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by: Carmela Kilback


Carmela Kilback
GPA 3.92


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 32 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmela Kilback on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 224 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/192609/chem-224-university-of-washington in Chemistry at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
gkw m n Cisv Wed CO oasc 0 quot6 CH3 0 C add 7 Cu39z AL K 5 a Vuo oe C CoV L DVI Co 13 KLCWB L9 j e CEVB R 1 b301 6 N CL CJ fS OcZH D 0 dbn lc 341 SyWHMQS R 4 5 g cnjoH Cavb ckg 6 O J L Niquot 6 Eo Bi oz A Eraquot quot1564 RC WM scv E H H z qu accdic 5 use 5m OK as cer wy 7 waAZJ i k Co 0 6 h wwam H A 1K 1 K o b 6y 392 quot MW 0 EkoA OHE H H5 6OA LJf Q 0 a K m Are H 1213 Vm RFX Wehdc Aer Br 4 Noti cvczc mag Z 3quot A WM Lama guru 0 Adi CovEX WABquot gt C 0 E 1 NuOEV ETDH M damk krdrolyze Lia Lf WlAIIM39IC CSL W 39 eskx 90 A TL CVLUC reac r wws NLOEA 6r BrMBr CupCCOVE I Bpfg b vvfcow6 copa J1 a f L E Bf bkL gt gtltCoz g EM L6 USP m 60 MM Ggt Qgt 0 NAOE LL QuaLLH W GHQ H x H LL E g n CA J L ca39s eln m 69H cm 6 a H 16 easicv a cr Lvm m gt 3G I H GDEquot U H C 3 GEL 1 Saw unwaner VHsz 1401 0 0 o G Mmoa gLH 0 l mooH D Mrowc eelL o H H r hum616 g N up gt 396 9r L r3 0 Ohm H 0 Q a l S39 d X A I cu 2 H H39 l 3 e 739 L Q 2 H MWCA Olltit wn n WHWJK Pmowc g Q G 0 Co rm H c CAI5 H 4 CHBCHb SLH W9 c quotLLJ 36 a L WOWS 9 g ovvy MIL Woolec u MR Q sLL04 2 3Lwr3 o c o he Aka u3 quotid 7 Cl k g gt CH Q A u3 QWD a quot 5 k S C6 d1 8 W sRr gt Q k m cskr to o NQ39OE 4 i 054 5 53 at E W as K Caulk Lo rrc carquot WV 6 o2lquotgt cvse m K H O wigLO 1 55 L 4 N lc w o r Ska KNOB aco 10 3 Zfo V e 0 1 3 C 9 3 06 W WA ban vMVLs Wrz qckh c Prw rwx a 0r Jk O n mot 314304 Jr eh O w F am 61 53 J6 u i P r me P 06 5e H H 390 Q 95 ma i 9 H IJ H 0 i wquot gt a OH H N C 5 oEL I NaOE f GALE07937 AcuaBr 3H 361 A 11 043 DI 1 E3 ens1 c 4 7H H gt 0H ONME 6 CKJ Lccozm x act lsB H30 QCOL 4 3gtH3 F a 3Hbo1 A TWC zE A Mlmic egg0w c439 gt CHE C39H39ZC 37 W 01433 waszc dk r N LUEX 39 CHLCCOZEWL gt AC DIV0 02 2 Br wv 13 13 p Q 0736 o Q C c EL H zm NRAUH 1 a Q LHLL 9 LNW NLL HoE 9 l A gt k it A Cam COLIVL mm L Q gm 2 9 a WA O Nacm 602m 1 Qquot LL hr 0 eswd lmls O H 6 quot HSZD9 O fir J P Lgt a Cop 69 441 A q lt30sz COm 4 C5 lt l f if L E E P L a Z TTOLCZINI 3 7wgt s5 ii so Wigng Silo Pane NWW j 6w va 1 jl w fs as ml gt7l6T0WDS Nam1A4 o p mary 6qu rLL Ali Nvweil ye vh what 2 Willae TV r39er a wfmo 3 mint r TEA 6 39 Vow034 60 L Wmomum S q 5 2 l M WWW bcl EH45 l3C EIJD Q3 Madman i5 Mg F CC euns FLDV39 brwk xquot Swa c W if a SW5 or Pro39J OA fmqaL M or B Draw N ij SinMu Hvu oOW t fQ39 ms HNQ Le cJH Mq WW cOrWLLd vx Acid M Na mi V Q LK A Fem4 gm cquot alt 10 Cr ZVM39W J 31 J3 Jig cufkny uc X QXIBV acid dunkdring ac A amt km N word 65 I Li NHL QE SP yrs 2 awidji Ll HIHOeslzr f9 R R 6 1 W39Jr quotCquot MEquot I R 0 2 ma c Le R l NR 030183 g mm 006 430 15 do 8 932 wm nuwyg q VT 333 ult To gt43 2 US36 uddno j db duJSI i W 13 0 35 J 0N duunjv 90 All Ul W vuq 3 73 Pfgio w r son9P0 Ponu 6 Earngva L o Lid gee QCSVHQJ of no g 0 mer L Lrah Ann Ix T33 Eerrxg mqb N m 39 b xc acid gt 6 q MCH rw 33 5 oxzyn amCJUL N I bmlGV L4 0 g1 VICV13 Q40153 CH3 N N J39 H OH O W39wa wakmwk c 2 ESVFS ewd 9 Hquot vsAka CRAY A 39C39 130 i 09 0 JE acelrzi mif L137 1 W lt3 Hat 0 chpfbo 13 AkaWquot ARC xf2 w3 lltltlt 6 Oarmwltnowu V THU21 VOMTVM wev d 9SQ Lib Fotd Egrn morrmr g I sosvw n no 72 3 b V Q Sn MN QI 6 G 293 MSNS 0 Eras mc o TIVWQA an 9 w OS v CD Proms WJVAMJ bJA Hm RNA a M H awed of wide V J39vff 5 L 1 A 5W4 w Hibwl Ki Ami rots DNA but farm Prddn 3D hubr a o CIDLo ProCA QCLCJQ 53k 3 Ost g 0L 391gtalt3939amp 10 H gr ACKACAVZ QuackquotO H TJKC VI Qua lo PM 7 S Cl3g 029 7L w or 30 e mi oH 27 M waxydc Robyg A F M l py m L A 4 9 3m Four 3th 8quot 1L6 M W cwlowyaL adg Mr acuifo bad Q 0 O 0 L4 CH5Hov Faith FWC H JLOH F2 39mcmqse J in TPA 3 A A7 e col WIALAVW39 A w gloat Le cgdiw o m 39I acid H69 Go 5 0 06 39mcrcaxci th J7 low C r Pllto Egac39x39rHH Y Pusr g o39C Mm yumC on iv Co r0h17 Carbon 55 8 mOre SH onCWWnereaJvr I lac Vlff39y QL I39fa rbsm ncz or iWJMcl hrc CogLtd s be Nu N C9 amp rmly Sjws rlm on I N quot Take5 F ac39HVZ l39y s BIS Gs 2900K Leaviwamp group CIb f5 f05 chk maxllt quot rzac39H v o 09 0C F11 JboAg o wl 3 8W3 3er 6 d 33Hy capH JAY 4 CL 5 0 Apu alt 4 D Mu Cmr aavxy CarbcA Team6L3 rcad ih l x 2gtg Vocr Leagx vns grow l A OCLSCJ mo as baoka eawlna browe CO f Kiqu 1 NHZFl ss gmcgt1 35 fut39Hve C 3939 rueti ac ampVUoamp lt S Omban mWWWAmxmmlxv mmzrnu Hm w Q ANU Tu B y 1 chLmWwew XkJWncv 14V LJX 4 01w rb F OzuozLEv m 51 a PxP Wean n wniv hww shark y m g


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