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by: Carmela Kilback


Carmela Kilback
GPA 3.92


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmela Kilback on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 238 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/192583/chem-238-university-of-washington in Chemistry at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
chem 238 Mummy cue 12 2381 J 3903 I ll sires cafus fy 2 Sl39ereac em an F CH3 tBuo 6f 9 B Ow EL 0 74 0 Bvr39y 3 6 H chAp er 1213 Speclvoscopj Simcfure 39Ddermimvt bm Mas SPecIvosMeL gt MW formant i fmamu bs IQ Sptwg Fanckimal GWMPS Present AVVi n conjujr 64 ITclwwn jf cm lulu I4 NMR 9 how p7ec 5 4a cannec39lrcd Ch4f 3 In All NMR detect any 45074me 5 weftad 911 guan z d P19 39P S Towed516 A 119 D fa uzm39j A Planck s CO S i ANt see pp 452 455 A lambcu wone crith Mugs Dug s39 c Mm 312ij Sea 25 saile differ I5 NMJQ micracal mol 031 Calhut av 4039 100 leadmoi Ia 1I0kcqluol vibrn 12m 238 2 MS is di laren t an cr aes was Measures masscharge A Ho Spectrum is Masscharge rnh o vs dundauce Ioni h oa may maidon s w9esl Es Jeanna WMFAC39E 7 cAHons M 9quot quot M T M le moleculm Ian e is a rAdicaLCAhON LV 39Lon accalefA L 39Vc L o ec arl39c e 8 quot k e gt nal2 2V 4 K Walked here time of woule 39Loms are sorEeA n 0 wujnek39c 32ch Show diayam of MS t nS lYumzm ll faCI fax42 Paths of char3 d pad12k are ben 7 Mayne 1 fwd 3 r quotquot1 z radiuo39 of LurvAl39ur c a 32 mm 3 47 Ith ions 2V info ws t39l cle i oh DA 2 39 213839 Molecular 144 Formula and Isoi39vfas 3 At peak of higher 12 Mu 21 actuall1 flare are JI WVL M4quot due 9 sofa0e C 1 BC 74 ever 100 392C 3 078 3 5 4JI 3quotJquot loo 3 5 CL 326 Max 37 for 4119p 100 35m Br may 1 77 31 M I M1 MZ C55 91ch 00 55 q 4 a Fr jmtn l39d l v Fun T W4 F R m x T End T Ltciu M R Mb if no N39s present Aquotquot venx F quot39 odd Fquot quot aven CH3 M1 MelC itquot Mch 4 bit quoti72 Me mlz57 M Is see F23 125 Common thmmhwhza Pq wa 5 238 4 I hjdrocarbons break Su55fufed bonds bj le mare stable carbacah39on Lev 1quot aicahals ether and ama39ne u 42 h 39 R X v talc 2 called dcle4mge G R0 4 CaX 3 Garbagl CMfJS a 6 c 2 2 K Rkal K E aMor KL McLA rtarrAzjemaf no d o C c c I 9 39 Y c C X I X C O M allltjl 0394 I either 39 has be A went can bear char Laud de e z ed 39 on quot r a Kit Cl X R cwcHZCHB T 0 39 0546 y28 o 4 0H k r ox CH3CHCHz M 12 238 395 IQ szc V OSCOij Vibr a nal szcaoscorfl IR is hea39i39 increases vi A39ILIQn 1h molecule x 25AM 250414 I 4000 400 cmquot wave number 4 frog waif H I 2 cm A5 IIS I5 kcalmol Carl be Modeled as UlAI A AOLK of arlcJ A cg sprifj 9 CW X y 0mquot 30 k k era conj axZL yriii SH Cnem LL redqu mas E M 4 5 AE hcu nu M42 XV dia39l omic Shelch N M NM39 V Cwquot XY r 0 H 094 700 3600 N H 073 600 3300 C 092 500 6000 C C 600 425 100 C C 00 750 I650 Lac 600 I600 200 C N 646 200 2350 benczhj 144025102 CH I y of lower 3 2356 Suru j IR SWZC V umL hMloorfan fr 4415 be 121Pf q i N I 1000 2000 00 PM 1 lt v gtlt gt X H XEY Xy X V ranch39n A X H 3800 2400 4391 OH braaxl COZH S r UJof NH sharper CEC H 3300 cmquot Show C597 H 3290 3000 cm CSP LH zcrec 2600 cmquot 8 XEY CEC weak CEN mmng C x region 1950 1500 cm C20 Uaf39j S Eronj Q Varies lbbo39l780 H 2000 lo gt0cwquot LUQOJL 30 looo cwquot ru39n deformAJn39on D 380 606 cm Ffwaerrnjr region 350 000 cm s mm Cgo C F N o 1 bencls c c slew loco 370 cmquott shrew alkme aroMAJcc rug ouf OfHW harm s QKSO C CL ook agar OOLVLAS C20quot C O 3000 M V39Hscmquot X H re um A a mat sAbJ CH gut go A m3 t m min G W Hauvx uf u Nti xima um KNPAK umvv E8 Ngt9f g anM lt0 I gt nu a NY 15 n hamxx a gawk kw w I sixbtid wxorxu o w 32 em Q NV Iquot f 6M4 M away rm 4163 16 6X In W Malia7 Maywok 5M 9 W2 me W sAWM m3hlt 1 AkiMr 9 4 aver Minor 0 O DZV DL thzam amman W I L 95 W W cgt W JSAM Alllip hart 792 1 mun mm mm M M L39e Fir M7 nowac ca60991 60 3tx E xgg M MW oxskh amp FR J gnx b ESNJ mexa g ma 5 w mampampaf max g m m Montairekgigd wai a muse tin Am rm 333 S E c um 9va Iss a r vsn g uv mhvgw ta 5 Son a 5 w ANS o cul Ruff 9 Q3 man is mxk 3o N98 QquSi ax v n 939 5 hoqximy i go 0 M QI g ml 66 m 9 03X0 h r S U n 5 O L 4396 Q 535 g59 quot 63 4 4m 5 m 2


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