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by: Miss Jeanette Keebler


Miss Jeanette Keebler
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Jeanette Keebler on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESS 101 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/192658/ess-101-university-of-washington in Earth And Space Sciences at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
E88101 Sections AQ AN TA Rachel Headley Office 030 Johnson Hall Email rheadle uwashin tonedu Phone 5431975 email is better Lab Room 162 or 170 Condon Office hours Thurs 100011 00 amp by appt AQ Monday 1 1303120 170 Johnson AN Thursday 111301 20 162 Johnson Week 1 Lab 1 Week 2 Lab 2 and Chapters 1 and 12 Week 3 Minerals Week4 Week 5 Sedimentary Rocks Week 6 Week 7 Geologic Time Lab 6 and Chapter 8 Week 8 Lab 9 and Chapters 4 and 10 Week 9 Debate Research ANWR for Debates Grading 8 lab projects 10 pts each 80 pts Debate 20 pts Participation 10 pts Lab questions on exams 30 pts Total 140pts Lab Attendance Students must come to every lab Review the week s lab before you come to lab so you will understand what it is we are doing You will be working together in small groups of 35 students but you will receive individual grades If you just show up but do not participate you will receive a score lower than that of the rest of your group If you have a legitimate excuse for missing a lab you must contact me before to plan to miss class Then we can arrange that you 1 attend another lab of mine listed below much preferred or 2 attend the lab of another TA with their permission However if you have not made an effort to make up a lab within two weeks of your missed lab then there will be no other opportunity to make up the lab If you consistently miss labs you will not receive a passing grade for the lab Important If lab stations aren t cleaned after each lab I will be forced to mark down your lab by 4 points Please don t make me have to do this Debate Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drill for oil or not Help I will be available during my office hours on a firstcomefirstserved basis I am available for additional help upon request Room 030 is staffed with lab instructors at various hours during each day Please feel free to come if you have ANY problem from lecture or lab How to do well Come to class work hard and ask questions You have to be here anyway and all labs are completed during class time I ll see hard work and reward it How you work in groups and how well you participate is more important to me As long as you are actively participating in the labs you will do well ESS 101 In Class Debate Drilling for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ANWR For the Lab period during lab week 9 we will be having an in class debate on drilling for oil in ANWR Each student will choose a role that they will represent during the debate and prepare for the debate by reading articles posted on the websites listed below Feel free to use any other sources of information that you may find You should come to class prepared to speak for 5 minutes in favor of your position It would also be a good idea to prepare a rebuttal for possible questions or concerns other people might have about your position You should be prepared to cite the source give a reference of any facts numbers or statistics that you present during the debate or in your write up You will come to lab 8 section with a role in mind to give everyone enough time to prepare At the end of class after the debate all the students who played a specific role will work together to write a lpage position statement on drilling for oil This should be neatly handwritten and turned in at the end of class You will be graded on preparation and participation as well as the written statement Some question to consider while reading articles and preparing for the debate How much oil could be accessed by drilling Who has determined these estimates How much variation is there in the estimates that different groups have made What would be the cost of setting up drilling Consider costs both of setting up the infrastructure roads pipelines buildings drilling rigs and also the cost to people animals and plants that are currently living there What would be the footprint of the drilling How much space would the drilling operations occupy Who has made these estimates How much variation in estimates is there Does the footprint include all affected areas or just the physical construction sites What is the history of ANWR When and why was it established What makes ANWR unique What is the state of current oil drilling technology Who or what will benefit from drilling for oil and how will they benefit How many jobs will drilling create How long will these jobs last Possible Roles you will choose by week 8 lab US Senator from Alaska represents viewpoint of Alaskan citizens Oil Company Executive Sierra Club member Conservation Biologist Native Alaskan ie tribal peoples USGS geologistadvisor Caribou Web Sites US Fish and Wildlife httparcticfwsgovissueslhtm Defenders of Wildlife http wwwdefendersorgwildlifearcticoverviewhtml US Geological Survey httppubsusgs govfsfs00280 lfs0028Olhtm http energyus gs govanwrhtml America Geological Institute http WWWagiweb orngegis l 05anwrhtml World Resources Institute httpwwwwriorg US Department of the Interior httpwwwdoigovnews030312htm http wwwanwrorg httpWWWoilcrisiscom httparcticcircleuconneduANWIU Sierra Club httpwww sierraclub u quot quot J u httpWWW quot 39 quot mm ANWRhtm World Wildlife Fund httpwwwworldwildlifeorg


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