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Biology - presentation 1

by: Karlee Castleberry

Biology - presentation 1 BIOL 1020-004

Marketplace > Auburn University > Biology > BIOL 1020-004 > Biology presentation 1
Karlee Castleberry
GPA 3.1
Principles of Biology
Roland R. Dute

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About this Document

This is Dr. Dute's presentation 1 notes! I believe it was for the first week of notes :) - Karlee
Principles of Biology
Roland R. Dute
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karlee Castleberry on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1020-004 at Auburn University taught by Roland R. Dute in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see Principles of Biology in Biology at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 09/09/15
Biology Presentation 1 Biology the science of life All living organisms 1 Organization at different levels 0 Hierarchical organization 0 Each level shows emergent properties atomic gt molecular gt sub cellular gt cellular gt tissue gt organs gt individuals 2 Living organisms respond to the environment aka sensitivity or irritability 0 Sometimes directional 3 Living organisms grow and develop 0 Increase in number of cells with time growing 0 cells differentiate into kinds of cells developing 4 All living organisms show reproduction o hereditary molecules passed to offspring DNA 5 Energy utilization amp processing 0 all organisms take energy from environment and use it to preform work 0 energy processing taking energy to turn into another energy 6 Evolutionary adaptation 7 Regulation 0 homeostasis internally stays same environment may change 0 feedback where output of process regulates the process Biology sciences of life science the accumulation of knowledge based on fact through the scientific method inductive reasoning the tying together of many observations to form a generalized hypothesis specific gt general deductive reasoning general gt specific most hypotheses fail some evolve to theories all atoms have an atomic number of protons in nucleus the of protons of electrons circulating surface all atoms have atomic mass protons neutrons isotopes atoms of the same element with different atomic masses same atomic number check handwritten notes A radioisotope once it is formed it isn39t going to last forever will break down bc radioactive and unstable handwritten notes B electrons occupy different levels around the atom farther away from nucleus more electrons O lst energy level 2e 0 2nd energy level 8e 0 3rd energy level 8e as elements increase in atomic number the energy levels are filled from the inside out 0 O berilium 4 protons in nucleus 4 electrons surrounding 2 in innermost level 2 in outer level lithium 3 protons in nucleus 3 electrons surrounding 2 in innermost level 1 in outermost level 0 the chemical properties of an atom depend upon number of electrons in outermost energy level I we only care about outermost During a chemical reaction an atom will attempt to fill its outermost energy level I Neon handwritten notes C I Chlorine handwritten notes D I sodium E o Electronegativity Chart higher on chart wants to take electrons 0 chemical bonds hold atoms together into molecules 2 atoms 0 ionic bond involves atoms of very different electronegativity I use complete electron transfer I ex F amp G Covalent bonds H I carbon can have 4 polar covalent bond I I quotPolar opposites hydrogen bond hydrogen atom covalently bonded to one electronegative atom is also attracted to another electronegative atom I weak bonds bc different charges orange dots Reactions 0 Vanderwaals Interaction 0 chemical reaction formation and breaking of chemical bonds J 0 chemical equilibrium H I equilibrium is dynamic it s still going I go to textbook to find more 0 Redox Reaction I loses electrons ox gains electrons red I ionic bond reaction Properties of water 0 surface tention effects molecules at the surface attract one another through hydrogen bonds cohesion wetting capacity adhesion attractiveness of two different things capillary action adhesion cohesion imbibition result of uptake of water swelling specific heat the amount of heat a certain amount of substance requires for a given increase in temperature I one calorie amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 C I a large body of water tends to maintain temperature homeostasis I water has a high heat of vaporization 580 calories gram of water I head of fusion between liquid and solid 80 calories gram 0 liquid gt O ice heat release waters ability to act as a solvent 0 a liquid that dissolves another substance water 0 solute the substance that dissolved salt 0 solvent solute solution I water salt salt water 0 hydrophilic water loving o hydrophobic fear of water I hydrophobics that don39t have charge don39t dissolve in water pH scale measurement of the acidity of a substance 0 acid donates hydrogen ions to a solution 0 base decreases hydrogen ions in a solution 0 buffers weak acids amp weak basis I helps maintain stable pH and acidity levels 0000


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