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by: Carmela Kilback


Carmela Kilback
GPA 3.92


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Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmela Kilback on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 458 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/192596/chem-458-university-of-washington in Chemistry at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
A07 ATMSICHEM 458 SPADE DATA ANALYSIS Part 1 Preliminary Instructions and De nitions 1 Download the matlab data le spadeidataisetmat from the course website This le maybe large Let me know if you cannot download it onto a campus computer 2 Put the le in a directory which is in Matlab s path space Load the le by typing load spadedataset mat in the Matlab command window OR you can probably just drag and drop the le into the workspace of command window Getting Oriented 1 After loading the data set called spadeidataisetma type who into the command window to display the variables contained in your workspace You should see N 36 different variable names The suffix 7nd stands for number density and such a variable will have units molec cm393 Other suf xes should be explanatory th ppb jpm etc Pressure Pmb is in millibar and temperature T is already in Kelvin 2 Using the pressure variable Pmb and temperature variable T create a number density vector called M Make sure it has units of molec cm393 Plot Pmb by itself and use a typical value of Pmb to determine what altitude the aircraft was typically ying during these two days of ights 3 The quantity sza is solar zenith angle and is essentially a measure of the local solar time We will use it as our fundamental time of day unit An sza 0 indicates true solar noon with the sun directly overhead an lszal gt 90 implies twilightnight dawn etc In separate gures plot lat and lon vs sza Look on a map to determine the region of the Earth being sampled during the two flights Photochemical Overview 1 Using the subplot command make a gure that contains plots of OH H02 N0 N02 and C10 versus sza in ppt or ppb units For example the code subplot411 plotsza0hppt 0 will break a gure into 4 vertically aligned panels 4 panels in 1 column with the OH vs sza in the lSt panel To plot in the next panel type subplot412plotszah02ppt 0 etc Using the Figure Properties tool bar to add axis labels and a title 2 Describe and explain qualitatively both the general behavior of each species plotted e g increases with solar radiation given the source is from photolysis of X and the behavior of on family member relative to another e g H02 reaches much largersmaller concentrations than 0H likely because 3 In the stratosphere 0H and H02 rapidly cycle between one another driven in part by their reactions with 03 which net consume 03 OH 03 9 H02 02 and H02 03 9 0H 202 H0x chemistry was thought to be important before N0x chemistry was discovered We will show that measurements of OH and H02 could have helped prove the existence of NOx chemistry a Neglecting O atom chemistry and assuming reactions with 03 are the dominant gross sinkssources of OH and H02 write an equation to calculate the OHHOz ratio in terms of rate constants and 03 Using this equation and observations of O3 compare your modeled OHHOz ratio to the observed ratio of OHHOz by plotting your calculated value and the observed values versus sza Fquot Now revise your model by including the reaction of HQ with NO to yield OH and N02 Calculate a new OHHOz ratio using observed 03 and NO values and plot this new ratio and the observed ratio versus sza c What do you conclude about the role of NOx in terms of the ratio of OHHOz Contributions to 03 Loss Using what you ve learned in lecture lets determine which radical family is contributing most to the chemical destruction of stratospheric ozone the observed air masses 1 N E 4 First we need to create a vector for O3P number density oind which was not measured on these ights Assume that O atoms are in steady state and that the photolysis of 03 to yield O1D essentially yields O3P Note 03 photolysis to yield O1D is NOT the only source of O3P Make sure to include as many sources as possible Assume the major sink of O atoms is recombination with O to form 03 You have estimates of the necessary jvalues in the workspace Plot your 0 atom number density versus sza Does it behave as expected Is the magnitude reasonable given values in lecture and the textbook Using your 0 atom number density calculation create four vectors hoxio3iloss7rate neglect HOz O noxio3iloss7rate cloxio3iloss7rate oxio3iloss7rate In addition create a fth vector totalio3iloss7rate which is the sum of the four vectors Plot all ve vectors with units of ppb per day vs sza Now determine which radical family controls 03 destruction in this region of the stratosphere by plotting the four loss rates normalized to the total loss rate versus sza Eg plotsza hoxio3iloss7ratetotalio3iloss7rate o It would be best to plot all four on the same graph You should neglect values where lszal gt N 85 Why What do you conclude as the most important radical family in terms of 03 destruction What does this result say about Chapman s mechanism How does this result compare to what we learned in class On the next problem set we will try to understand this result a bit more The next page contains values for rate constants you might need Mean Rate Constant Values for SPADE Conditions OH 03 k 2XlO3914 cm3 molec391 s391 H02 03 k IXIO3915 cm3 molec391 s391 H02 NO k IXIO3911 cm3 molec391 s391 O 02 M k 29103915 cm6 molec392 s O N02 k 11103911 cm3 molec391 s O C10 k 42103911 cm3 molec391 s 3 1 1 1 1 O 03 k 54103916 cm molec39 s391


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