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by: Providenci Mosciski Sr.


Providenci Mosciski Sr.
GPA 3.66

Elizabeth Thompson

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About this Document

Elizabeth Thompson
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Providenci Mosciski Sr. on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 220 at University of Washington taught by Elizabeth Thompson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/192498/stat-220-university-of-washington in Statistics at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Box MODELS EV AND SE A doctor s of ce prides itself on having minimal wait times for patients On aver age wait times for this doctor s patients are 10 minutes with a standard deviation of 2 minutes They are not aware of this however so they examine the wait times of 6 randomly selected patients a What is the population parameter sample and statistic Pdfvlk klon radian g 01C xe Clocw or ngame ev aVtraae Naif c mc mt amends 0 mmw es Samare imam s adr39isv ic Average wouz gme cffm len t in the Samr b How long do you expect that the 6 patients will need to wait in total gox mole 3 6 Inf p I l A O kg Ma Q SVDQ a SHAKLS kickefs a Jr mws EV m w mm We wowu axmot etud txc Fa em s Ii had to Wad o yvu nw cs n fo39 wl39 c What is the probability that the average wait time is less than 8 minutes E V I0 Mihu39iICvS M L J AS in SE 3 mghu ej lt use the San e 0X quot 0 6 D 600 fa zoo a 7557 W 7 lb 39 533 i9 135 0 710 Z w 1 Tke Frababfllz Varaae waif 1 5 995 an X ma nwtes is 07504 1 Why does it make no sense to construct a con dence interval COWJQ39cema when0J5 an acute forma iok Faramdersj Owl wg lewe39 0 Mfgwa l oh FAramuzer w 4 loo Cerfa n4 3 To determine Whether or not they should begin to broadcast public service an nouncements detailing when 9 1 1 should be called a police department records 125 of 300 calls over a two day period that should have gone to the police station phone number a non emergency phone number instead of 91 1 a What is the population parameter sample and statistic Fordw bh Cam to a 91 I cerierJov FAYEtCu quoMe oeparl mcnf loammeter introsa oat ole cal5 than should mock have one to 7quot N992 flaw the m revere oHm r l kma 39 rj hm ComJ ConsJar Sumter 300 Cals gird86 quot H77 7 Fara 934 o39 cal5 I fin 0 Sasm pQ 0 7 iiiiii f u if llllllllllllllll quotWill n s A L72j ho wave 50 190 94 b Give an appropriate box model to represent the percentage of calls that are inappropriately placed to 9 1 1 Do we know the average and standard deviation for this box and if so What are they Ave 3 SD 3 Estimate ekzs a 2quot HB 9 ticlt2 t5 6 5k 9 75 5 ticc0265 300 Jr mws We Jou x know eiizkcv Le average Orilie S awclawj deuc a620n NO ee AME W U quot Frm 39mie the a73961 box A2 O the ASIKD LOO39 S Va39O quotcm 9t 60l 5 w Near 5eej it PPoLmby 3 Noquot Q 5000 12 50 0 So 07 6ka 50 an wou 0 OnShI Far39 Boofffkmfffg ProbltVk ENE we 0 t 90 54 L5 UMWE39Q L4 00 the LOW 56 Le qug QgGo O l a l 30 05x gt 39Lfcl39g 41mm 175 135 a o 0 190le C Give a 95 con dence interval for the true proportion of calls that are inappropriately placed to 9 1 1 What is a possible major problem with this con dence interval f m39lris ci ASE SE W3 63 123 200 Lawo 2 at 23 391 773 AKOSLa Major fro atm with 1 Comaend x39rr azzvaf E Lwe Eke Swmrle 1 5quot 466 a shayt V mJovw SamPe I hrs6 Le mVreseniw ltd Tim s mums ux 6L scumla quotNZL 0 FF an 9 WP as a lama so it may no 0 P J S AJJc39 I0m 43m J5 Vl avtll0ln viz the EL39L ao estrou l rC N QQ is no on gy Wan od c karmal 54 the szEo S tc39C3 g 700 rm a39 Else arrmed COnC39Jence mferva May A6 Muck diggeremf 5 A gambler proposes a game that costs 1 to play You then roll two dice If both dice turn up the same number you win a dollar amount equivalent to the sum of the two dice Otherwise you lose a What is the appropriate box model ESEEu El WEN6 370 you meal 3960 suly rwd o C HIe 1 you Karol 0 F y 77mg 754 Correcf 50K MoJel f5 3veh Avv z alw 30 SD b Do you stand a better Chance of coming out ahead if you play this game 10 times or 100 times N045 ank the avarmje 0nj xe LOX is 0 7 W25 means 399wa your expecleo 4 9 339 Wnhquotn55 Per he EV aweVa ye 39 7 The ma z39mes yaw flay tuswm er the 55012 chance rmquot L wa that PWCln agt WW 3561 momma have you have 0L jV W Chg41cc a Ath q avenge W639n lnj erFay 5 grga w eh om 0 ThatLS you avg Lei bequot aM39 ZOO timei Frye o What is the probability that you come out ahead after 25 plays aw EV aw m 047 x25 14747 SE C WM qug39gxff Fl77 392 5 2 04 7 13 rem30 o 157 j 0 C3 EV acov ave SE f w 5W zz4a 0 301477 553051 03950 O 50 quotA 39 39ao 3 d How would your answer to part 10 change if the amount you rec 39 you won was the product of the two dice Be sure to ShOW the appropriate box model New ox MoJ i 4quot 15 TA average aquot LOX f5 539 Sag v er huh 0 X ox an gaffquot 07 047rquotj MoquotQ quot69 5 77m O stev c Foxy 6 NahJ no39f CAR r196 15 2 O 0 7 39 3X 30 1K0qu e What percentage of the time would you expect to Win Aw g6 47 rLVM 4 30 10 Lx5 373 373 E l for PetCew oae g7 You Wanolexpeb a win o quot5 2 21442 f Do you have a better chance of Winning more than 20 of the time if you play 10 times or 100 times n 30 Ami aka CLM er V Ov qerea s 0 ke mm 4 07 Jays I MCketdeg ff become more a f zicuf 3967 vw n make w 1000 mi rde el me WALV yo quotLon ms w We may we FA L13 mi xo mg g What is the probability that in 36 plays you win less than 10 of the time 51 4 447 a b b 73257 SE 3730 A14 504T7631352 Vela Hiquot 004 7 gtgt 1 O o 6739 quotquot 0 62V 4075410


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