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by: Tyler Considine


Tyler Considine
GPA 3.77

Raymond Oenbring

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About this Document

Raymond Oenbring
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Considine on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 282 at University of Washington taught by Raymond Oenbring in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/192694/engl-282-university-of-washington in Foreign Language at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
lt Back I Home YouTube culture the greatest thing since sliced bread By Sarah Mogin The Tartan Carnegie Mellon U Posted 101207 Whenever something truly great comes along you have to wonder Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread Sliced bread is pretty awesome You can toast it you can make a sandwich out of it and you can spread things on it peanut butter jelly jam and even Nutella if you re weird But YouTube I argue offers just as much exibility and fewer calories Justice Now justicerelated footage is nothing new we all remember OJ39s epic police chase in 1994 but YouTube makes the information more accessible especially for us children of the 8039s and 9039s known for our apathy And there s nothing like widespread bad publicity to encourage organizations to clean up their acts YouTube has hosted countless videos of police brutality uploaded from bystanders39 cameras or even camera phones Supported by video footage suspects can legitimize their complaints against officers evolving their disputes past the realm of hesaid shesaid In November of 2006 the FBI started an investigation into the Los Angeles Police Department in response to a YouTube video that showed two officers punching a suspect an alleged gang member That same month another video emerged with footage of UCLA campus officers stunning a student with a Taser because he didn t have an ID Several weeks ago the student filed a suit against UCLA the campus police and the two offending officers And videoinspired justice has even made it to the Pittsburgh area As recently as last Wednesday a WTAETV cameraman shot footage of a Braddock police officer punching a suspected burglar Braddock officials are currently probing the incident and the video has already made its way to YouTube Politics This summer39s CNNYouTube debate pinned Democratic candidates against each other on issues such as health care education and the environment and the successes were twofold First the candidates fielded real questions from real people as submitted on YouTube which helped to cut through the BS standard in political debates It might be easy to tell Anderson Cooper who hosted the show your plans for health care in the US but try telling the same to a reallife breast cancer survivor Second the YouTubeinfused format was entertaining and dynamic enough to appeal to young people as many questioners used songs puppets props and animals to emphasize their points More debates like this one and who knows college students might even start voting Look forward to the Republican debate coming to CNN Nov 28 Education A lot of people rolled their eyes when they rst heard about Pitzer College s course titled Learning From YouTube In the class students spend most of their time online commenting on YouTube videos and occasionally posting their own According to an article from the Associated Press media studies professor Alexandra Juhasz created the course to study the site39s impact on our culture Juhasz39s class is nothing if not progress and those naysayers are probably the same people who think the Internet is a quotfadquot that will soon go out of style Ideally students will learn about the different facets of YouTube who they affect and why Worst case scenario the class turns out a joke which isn39t exactly unheard of in the world of academia Interpretation and Argument anyone Entertainment And now we come to perhaps the most famous part of YouTube the entertainment factor YouTube is a haven for homemade tours de force both liveaction and animated These are risque subversive absurd or even pointless way past what you re likely to nd on TV To be sure these are the Nutella of YouTube Additionally YouTube videos often catch celebrities and other icons at their worst Not only are these entertaining they also dispel what remains of the myth that celebrities are somehow awless incapable of error From YouTube we learned that Beyonce can fall Ashlee Simpson can get drunk at a McDonald s and Stephen Colbert can slip up and say quotfquot during his Report And as for lowerprofile ubs we also saw that even runway models can trip in heels newscasters can laugh on the air and Miss Teen South Carolina can be completely ignorant of international affairs It39s the greatest thing since sliced bread and probably greater for it extends into the worlds of justice politics education and entertainment So next time you catch police brutality or see Britney Spears stumbling toward her limousine you ll know where to upload the footage And as for you fans of sliced bread try bagels Copyright 2008 The Daily Vidette


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