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by: Tyler Considine


Tyler Considine
GPA 3.77

Timothy Welsh

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About this Document

Timothy Welsh
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Considine on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 242 at University of Washington taught by Timothy Welsh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/192692/engl-242-university-of-washington in Foreign Language at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
EN L242FA08 PAPER 3 IMMERSION amp INTERACTIVITY IGOAt STUDENTS WILL BEABLE TO analyze elements of a fiction for their aesthetic effect and contribution to the work as a whole in order to make an argument concerning the nature of fiction as such ITASK Merge your first and second papers to make an argument about the relationship between immersion and interactivity as they relate to the reader s relationship to narrative Your first paper identified immersive elements of fiction and discussed their impact on the narrative Your second paper did the same with interactive features of the text Though we isolated these two phenomena to study them I hope this class has shown their complicated imbrications particularly with regard to how they position you as a reader For your final paper your task to think about the two experiences immersion and interactivity in conjunction as they constitute your role in the text Now you aren t starting from scratch here Since you already have analysis of immersion and interactivity separately your final paper can be a revision of the two short papers framed in such a way as to satisfy the prompt Think of it as a broadening of scope In that case the majority ofyour work on the final will go to explaining the relationship between your two papers You may start from scratch and write a wholly original paper for your final if you like It will not however enjoy direct benefit ofa round of instructor comments Though the question is a bit different the basic format will include many of the same elements 0 IDENTIFY some aspects of the text Whatis happening I Don tust say what also explain HOW CONSIDER the effect of this aspect on the text what is gained by it what is lost Why do this I Don tust guess or opine give REASONS why 0 COMPARE what you have found to other instances in this or other texts Is it always like this I Don tList point to identical instances emphasize important inDIFFERENCES o THEORIZE as to the importance of what you have discovered ISo what I Don tust tell me what you found tell me why I should care 0 The added step is that you have to situate all this in an argument or discussion about the role off SPECIFICATIONS o DUE 1159pm Sunday DEC 8TH o LENGTH 4 lt of pages lt 6 o FORMATTING Standard MLA including but is not limited to requirements for Margins Font size Page numbering Headingtitle Internal citation Bibliography etc o SUBMISSION electronic via CollectIt in doc docx or rtf No otherformats will be accepted G RADI NG Grading will be on the 40 scale and will evaluate the characteristics listed below A SUCCESSFUL PAPER I Follows all specifications Submitted on time is between 4 and 6 pages MLA format etc I Demonstrates purposeful and effective prose employing appropriate style organization transitions etc I Treats the text with careful attention I Executes the TASK with skill creativity and care NB four bullet points four grade points POLICY REMINDERS LATE PAPE RS will generally lose one full grade point for each day past the due date HOWEVER since this is the final late papers fyou begin to suspect you will not make the due date please make arrangements with me at least 24 hours head of time Otherwise late papers will receive no credit NB papers that fail to meet one or more SPECIFICATION may be considered incomplete returned and treated as late Papers may be considered INCOMPLETE if one or more specifications as outlined by the assignment prompt are not met This includes papers that appear to be unfinished due to poor proofreading that lack of key ingredients of composition like a conclusion fail to adequately address the prompt or have significant errors in MLA formatting andor citation Incomplete papers will be returned without commentary and treated as late PLAGIARISM is passing off someone else s work as your own Even if it s a summary of an idea even if it is by accident failure to cite sources is taken very seriously In suspected cases of plagiarism the offending paper is turned over to the College of Arts and Sciences for a full academic tribunal and is out of my hands Before it comes to that talk to me fyou are unclear about what constitutes plagiarism check the student conduct guide htrnlrlpnr 39 39 J quot quot Ihnnp hr htm WHERE TO FIND HELP Office Hours Tuesday Padelford B031 9301130pm or by appointment Email twelshuwashingtonedu Please don t email drafts or questions answered by the prompt Also remember I check my email once after class and once before bed so may not respond to you immediately Other Help Check the course site for links to complete MLA standards at OWL complete style guidelines at AskBetty and referrals to UW writing centers All of these resources come highly recommended


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