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by: Miss Jeanette Keebler


Miss Jeanette Keebler
GPA 3.74

Jeremy Thomas

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About this Document

Jeremy Thomas
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Jeanette Keebler on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESS 102 at University of Washington taught by Jeremy Thomas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/192651/ess-102-university-of-washington in Earth And Space Sciences at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Perspective and Scale Size in Our Solar System Notes Clue Session in Mary Gates RM 242 Mon 630 800 Read Lang Chpt 1 Moodle Assignment due Thursdays at 6pm rst one due 117 Written Assignments due Tues lab seotion rst one due 1 15 Space and Space Travel Why do we care about the Space Environment 1 Space is lethal and our changing atmosphere and space environment are our cocoon X Rays and UV radiation are usually stopped in our atmosphere Cosmic Rays particles mostly protons from Sun and Space enter our atmosphere 8 of our radiation exposure comes from Cosmic Rays An 12 hr airplane flight is equivalent to 12 a chest X Ray Cosmic Rays may produce mutations and be important for evolution Space and Space Travel Why do we care about the Space Environment 2 Planetary Hazards Space has evolved over billions of years impactssupernovae 3 Technology depends on space Communications Satellites Weather Prediction Galveston1900 Children s Blizzard1888 Global Location with GPS Global Remote Sensing deforestation fires pollution ozone WF world XM Sirius DirectT etc Space and Space Travel Why do we care about Space Travel 1 We re Explorers Space and planetary environments are hostile to us and our robot probes We dodged a bullet with Apollo Russia didn t at Mars Weightlessness radiation and local conditions Temperature Pressure etc are big concerns Space is BIG Current methods of travel require long periods to reach targets Expansion of Human Habitats Other environments in the solar system Can we survive there ls life or conditions for life present anywhere else Space and Space Travel Why do we care about the Space Travel 2 Space Travel is Expensive Space Shuttle costs 10000 per pound Cheap access to space costs 1000 per pound 3 Space Travel is Inefficient and Slow gt90 of most missions is composed of fue Even our fastest spacecraft take years to get anywhere Voyager 2 took 12 years to reach Neptune We must rely on gravity once we launch Space and Space Travel Why do we care about the Space Travel 4 Power and Communications are Difficult Solar power doesn t work well in the outer solar system Neptune is 8 hours round trip away by radio Communications requires large expensive networks of radio telescopes the Deep Space Network 5 New Technologies are Being Developed Understanding what is needed requires knowing what the problems are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pluto Our Local Inventory What makes up our star system A Single central star of type G yellowdwarf Two substellar giant planets Jupiter amp Saturnz Two icygas hybrid planets Uranus amp Negtunez All of the above planets have large systems of satellites some planet sized lo Europa Ganymede Callisto Titan and Triton Four much smaller rocky planets Mercum Venus Earth amp Mars Two areas of failed planetary debris a one rock based Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter b one icebased Kuiper Belt startinq at ngtunes orbit Several Dwarf Planets Plutoz An extended distribution of ejected debris Oort Cloud weIIQast The Sun and the Solar System Any study of the solar system must start with the Sun 1 The sun contains 999 of all the mass in the solar system Jupiter has most of the remaining 01 2 The sun dominates energy and light production at all frequencies except in radio waves Where human activigy is stronger 3 Solar energy largely determines the temperatures of every object in the solar system 4 Material from the Solar Atmosphere is the dominant component of interplanetary space Compared to the Sun the planets are nearly inconsequential


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