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by: Tyler Considine


Tyler Considine
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Considine on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 370 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see /class/192709/engl-370-university-of-washington in Foreign Language at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
CURRICULUM VITAE APRIL 2006 EMILY CURTIS Education Postdoctoral Fellowship University of British Columbia 2005present Doctor of Philosophy Linguistics University of Washington December 2003 Master of Arts Linguistics University of Washington June 2000 Bachelor of Arts cum laude French Pomona College June 1994 Study Abroad Universite de Paris X Nanterre France 19921993 Teaching Postdoctoral Lecturer LING 101 Languages of the World University of British Columbia UBC Spring 2006 Postdoctoral Lecturer LING 512 Topics in Phonetics amp Phonology UBC Autumn 2005 Postdoctoral Lecturer LING 305 Morphology UBC Autumn 2005 Lecturer LING 481 Introduction to Mopphology University of Washington UW Su 2005 Su 2004 Lecturer LING 200 Introduction to Linguistics UW Sp 2004 Lecturer ENGL 370 Introduction to Language Western Washington University Department of English Sp 2004 Instructor LING 200YA Introduction to Linguistics UW Evening Program W 2000 Au 2000 Au 2002 Lecturer LING 301 Phonology Western Washington University Linguistics Program Sp 2001 Instructor LING 452 Phonological Theog II now 451 UW W 1999 Su 1999 W 2001 Teaching Assistant LING 200 Introduction to Linguistics UW Au 1997 W 1998 Au 1998 Teaching Assistant LING 472 Computational Linguistics UW Sp 1998 Instructor FRE 101 FirstYear French Au 1996 Su 1997 UW Department of Romance Languages and Literatures Assistant Language Teacher English as a foreign language 19941996 Gokase JuniorSenior Academic High School Gokase Miyazakiken Japan EMILY CURTIS Research and Publications OT versus Hungarian s Final Geminates Paperpresented at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting 2006 Variable weight and length Paper presented at the University of British Columbia Linguistics Colloquium Series 2005 Geminates Roots and Moras Paper presented at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting 2005 Geminate weight case studies and formal models Doctoral Dissertation Linguistics University of Washington 2003 Hangugmal hasineyoYou SpeakKorean F irst Y ear College Korean ParadigmBusters Seattle 2003 coauthored Kim Soohee Emily Curtis and Haewon Cho Quantifying vowel overlap and the status of the ea3 merger in Seoul Korean ms University of Washington 2002 Patterns of geminate and singleton codas in weight systems ms University of Washington 2002 Consonantcount and a Hausa plural University of Washington Working Papers in Linguistics 21 2002 Moraic Structure and Segment Duration in Korean JapaneseKorean Linguistics 10 Noriko Akatsuka Susan Strauss and Bernard Comrie eds CSLI 2002 Phonetic Duration of English s and its borrowing in Korean JapaneseKorean Linguistics 10 Noriko Akatsuka Susan Strauss and Bernard Comrie eds CSLI 2002 coauthored Kim Soohee and Emily Curtis Closed syllable vowelshortening and durational correlates of the mora in Korean Master s Thesis Linguistics University of Washington 2000 West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics WCCFL X VI Curtis Emily James Lyle and Gabriel Webster editors CSLI 1997 Professional Activities EditorIn chief ParadigmBusters Publishing Seattle WA 2003present Anonymous reviewer Phonology journal 2002present Anonymous reviewer Journal of Nordic Linguistics 2005present Anonymous reviewer Korean Linguistics 2005present Staff Assistant Language Learning Center UW Autumn 1999 Linguistic Tester in French at Microsoft Corporation SpringSummer 1998 Editorial Assistant Phonology Spring 1997 Coorganizer West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics XVI Spring 1997 Organizer UW Linguistics first TA training Autumn 1998 PAGE 2 EMILY CURTIS Appointed and Elected Positions Lead Teaching Assistant UW Linguistics 19981999 President Linguistics Society at the University of Washington 19981999 VicePresident Linguistics Society at the University of Washington 19971998 Graduate Recruit Research Assistant UW Linguistics WinterSpring 1997 Languages French 7 uent eight years high school college one year immersion Korean 7 conversational two years college home practice Japanese 7 conversational one year college two years immersion Spanish 7 beginning one year college German 7 basic structure pronunciation one quarter college Arabic Cuna Estonian Hausa Hindi Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Koya Latin Leti Malayalam Sinhala Yakima Sahaptin Truk Turkish Sierra M iwok 7 research References Sharon Hargus sharonuwashingtonedu Depart th 0f LinguiStiCS Richard Wright rawrightuwashingtonedu Unlverslty 0f washmgton BOX 354340 Seattle WA 981954340 Ellen Ka1sse ka1sseuwash1ngtonedu Telephone 2065432046 FAX 2066857978 Patricia Shaw shawpamailinterchangeubcca Department Of LingUiStiCS 1866 Main Mall Buchanan E270 University of British Columbia Vancouver British Columbia V6T 1Z1 Telephone 6048224256 FAX 6048229687 PAGE 3


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