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by: Miss Jeanette Keebler
Miss Jeanette Keebler
GPA 3.74

Erika Harnett

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About this Document

Erika Harnett
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Jeanette Keebler on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESS 515 at University of Washington taught by Erika Harnett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/192649/ess-515-university-of-washington in Earth And Space Sciences at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 09/09/15
Partial Ring Current I Region 1 Ring Current Current I f Ring current few MA Tail current O5 mVm 40 nT1Re 5 x10399A m2 Substorm Ionosphere 1uA m392 to get Cunem instabilities and potential drops 110 kVquot smugquot Tail Current Midnight Growth Phase Energy is extracted from the solar wind and stored in the magnetosphere Expansion Phase Unloading energy from magnetosphere into ionosphere Recovery Phase Returning to ground state No activity without southward IMF Particles accelerated from plasma sheet Tail field collapse Move closer to Earth following fieldlines a eldaligned currents Some mechanism has to prevent Partial Rm Region 1 m m Q particles fro irroring Ring Current I Current Current r Region 2 Potential drop develops at Current altitude 1000 km with positive potential at lower altitudes Dawn lf infinitely conductive couldn t develop a potential drop along M fieldline mug Taii39 Can get potential drop if currents flowmg between Cumm Midnight plasmas with different properties 2 different plasmas would be cold dense ionospheric plasma and hot rarified magnetospheric plasma Fieldaligned current would be the Birkeland currents Magnetospheric Magnetospheric ions reflected electrons accelerated back into magnetosphere AV lonosphencions accelerated lonospheric electrons reflected back into ionosphere Substorm 93813 9 l V 93 IMF turns southward for 3060 minutes Dayside magnetosphere eroded Magnetic flux transported to the tail lobes Plasma sheet thins on dawn side first current moves earthward Reconnection of the tail magnetic field Plasma bubble forms near reconnection point and transported out of equatorial plane lon energized at reconnection point and injected into inner magnetosphere and ring current Reconnection point moves tailward ionospheric ions refilling tail IMF s r uan Storm Ring current generates a magnet eld that can modify the Earth s magnetic eld Ring current reduces the horizontal component ofthe geomagnetic Wquot eld is reduced during a storm it is thher reduced Storms last 15 days The more negative DS1 the stronger the storm 42 0 01112 01200 nst r 1566xsnr 7dyn 009 42 010 o 010 c Name Hourly m Index nsw rldwide average of the equatorial horizontal 5 quot disturbance z oo vxnz ltrxc2HRgt IMF Ex 7 uan Sudden increase caused by magnetopause current 13 hours Main phase decrease caused by n39ng current Recovery caused by loss of ring current particles 0525 hours m o nsw quotr7 Slow phase 15 days Storm 1 IMF turns southward for hour or more 2 Multiple substorms ring current pumped up by addition of plasma and acceleration of plasma 3 lonosphere ions accelerated out of ionosphere filing tail and ring current with heavy ions like oxygen 4 Dissipation of ring current after IMF goes northward through 1 Pitch angle scattering by waves 2 Ring current close to surface charge exchange with cold neutrals O lost first rapid then H slow Conductivity Increase in energy input gt increase in fieldaligned currents gt fieldaligned potential drops gt acceleration of e into ionosphere gt discrete arcs and enhanced conductivity gt more current drawn gt larger potential drops gt greater conductivity Current flows sunward across the polar cap ln auroral oval current concentrated by high conductivity into the eastward electrojet dusk and westward electrojet dawn E B Hall current caused by ExB drift motion but collisions cause ions to drift slower than electrons Currents 200 A measured at ground from Electrojet only a few Amps needed to disrupt transformer Escape 1 2 hden1 2 Re Only need 16th of ZGMe distribution to be above 650 R escape velocity to get 6 almost total loss At Earth vesc 11200 ms lmy2 kT 2 Thermal velocity 1500 K H 5000 ms 0 1200 ms 02 900 ms on FLOW RATE ions s 5 m 5w l I 1 I I I 1 I I H39LODVWKQVW o moImevv ms rm ltIoo 00 rm lt50 505 Fun lt250 Magnitude of the ionospheric out ow as a function of Kp from Yau and Andr 1997 Sure you haw several degrees and work for NASA EM you swl haw to use toys to make you 39an


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