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by: Clint Hauck


Clint Hauck
GPA 3.77

Joseph Janes

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About this Document

Joseph Janes
Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clint Hauck on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LIS 521 at University of Washington taught by Joseph Janes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/192627/lis-521-university-of-washington in Library and Information Science at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Intake interview and what e0 e realll want Ph p ME Edwardg Guest llecture for US 521 Principles ofnformatiom Services Joe James Spring 2008 04032008 pme2uwashingtonedu staf washingtonedupmezl Objectives for today To think broadly about the nature of questions negotiation explanations behaviors and presentation namely doing and being in reference work To explore terminology and concepts that will help you interrogate your observations due May 6 and performance Laue May 4 v introduce theorydriven principles for inclusion in your toolbox of negotiation gambits techniques and strategies o4o32ooB Session overview The questions we ask What we know about intake What we know about the interview The behaviors we exhibit What people really want incl amp Gregory 2007 Borman amp McKenzie 2005 What we know about intake Iaonr39s 1906 prenegotiation deci5ions l Experiment observe nature l3 lL Search literature ill l Aska colleague L Personalfiles l Librar selfhel searchstrate39 1 Aska librariannegotiation process p 181 H l Al m null and four levels of question formation and five tilters tor search detinition mostly deal with getting what s in someone s head to match what a system can deliver 04032008 4 Recall Five filters for sea cu definition Determination of subject Objective and motivation Personal characteristics ofthe inquirer Relationship ofthe inquiry description to the file orJanization Anticipated or acceptable answers Taylor 1968 What we know about intake bPECIfIC bUDJECt or DISCIpllne IVIocIeI LIS 5295 Traditional Library Science Model LIS 53X The Classification Scheme The VocabularyControlled Catalog PUDIISheCI bibliographies and Indexes TypeofLiterature Model LIS 521 ActualPractice Model LIS 51x ComputerWorkstation Model LIS 521 MethodsofSearching Model LIS 521 Mann 1993 o 032008 7 What we know about intake Open the interview Negotiate the question Search for information Communicate information to the user Close the interview Bopp 2001 What we know about the interview Dervin and Dewdney s 1986 neutral questioning Closed questions restricts the freedom of a user s response p 508 Open questions invitations to talk p 508 Neutral questions uide the conversation alon dimensions that are relevant to all informationseeking situations p 508 Ngutra quest mmg m aggegg the Situat m TELL ME HOWTHIS PROBLEM AROSE Ngutra quegt mmg m SSESS the Situat mm WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO IN THIS SITUATION Ngutra quegt mmg m SSESS the Situat mm WHAT HAPPENED THAT GOT YOU STOPPED Ngutra quegt mmg m SSESS the ags 3 WHAT WOULDYOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT X Ngutra qwegt mmg m the gapg WHAT SEEMS TO BE MISSING IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF X Ngutra quegt mmg m SSESS the gaps WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO UNDERSTAND


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