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by: Miss Jeanette Keebler


Miss Jeanette Keebler
GPA 3.74

J. Prager

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About this Document

J. Prager
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Jeanette Keebler on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESS 102 at University of Washington taught by J. Prager in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/192641/ess-102-university-of-washington in Earth And Space Sciences at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Test 1 Study Guide Date October 26 in the computer room JHN 021 Format About 20 multiple choice questions on Moodle and 2 short answer questions similar to the homework Material Covered Material from lecture Lecture 1 7 Lecture 11 and demo labs through October 21 2010 Important Info 0 Calculators You may use a nongraphing scienti c calculator If you want to use a graphing calculator you must clear the memory in front of your TA Cell phones and Google will not be permitted Notes or websites The test will be closed notes Ifyou are seen using your notes or accessing websites other than the online test you will be given a 0 grade Don t give your TA a reason to suspect you are cheating 7 clear your workspace of papers and books Physical constants You will be given any physical constants you need such as h The one exception is the speed of light c which you should know 0 Math vs concepts The Test will be approx 75 conceptual and 25 quantitative General List of Topics 239 Scienti c Notation What it means How do the basic math 39239 Units 239 Sun gt How it Compares to the Earth I Size What s an AU Composition Density Temperature Mass I Evolution of the Earth vs Sun Timeline characteristics gt Energy Produced By the Sun 39239 Light What is light What is the speed of light Photons What are they How do they move I Energy of Photons How does it relate to frequency and wavelength I Relation between frequency and wavelength Electromagnetic Spectrum energies frequencies wavelengths Blackbody Emission I Wien s law proportion of maximum wavelength to UT I StephanBoltzman law proportion of energy production to T4 Discrete Spectra I EmissionAbsorptionInteraction with Light I Fraunhofer Fringes Bunsen s lines determining composition gt Bohr Model of the atom VV VVV V I What the binding energy is I What an ion is and what plasma is gt Molecular energy states The difference energy and mechanism between electrical Vibrational and rotational states and what it has to do with the way light interacts gt Types of Spectra absorption emission and blackbody gt What radiative transfer is generally gt The ways that solar radiation interacts with our atmosphere photodissociation and the stratosphere ionization in the thermosphere etc gt What the causes the Ozone hole and greenhouse effect Solar Power Only material covered up to and including gt Theories on Solar Heating Coal Falling Contracting Atomic Power gt The relationship between geology and the demise of KelvinHelmholz contraction as a theory for solar energy generation gt Eddington s Final Theory gt Nuclear physics I What is beta decay I What is a neutrino gt Fusion amp Fission What are they How do they compare What are examples of both and how do they work pp chain uranium ssion I What are the steps in the PP chain you should be able to write down these steps and know approx time scale for each step I How can two protons fuse I What is a chain reaction I What does enriching Uranium accomplish gt Radiation alpha beta and gamma How far can they penetrate matter


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