is not convincing Citations have minor errors and are mostly scholarly in nature Organization This paper has a general introduction and vague thesis has some incoherent paragraphs that attempt to support the thesis Transitions are not smooth the conclusion is vague The writing style is unclear and the paper has grammatical or spelling errors Below average work Student exploration of the research area and societal impacts is average arguments and explanations are unconvincing and unsupported by evidence little synthesis of scholarly material explains how or what but not why Citations have major errors and are mostly popular in nature Organization Overall organization in inconsistent This paper has a general introduction and vague thesis has incoherent paragraphs that bear little relevance to the thesis It is missing transitions choppy The conclusion is inadequate The writing style is unclear and the paper has signi cant grammatical or spelling errors Fair work Student exploration of the research area and societal impacts is below average arguments and explanations are unconvincing very little synthesis of scholarly material Citations have major errors and are mostly popular in nature Organization The paper has no clear structure There is no introduction or no thesis incoherent paragraphs make the paper difficult to read It is missing transitions and the conclusion is inadequate or nonexistent There are signi cant grammatical or spelling errors Failure Student exploration of the research area and societal impacts is below average arguments and explanations are unconvincing no synthesis of scholarly material merely summaries No overall coherence Citations have major errors and are mostly popular in nature or nonexistent Organization The paper lacks coherence It has no introduction or thesis no transitions no clear introductionmiddleconclusion The writing style is unreadable and the paper has signi cant grammatical or spelling errors


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