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by: Carmela Kilback


Carmela Kilback
GPA 3.92

Niels Andersen

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About this Document

Niels Andersen
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 32 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmela Kilback on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 237 at University of Washington taught by Niels Andersen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/192551/chem-237-university-of-washington in Chemistry at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Lec39l39ure 1 whaf makes Oy H39U39c Chemc f llj a f renf a bond7 and mechqm39539ms I I401L Ibns V eefrhj MCA of39e quotmmewe i 39 b Shudrure and framers noi 429 WIDOrLLa ZL for inofjHw39c ma cmEIJ c il39ackcmf arzc meJI he Aarec an ogxM c ahemff llrj d 1 M Ham LewJ fimdure D II 39 quot I I 661 I lial1 2 2 R f quot quot 6 agimm f 3quot II I and644 ItaC 70 YLJ I 39 26 i A ar m ch AP5 1 cInJ 2 JeC Ll39lth 226222 P 97 Sujjechd froblems 3 6 L3 I39m I39ll Liza 1136c 1156 I 117 11 7 121 23 1246c 125 24 31 L32 133136 1386 140 142 145 152 133624 157 16 152 repeat L6 and I162 clef acid 6ampeand 006 213 2J7 246 hj LewJ H o I 39 Ianoc 60nd 39 a Mil701442quot Na CL 4 aIc39J cgs lIM i 4 of Na and cquot ions bafhl39an Ian0e 10er Shels neonU14 anJ argonlike resfecf uelj a 0 11 12 74quot enllja 39c ConsiderAH39oz Chap 7 20an are sharedelecfvvnsl Valequot W 39DrAwt39 a m ana 39 H and X haltij n make one banal O and S MAlze we bands 6ch sulfuk can makx more N and P armPu 39E39br ee bowls butquot Cm IMA U more C Md Si Mum Foqr banal H H O H I H whorl Abowl OH 0H2 OHS 4 mast G 39 OH O H HOH quot I I H H notz warjas also UHq Basis 1STskelK holds 2e H or H Mad 2 2 ash holds 82 sound P AAve animal ck orbs v hi 1 9quot c H ci SvC vH 1quot H H rMa 39 charges tkc S O bond is Si ron er 539nce Coutowbt39c AJdY ch bn hows a t th baaHack as we a ahaFran Khanaan whaquot Abou h39 carbon C1sz25 zgtquot 2 CH L damage 7 lrekjhidiy 1cm H H H C H 7 7 HCH urualent cm make 4 Phone s orbi cas mad gLoMew usinj F3Ejbrid orb 2 0 a Porb s orb 51gt3 3br14 cdmualent C sS quotte ErAhechosLl IO 55 or a bond angle H H D boron also MAILa 3 Dowas a 9 3 T oc e chcenc H j M BHB aha H L f quotBu w121 quotj 1 333 Lewis S rvuc rures I bonds n VS shared 2 Pairs ekedzmns no c shareal H surrounAecL W 29 2nd an39od elemevxEs J 8quot h Ea deckans kanL H 3934567 HBCNOF HZCO l2 Ua ence ded nm S Mi haulml HC o accnuu39ks For 62 H i add 65 l c o e c z 0 quot t l double bond b scumme m For 39 quotITbone 0 quoty o I r f0 8 419 aatled SP2 h brid carbon has 3 sfquot k bnd bomAs 1Pwrb 131 More WAWFIZS jl L wi5 Shuc lture Qexanance Ni ll b dcl39J 5 H Q N lt 14 3 J H o 49 Jquot H ONi o 392 H also u C CM reF qca HO H O a M431 F 4 N X 3 39 A o L 39 ni owef anc frAH e L4 920 3 TAbLa 15 26392397 Vej wforfanjc nva math an a 9 16m resonancz SBucHres bu wtbty nH fe fquot quot quot K 39 4 quot quot quot Mmor conhibu bar curved arrows Show ALQCQI OAWMU39V movern39E Consider 39 a Go I 40 4 c c c c 39 l of I S H I a quot 3 Oquot ov 39 39 I l Eonbnj e Shannj 7 Pac m39nj spins owar miter9 see also see 22 239 7 25 HquotH LKN LIrude quot 2 H H36 k1 is I Hna bon ewar L of an HH boncl loLl kmL stmjth no A 39 on 29ft 39 E 39K mu H 3914 dcssoc ml39wn 39 C CV H H39J V H H H dishmce H I 15 54 PM CC band 376 kjwwL H Aquot H C C 2o cc 30ml 41 an MILTon H 1 quot H 133 39 mfg 9 lt 376 x Z Q39Hnene s not as gable F orb Iquot G r I 7 3 5 hybrids ad lZO d A 39 two ori39hojond Vorb L 39 5quot quotC I I sPC 3 0c gt Hue Macaw H CEC H Mar 39 SP bondiw 12x banA enqtk owaEQLS Ionic anA oaf Coquevd Bonn j 39IS u 39 N G quot 39 he in so A 54H 39 Vac haul 0 Like 11 Coukowxloic a vkc 6n not H 39L e Sham rj n V 4 A 8 3 8 8 HGC H99 39 L few covalent JOK1 c39L L Lnon fdar couadewt bond L nJeACJ of A lroM 0 WAGE e zedronfjA l39WH L rk39Hruzr s wwngjg van Me 3 4 5 6 7 5 e cLHV AcF 26 25 30 35 40 1 3 L37 Q N 390 F S Q 30 25 2quot Br 1 25 CC Md C H Emmi nonalOoMr39 4 S l git cH3 LC H clt L v H 7Cquot H 5 8 5 S Hl gt as Hquot CL 391 40 quot 3390 T More oa bud110 a acoclcm add acid Q H sourca 156 Band dfaoe and Molecular difaae Womanll s 39 Sech n I 5 quotcI39fOe moment jug aha70 dl39f x disi ancc V r S Y S charjz ch fferenCz fmfor Velma b dealrang 7 0139717 difeww H F H C eic hAu bond diree and sx39nce Hm M Ma moecules M3 hMe makuular dipole Moments 25 1 C H and CC are nonPolar bond Molecules fkqf39 law wolzuilar if 02 aJu ca ad Polar ane that ck dildo2 am Mompolar Non polar moletules can S il h4ult JO039 bonds H i I To CO39 1441 lu Lmr 0444119 Lond dipole cancel also can be M Ff ions are WAM ole z C0a Hy W fe mhedral Planar CQ has a Moemar4f 9 a H 50 does CHLCIL gmE no f Cdlq sea gt32 ACMEj 500 News I BrnsRd 2 Aa f39hes am Add a a Verizon donor 4 base is a probn acurbr Law ba e 5 an elec lnmn pair donor acid is an elecron 9amp0390 ACc Fbr Ha Hquot is arm no k HM onlj Luci acid O H 394 39 H H E H H Brisw k d base 5 0 conjacic can39base of H20 0 HF bAse Lewis hase n39n this rcacHon Hm side wH k H30m l F 39IS no l39 fA uored id Lat oval cansEan39k is MY 395 achih consEarl HA H30 2 A quot39 quot30 z CH303EA39J 0 HA3 1 HF Ka 0 55 m a mi s jh39Ht han 7 H30 is advHangar acid 39H dquot H F 539 i is L 54mgquot more reach ve mu than H203 An a39aaliH sea e Sat ueL gH CH3 Hct gt HONOZ a H3Oquotgt HF cusazH KoH gt NH 9K 41 I5 3A5 me 5456 35 39 17 pKa is used a measure of 8r S QJ acid Sirenj fh FIQ quotOJ4 lollv Iggy 7139 H a CO Slder ace e acid CH3C0 H uIE Cl z om Pg quot ea 9 H o m r udmnk of ionijA lIbnv Jerald an H A CH C Pquot PKa 3113713 LL15 3 02 0 CH3 cozH 1 at VH 41 S cu3coz391 again 4quot 1 375 We 404 agent39sraga 01 9 0 5quot Mv WM of u add W Aj is H F lass 4039ch than H Cl auzn thoujk Sy FS has a more posih e wdmjzn than Ha KEY i cs easier 40 judge reMHue bAsicijy rather an acid 39 quot 39 ltF CL 3 s and quot 1 I R largo owcvc39aari z JamH ka d 7 ess afl39uc BA for Hquot a Illu quot shel Hf L V wa 6 quot T shun b1 u weaker base 1 Irina ck men 3914 can all 391 but Chap 9 he low anychats no esi l39rzj sec 91 be 9 IFm numbers no Hq Ideas 4510 on p353 9 quot ue 5an of AIzllnej u RCEC lI ftrmina Md R39CEC39R ermuha alkjnes NHe a unjue r qc u j R39CEC H NaNHz RC2C3Na NH3 gCEC a my Jefu nucleothVe 1 Prowrite and Shucl ure 93 14 1 39eomeiw is linear 2 likc alienes jrca cr 12u6414 1 u2 wn quotcreates S39Hbih y Mai cf a rawn 39zL n CH3CHZCHCHZ 301 Amt mo bans CII3CH 1CHCH3 274 klt l CH3CHZCECH 69 an CH3CECCH3 656 Acal 3 CEC T 1 60H 0an Sharier anJSijcr 3e 367 Hormonen fute jne end397 r aIfyne 5mefhjl3 I tep39ljne a lazy133 z 392 3 r3 7 39 I 7 3me hyhePf 4jn3 enc 0r Priori Ont551 gt gt E 3 Mefth3 llef l cn4jn L732 E olainl q 39Hu ACI39dWllI of Aqn e J J CHZ CH3 lt gt1ch lt39 N53 4 HCEC R lt H20 H 3 quotquot 1 62 5 36 25 5 a elec rone k 39nl 11 of C 5 gt SP1 gt SP3 5 Wank 0 dadran Pa39lr Ln an Ace5 ha a 395 C3 5 spporb 533on dzdv39ons I n an s orb are hzld oser 0 ho post39ve VHLCLEL39LS V C bud remembar OLH mrbanlbns are marl bAsi Ham39 Hca a or Roe gt09 1420 gt gtCquotH 6014 Using Acei39uill39de ion a 6N2 nucleoohie e R Br I CE CR RCz CH NaNHZ gt 2656 a primary 15 or gale393 HCEC Aai 450 war r k doeJ mu 1 ml 39 AaVN 4N2 3RCECH 2 3 KCECR 2 R3quot 2 Br HCECH L 3 in39lva 141er an alfjne 04qu H x 39 1 Rampamp39 Kl or Re C L R 1 RCz C39 Iii X x H needs a Sivan base 0quot 39 Kofga DMJO when a erminaJ al me 139 produced H 5 formed ini l39w39ally as Hu ateijh dg 3N NH kartmam J39 RCE CNa M4 RCECH I N Br NO0H ReacHonJ of 44191125 1 redac n RCECR39 2397 RCHzCHzR Mehad nabbed P E Pd NL a spam cat Myst 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