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by: Carmela Kilback


Carmela Kilback
GPA 3.92

Dinesh Patel

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About this Document

Dinesh Patel
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmela Kilback on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 238 at University of Washington taught by Dinesh Patel in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/192542/chem-238-university-of-washington in Chemistry at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Chap7Ler 5 Pad a V ages Dag 450C 1 VCCCWK 0 0 Aavt m r CiH 610pr 4 405062me cae ons ow Fx g A oH 0 44 gz PAM eoli o g bwf Wo o Dbl 0H 7 H g 0714 5 2 P n MM0Q ProveW abw I I J AWLm1 yZdsm 1 542sz l Tif lt5159 47 jammig R 39 065arvad WON Man1 move pm 2425 6 mm L Chapfw 739 F WARparath of VLKCC VL6L dc o S f Vv vaaraM 4m awe 049915 0605 Lamc39m Mao da U 0 06 x M h L V 95 0 1 i H g f39BaOH nc O M m 7 39 w f ampCDAO U L Sowad 0 th gt Ma1L2 LS 7L If 1 and asws a M Frame 073 Oj P Ligias as L4 1 SacL 7 45 Q of H nga4e0 QgtOw osm 2 area 9 fvaJi zZngm 0504 5 Wm mM ha I g Lib GM of 6L CCULQJ 75 Qmo LLnf S needaj VL W ab VVba on 045 m osmaj e LS F I H Md 0Q0Lm32 OCCmr Ln a ne100 Fathom q A 1 in o 1 O H x Jx A NW 394 7 0 6 Bug V Y 0H OH 4L 1 gt0H L 0304 MWquot 39 mama when is caad 0L Dijon 6140491 100 AA dfo ff 7 on SQW 5ch ltw3gt2wgts 0304331 10 T Bw M em 701 iH 7 m H A Cart ML blec xLLJ rhka 0 quotQ anm Ha mar 7 I Lb Qvmmlz39o Medye I pMamb39pseLLQ39HVLJ y 5 90536196 J L lVMJZAOJ developed 57 lt emfrxf Sharpass K103 2 LCDRgt 4 am K3 Fe WT Ci Mdi ro r I39 I 1 7 j Mp ew veh i ke 7694c HZJ L am 74229 m e r 0 0KQIA in CoLC Ni 50 ML CM 040 C KLOSO39LLa m4 3 17 Q 5 A J W oajpuolf 4 0 and V quotan Hut 0 H 2 52 20 070 endI llbmup q QXC9 Lbja gown 74 74quot Java an l r I Now we 14mm Mow 75gt We MCOAOK NAM Lind 04quot CAImark 5m we do 106 W7 Em mug M4 3204 Jr Dr WML H MuVVVV rZQ c l Cm 69th 56 3quot gt 1 gt 1 Acekole my W my JM w39vHx aaL onu 533 km 4 601 HQ I a wmlll quot ZgtCV NEHL Pgr 3 3 2 quot2 332 Br 4 PUDR ab zeo DaAvoImw I anzr om 0 a quot ces rgrjf g a 6000 H awfag 3ng 0VLV9fpt evx a4 Amok31 7L0 ELLr Ar 0 1QDM3 H QTvequ P wz O LIA L R H20 2 quot Mau algalt71 MW L 7er fmc on 5 Calad 0 CWSa bm CZQQEK 335 a feachdym yam 20 maCculcs WbCM 0 jive 0L Laggar MIQQAL MAEe L zFm im 0L Sma M QCUJL cameU 10 EX ca m5a iim MW iv brafes Na 1 v few 26596 quot agwfaa m j V I 0 V r V A I 7 my rMomn f S39H w kk L A 4904 0 A L M H 3910quot H Jl L f I i v Q 9 552E ALISpt 7 04quot014 5 H 0 0 O H gt M 4 00 2 5 CI quot w Hk 39 V m L o a V ABA H mu o w R houc Lrs xuq bo QFMXJJ LI Qn IILV 4 HO A H35 I PM lome OLt ut OXQWQ VL ngS QW C Vlropcrazu7 VOFampi E6 4 94 CKth Q C U HV u II x fizz 396 KAOH vquot 120 R z vLeerQca M 515 1 azioIA I 7 7 0 ambosafuc 010601 fxyl L g goDQLCLJOIme 79 CM drag aafaroacr Mb H us ngmcan1xcegs lt m Qiw OR RioH N bVHQ 0 fampmowh A v ZZQNUPLL at ALL 10 7 wwLer 615 71 is Qrmz x b avpzg A 1 89 6X2 A Lt quot 142304 ago M Jr E17 A I MEClwmfg M 5 1 3 If 739139 01 V0 U U H f L 51 J59 t6 Lore QOM Okhbr COKQS CD 0 u x 1 A I 124 R Aa 39 24quot R Qco 011 W Ex L H D 1 O M g MacLantrgm V D 6 11 9 av 39 i c O v l a v gtO 3gt gt A 13 v gt pwggne 2 U L U pit th s 7 4 Dbijomg i39a 0m OWaF I AME C M O O V 0hr f C E 2 NCL U a 3 f VLrOC O K 33 l lt c 0717 W 39 I 3 b 6 20 0m NO VLJQ AC KL 39 I 7 r 1 x f 1 J n f I quot A r 5 f m m I V J V abL a 5 nglpbf mrah zrzvgaf W VHNZ i AM C7cloCr0fx l YFLZ 5W VWE OQXMW gt Lquot 5 H3002 M3 1 fly e j u A I x I 3quot If F FV I a f if f W a Agar 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