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by: Dr. Simeon Wiza


Dr. Simeon Wiza
GPA 3.96

Vladimir Chaloupka

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About this Document

Vladimir Chaloupka
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Simeon Wiza on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 216 at University of Washington taught by Vladimir Chaloupka in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/192441/phys-216-university-of-washington in Physics 2 at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Art of Fugue Re ections on Science Music and Society Or Science and Music with Exuberance and Humility Outline of the web of issues on Science and Society Vladi Chaloupka University of Washington The overlapping categories of issues maximizing bene ts from SampT minimizing risks existential consequences of actionsinactions technical aspects moral and ethical political national democracy privacy international psychological military spiritual cultural philosophical Religion Music Anthropic Principle and Doomsday Argument Chapters Role of science in protecting us from natural dangers and providing for human needs pandemics avian u asteroids abrupt climate changes food hunger healthcare general poverty education housing transportation entertainment in general SciTech amp Human Security Physics Physics is Different bewildering concepts and impact Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics Recall farreaching possibility of EUniverse maybe 0 Should the Yucca Mountain project go ahead Should there be a renaissance of nuclear reactors new designs Physics and Politics of the Hydrogen economy Seawater desalinization Is nuclear fusion ever going to work Can Nuclear Fusion be too successful Renewable sources of energy Is a massive nuclear exchange still possible What about a nearby supernova or a neutron star collision And what about plutonium generators on our planetary probes How did we handle Nuclear Physics and what lessons did we learn Early promise Hiroshima and its impact on Truman even on Teller spectre of Nuclear Winter safety waste prolif What about black holes strangelets metastable vacuum too far out superstrings in 10 dimensions multiple Universes gt end of Physics Molecular Biology Molecular Biology is differen bewildering complexity and impact Should we research racial genomics Ethics issues cloning transplants silicon face brain xenotransplants Mitochondrial Eve and Ychromosome Adam are we all brothers and sisters LUCA Gaia revisited cf mushrooms Genetically Modified Food for developing world the case of Golden Rice Antibio resistance pharming China Free market economy vs precautionarydefense projects the case of Bioshield Comparison of Precaution in Nuclear Physics and in Molecular Biology Overuse of antibiotics humans animals developing resistance Precautionary Principle vs Substantial Equivalence Avian Flu and other pandemics Is Bill Frist s Manhattan Project feasible Virulence of Designer Pathogens 911 vs anthrax in the mail Are Home Sapiens biological misfits cf Arthur Koestler and Sagan cosmic quarantine also Starmaker by Stapledon does all natural mean no drug side effects Computer Science Robotics Arti cial Intelligence Our Transhuman Future Is Evolution getting a New Meaning Is immortality possible desirable Vulnerability of computerbased society Robots are Lamarckian Massively parallel AI gt soul in silicon Quantum Computing Nanotechnology Richard Feynman and the sad case of Dr Drexler The Center for r quot 39 N 39 39 J 39 39 f iug replacing gray goo Utility Fog a benevolentomnipotent Jinn Perspectives for nanomedicine Evolution Intelligent Design and Science vs Religion What is Intelligent Design Are Religion and Science compatible cf Weinberg on liberal religion Religion vs Copernicus vs Religion vs Evolution Religion vs Teaching 7 It IS possible to think and teach rationally about spiritual matters Will there be a scienceinspired religion cf Carl Sagan 0r Einstein Is A religion for masses necessary survival value indep of truth cf neocons Will Kenneth Miller s faith ll the Crystal Cathedral Christianity Islam Judaism Buddhism vs science Origin oflife clay panspermia ID Religious implications of SETI Ecology Species extinction in perspective Ecology vs human population Deep ecology Agriculture and Animals Is population of 6 billion sustainable Concerns about Europe birth rates What about the microbial biomass Global and International affairs United States Is Different how permanent is our current dominance Is National Sovereignty Compatible with Modern Science and Technology The California Experiment of Gov Schwarzenegger Is Al Quida a problem for the Military or for the Law Enforcement Comparison of the US and European positions on precaution Factory farms vs population level Transparent Society Inevitable desirable How to preserve the option to rebel United Nations reform rebuild replace or reject Start from scratch Federation of Democratic Nations What would Einstein say today What would Sen Fulbright say today USA has the power to lead do we have the wisdom empathy and understanding Military and Natl Security Nuclear Nonproliferation Other treaties esp bio US Military and the Basic Problem Science Technology and RMA also SRGR in GPS waging war should be difficultpainful Should we build Ballistic Missile Defense and why art and basic science making the nation worth defending balance between security and what is being secured Music Bach Is Different Bach genetic accident and an Amadeus phenomenon Bach myths Bach s last fugue vs Beethoven s Op 111 Dr Faustus and Unguarded Hour Music as an emergent phenomenon Music making Civilization worth preserving Music amp Science Pythagoras Kepler LISA Princeton String Quartet Harmony of the Universe as a Design Principle Exuberance and Humility in Bach s music The Triple Art of Fugue End of Music classical concert in year 2506 3006 4006 implications iftrue Miscellaneous The case foragainst human exploration of MoonMars Ethical issues related to our use and treatment of animals the milk 7 veal connection Education how much is enough cf Watson vs Chargaff Risks from Philosophy pessimism peace gt loss of drive The Fermi Paradox Are most of the Aliens Dead And does SETI make sense SETI space humans vs robots colonization Carter Gott Leslie Doomsday argument The old and new neoconservativism Does Goedel s Undecidability theorem matter General How commonplace or cliche is the Basic Problem Cf Einstein mgravityminertial Also cf Einstein on peace thinking alone The general issue of neoluddites Chicken Littles fear mongers alarmists also the failed prophecies of Dr Ehrlich and others Terrorist acts vs AccidentsMiscalculation Bioterror vs Bioerror stability of complex systems in physics biology and society A slowdown as side effect of more effort on precaution cf Kurzweil s Preparing for immediate hysteria and panic after an upheaval preparing for the aftermath in general incl Preserving Knowledge heritage cf Asimov 3 scenarios for SampT omega point approaching Truth approaching our limits Ethics and Religion vs Common Sense and Foresight Feynman and others value of doubt but doubt everything including this advice How much planningforesight is necessarypossibletoo much cf Havel on communism The Basic Problem as a consequence of the Big Gap Rethinking the sacred democracy freedom privacy sovereignty pursuit of happiness Is life Life Universe pointless What Is To Be Done categories 1 Education Dr Watson as counterexample Who is going to teach all this 11 Risk assessment III Defense a intentional terror b accidents error c natural catastrophes overall fortify ying buttresses IV Coping with aftermath Speeding up the recovery by preparing Saving accomplishments V Reforming international relations


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