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by: Carmela Kilback


Carmela Kilback
GPA 3.92


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmela Kilback on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 242 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/192602/chem-242-university-of-washington in Chemistry at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Affect of substituents on benzene H s in NMR o O jL H 0 quotkw 5 ydmyng Mm less dadrm LeMAN D A Lev Jowu cietquot gt 4 jump Signals w l bc 1C Cc3 0A5 37 93 W Using J values to assign peaks hon F3 I we mu Benzene J values J ortho 610 Hz m J meta 13 Hz J para 01 Hz JzorM lug Small 7 hongl m Sp kamp9 uac39 H We K gLgt l1 Ho x 1 r fl 11 5M IPJI hI39JI II I l quote39 39 I I gtnl ll I39l l h I fill 1 S E i m g 39 1 Jm 3 a i I I I Integrations are approximate 4 DZ o J Qavhmylic Ach PrA uw S39 kcB ave MC SM IV ouVVY quotval All Sfco H k 39 ALCDM OLS 39 dav39ia v 1w 5 7quot skaPL M 9 9Vquot 0 3 157 quotmLcamrk 6 In 7 purse 7 39 2L 2 4f fm mmi k 09 39 5 WV39V 6 6 quot3r GnuYak Jk Carboxylic acid derivatives 3 i W J H014 aka 39p a a L Nul V Cquot mJL g O RJKpgclg 1 T39f ampm quot WOV V M493 0 Mkybm ach V kf uA h 1000 A NuOH 39 MX aoH 39gtMe 3 CICQ M car ado mmmtb MM gt35m Qm1ltmgltmm m a e la wLF 1ilv WIREOLW h8p h 9 m0 w a 2 12 16 Ester derivatives A Trmsesx zr39XSQCuS u wufr wa owquot HAc quotOR po JW 1110 12 W CO I b 1 D IL LuH V bH a RIUxoR ll 12 H etch owl wed C54quot ickSig o 9 Hydn yLQ w Lm5lt gt BAAlt 12 quotquot L7 NmoH iJT yina M A 11w Spectroscopy unknown 39 39st Sak tijMeQ m ro s 539 Smrle 44amp QMIR G KVW W MK MA MaS qmc AA c covaowat 4rcm sPecA a Ida rm W 115439 SQ possikolc LWowyls can u mygly1 General method Use mass spec to get molecular weight molecular formula Use IR to get functional groups Work between NMR and mass spec to identify fragments of the molecule Mass spectrometry TCCMW W Kn chunks aura AH WX HA Wakewavy 6 quot9 0 WVW LC ruched 606Y39S MJ W 5 4 when aw 3m 1 wwecule wILh an r Tomasch M CM QTADM NAM390 MIA7 we m 7 Co IA VLKGCHVL 00 MalLia a6 D Jcccd af lt39 r u 492M ms M J39VL You thr wefgL r3 wk39Lo Thwyaj aw aL 09v M 2 Lab mi My W2 M K a wt 397 a 1Ach 6 om CW S W e A OWK m 0k W 0FWVA 59 4uwk be m 4 16 Myra z I PLKE gt901 5 a hw g r7 C 20 H393 7 1 C AM rafhm a Aa e Mg Mo S l b a 44 M1 peak 139 Wka kv wcibk d 39 Xil a mlccdes Wafquot MuAC NA gso39gez 4 i 3 l M a W m lt Z 39 r 6 rob re 0 3 OdoN39s lt1 a w wdk y O 3 l3 A H I M A C J g 41 3 MLL vax W r2 5n d g CarLAMS Wall to A 3 I IEEILH III21no 129mm um i Immal ma 5quot lL c 1 7 W l N nadbms m l r 39l I I l 39rl I I I I 39 I I 1 I I I II I I I I a In in ll 4 m an El i W Hill III III In mil 2 Euu apmm I HID CaSCI ML C MS of halogens 39 Br 775rgt B 39I CI 3065ch N 311 Br lu2 M M M 2 11 Mt M4 I n4 llm E Cl 1J M 2 M 2 n2 m2 11 M M M M 4 ME l lu9 wME Br Etc arrqu 3W V n2 2 4 Md M m 1 QOEIIYJ MI 1m F Em paEHDNEIHIEFhIHQM39 99 ama lawn a 21mm 1911 EL TWINE 1 315w m EWIMHI I521 j 1mm ma E H39 c H a s E 33 a niblquot W m 39 Hm 9077M 1 M n2 I I I u39 Jquotquot lrquotquot39quotl39l IT39I39Iquot1 in Inn 11 11 1319 I39m 15 MD I M Ill 19D EDD 21 2 ma a FIGHBJE 211 pGhlumbmmpnmm THE M m1 5 alb rEu39ilj am in me lama ahaIa at mna y 1m5a Ear dlsausalnn of lha IrmaEula inn alumni Nitrogen rule Jr Pfi H Mass l 42 IL L ew m 4 CM ech 5 w H39 lN rqImna H com um M NHLt vgt H n H Makcdar wL ubWi 90 alt LA milkale 7 0 WkQCAALoV39 3 oampamp Numbv o39C Aliraw Em WW Wis gt 5 w w W ML A M r MI mum ma boar 1 cm was Tn be um m ppgnmx cv Nu m when thu Man e y39x Inurplelnnve bank and ma so calJuncle mLhA hum m dun Mummy m Emma as molagnux and immmc mm n W 11 In H xllmllcmmlx Smuuuml fulcrum um um mvmzn mm In be 5mm mm mm exhaui A mm Bend u mi Himmills and Pam hm m a m um Snnaum Inluwnn ml um 5mm Mm N CH 2 g m Carr v IN CHcHNIL CAMNCHX n on cu I5 Hp um mimicIx cal w 1 mo 25 can I 1 59 Crucn cream1 ciocu mm m cm comb01Hin 10 39 quotI 29 ammo H w CHMI mum1 No x H Cmquot Whom 0m cupcuocm cmcucxmn menu 2 by air 3 su 50 cup t n cmouo y 7 13 cu wa 137 0 w an a quota m w e n can 5 cHcvozncH mummy m cm mm 15 ml C u me 3420 ugcmm A 2 cm mm m can msx xsz u 21quot and ewe ca c 1 Ar N14 ox on mm 67 sa 7 w M CHZK D a mum Mame v umucucHM1 C 7 NM was cm as o Esterase Lmb 00 M W4 3 m TA39S P13 VO 5 k cwm ccelEB Enzym 6P a i 39 PAY awn 0L2 5 w I R 6 12 EEK ems C Awlro x 24 S S Lcrs CO P LJ MZL 39L Pio 39 Wovz Sym ms 12 0 UO VIToLy aquot Ai39eg39KTS 39b F3 t outhtlle 61h Mom39er H S w39run 1C qu rouch g e 39 zr


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