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by: Dr. Simeon Wiza


Dr. Simeon Wiza
GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Simeon Wiza on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 433 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/192450/phys-433-university-of-washington in Physics 2 at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Energy Measurements In this lab you will learn about pulserheight measurements and how to use pulserheight spectra to e ure g a rays emitted by di erent radioactive sources You will study the relationship between highrvoltage bias and the output of a photomultiplier tube and compare the spectra made with plastic and sodiumriodide scintillator detectors Photomultz39pli er response For this exercise you will use the 10 stage Electron Tubes 9266KB photomultiplier tubes available in the laboratory This tube has a maximum rated voltage of 1000 volts you would typically operate it from about 750 to 800 volts One should always look at the ulses on le scope as the voltage is Taised f0 le Tst time to check f0 light leaks 0T abuonal hehmoc To explore the gain of photomultiplier tubes PMTs we use a light pulser to simulate the light output of the scintillator he pulser provides a eet intensity of light pulses and it makes it easier to study the PMT itself without worrying about the amount of light produced by a scine tillatorsource The light pulser is a simple instrument in which a capacitor is charged and then discharged through an LED using a Field Effect Transistor FET as a switch The light pulser requires a DC voltage in the 25 to 40 volts range and a positive trigger input pulse of 274 volts Before using the light pulser with a photomultiplier tube you should check that the pulser is working by looking at the green LED with your eye as follows Figure 1 Left Light pulser module Note the little LED at the end opposite the terminals Right PMT inserted into the lightpulser housing not taped up though First make pulses of the appropriate type Connect the trigger output of a square pulse generator ie the HP 8011A standalone or BNC 8010 MM pulser to the external trigger input of the scope and the signal output to the channel 1 input of the sco e Terminate the signal with 500 Adjust the pulser to make pulses of width of 3amp40 nanoseconds height of about 4 volts and a pulse period interval between pulses of 20 to 30 microseconds After setting the pulser appropriately connect the signal output to the BNO input connector of the light pulser and connect an 6289A or similar power supply to the red and black terminals and adjust the voltage to about 30 volts With these settings you should be able to see a faint light from the LED by holding the pulser housing up to your eye and cupping your hands to block any


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