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by: Carmela Kilback


Carmela Kilback
GPA 3.92


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmela Kilback on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 317 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see /class/192600/chem-317-university-of-washington in Chemistry at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Chem 317 Helpful Articles Hard copies of these articles are located in the lab If you need to make photocopies of them return them promptly same lab period and make sure they are in the proper order They are organized by experiment Alternatively you can look them up using the reference information Chromous Acetate Hao S Gambarotta S Bensimon C J Am Chem Soc 1992 114 25563557 Reversible Cleavage of the Cr Cr Quadruple Bond of MesCr2LiTHF4 via Modi cation of the Coordination Sphere 0f the Alkali Cation Preparation and Crystal Structure of Monomeric Me4CrLiTMEDA2 Cotton F A Chem H Daniels L M Feng X J Am Chem Soc 1992 114 8980 8983 Partial Paramagnetism 0f the Cr Cr Quadruple Bond Mayer J M CHEMTRACTS INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 1992 4 209213 Reversible Cleavage of the Cr Cr Quadruple Bond of MesCr2LiTHF4 via Modi cation of the Coordination Sphere 0f the Alkali Cation Preparation and Crystal Structure of Monomeric Me4CrLiTMEDA2 BF NH Sluyts E J Van der Veken B J J Am Chem Soc 1996 118 440445 Van der Waals Complexes between Boron Tri uoride and Carbon Monoxide in Lique ed Argon An Infrared Study Linkage Isomers Burmeister J L Coord Chem Rev 1968 3 225245 Linkage Isomerism in Metal Complexes Penland R B Lane T J Quagliano J V J Am Chem Soc 1956 78 887889 Infrared Absorption Spectra of Inorganic Coordination Complexes VII Structural Isomerism 0f Nitro and NititopentamminecobaltIII chlorides Norbury A H Sinha A I P Quarterly Reviews RSC 1970 241 6994 The Co ordiation 0f Ambidentate Ligands Angus P M Jackson W G Inorg Chem 1994 33 477483 Linkage Isomerism in C0baltIII Pentaamine Complexes of 2 pyrid0ne Basolo F Hammaker G S Inorg Chem 1962 1 15 Synthesis and Isomerism 0f Nitritopentaamine Complexes of RhodiumIII IridiumIII and PlatinumIV Lawrance G A van Eldik R J J Chem Soc Chem Comm 1987 11051106 Aquation of Neutral Ligands from Pentaamine cobaltIII and chromiumIII ions Mechanistic differentiation Kubota M Ohba S Acta Cryst 1992 B48 627632 Nitro Nitrito Linkage Photoisomerization in Crystals of Pentaaminenitro cobaltIII dichloride Masciocchi N Kolysher A Dulepov V Beldyreva E Sironi A Inorg Chem 1994 33 25792585 Study of the Linkage Isomeriztion CoNH35N02Br2 lt gt CoNH350NOBr2 in the Solid State by X ray Powder Diffraction Schlessinger G G Inorg Synth 1967 9 160163 42 ChloropentaanimecobaltIIIchloride Ooyama D Nagao N Nagao H Miura Y Hasegawa A Ando KI Howell F S Mukaida M Tanaka K Inorg Chem 1995 34 60246033 Redox and Thermally Induced Nitro Nitrito Linkage Isomerizations of RutheniumII Complexes having Nitrosyl as a Spectator Ligand Borderie B Lavabre D Levy G Micheau J C J Chem Ed 1990 67 459460 A Simple Method for Analyzing First Order Kinetics Jander J pp 161 Recent Chemistry and Structural Investigation of Nitrogen Triiodide Tribromide Trichloride and Related Compounds Szafran Z Pike R M Singh M M Microscale Inorganic Chemistry 1991 199201 Experiment 14 Preparation of an Explosive Nitrogen Triiodide Ammoniate Shakhashiri B Z Chemical Demostrations V01 1 University of Wisconsin Press Madison WI 1983 pp 9698 139 Explosive Decomposition of Nitrogen Triiodide Arene Molybdenum Cotton F A McCleverty J A White J W Inorg Syn 1969 9 121122 31 Cycloheptatrienemolybdenum0 tricarbonyl Koshland D E Myers S E Chesick J F Acta Cryst 1977 B33 20132019 The Crystal Structures of 135 Trimethylbenzene tricarbonylmolybdenum and hexamethylbenzene tricarbonylmolybdenum Pidcock A Smith J D Taylor B W J Chem SocA 1967 872876 Ligand Displacement Reactions Part 1 Kinetics of the Reaction Between Trimethyl Phosphite and some Tricarbonylarene Molybdenum Complexes Masters A F Brownlee R T C O Connor M J Wedd A G Inorg Chem 1981 20 41834186 Application of Molybdenum 95 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 3 Arenemolybdenum Tricarbonyl Derivatives Angelic R J Synthesis and Technique in Organic Chem 1986 129146 Experiment 14 135 C6H3CH33M0CO3 and C5H6CrCO3 Curtis M D Hay M S Inorg Synth 150154 40 Cyclopentadienyl Metal Carbonyl Dimers of Molybdenum and Tungsten Albers M 0 Singleton E Coville N J J Che Ed 1986 63 444447 The Catalyzed Substitution of Co by Isonitriles on MCO6 M Cr Mo W Hor T S A J Organomet Chem 1987 319 213217 Molybdenum Carbonyl Complexes Containing Unidentate and Bridging Diphosphines One pot Syntheses Albers M 0 Coville N J Ashworth T V Singleton E Swanepoel H E J Orgnomet Chem 1980 199 5562 Cobalt Chloride An Inexpensive Catalyst for the Substitution of CO by Isonitriles on MCO6 M Cr Mo W Klopman G Calderazzo F Inorg Chem 1967 6 977981 Synthesis and Reactivity of Chromium Tricarbonyl Complexes of Substituted Benzoic Esters Excerpt from Komiya S Synthesis of Organometallic Compounds A Practical Guide John Wiley and Sons New York Pp 126 and 140 83 Complexes with One or More Carbonyl Ligands Davis R KaneMaguire L A P from Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry vol 3 Pergamon Press New York 1982 pp 1149 1253 272 Molybdenum Compounds with 112 118 Carbon Ligands


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