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MU 2313 Ch 3

by: Marissa

MU 2313 Ch 3 2313

Texas State
GPA 3.3
Introduction to Fine Arts
Thomas Wood

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About this Document

Notes discussing Aegean and Archaic Greece
Introduction to Fine Arts
Thomas Wood
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2313 at Texas State University taught by Thomas Wood in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Fine Arts in Music at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/09/15
Chapter 2 The Aegean and Archaic Greece Minoans c3000 BCE a Wealthy citystate b Island of Minos c Trade focus d Technologically advanced i Running water sewer system heatingcooling system e Art i Brightly colored ii Fascination with nature f Architecture i Advanced floor plans 1 Palace of Minos myth of the Minotaur built from it had a labyrinth of rooms ii Murals iii Columns 1 Support structures plays a large role in later Greece Mycenaeans c 1500 BCE a Military conquerors warriors b Art i Honor to the gods ii Chronicle conquest iii Pottery and small sculptures c Architecture i Large defensive fortified structures ii Militarily advantageous d Art example vase i Art reflected military values ii Twodimensional soldiers have uniform appearance iii Functional has a purpose purpose determines how much effort the artist will put into it The Dark Centuries 1500800 BCE a The quotGreek Middle Ages i Period of scientific and philosophical thought Palace building and artistic creativity ceased Isolation no trade Decreasing literacy Bronze gt iron The Glory of the past gt future The Hellenes a Common language b Written language as early as 725 BCE i Borrowed from Phoenician symbols c Common calendar about 800 BCE d Olympic Games 776 BCE i Events included javelin discus foot race ii A three day event brought together various citystates even if they were at war with each other temporary truce 1 First day poets and artists display their work 2 Second day athletics 3 Third day offerings to Zeus iii Participants were all men competed naked married women couldn t attend the games V Pois a Citystates Selfgoverned No unifying governmentstate Pois and Acropolis 995quot i Acropolis center of city usually where temples found e Rise of merchant class i Specialization in trade VI The Olympian Gods a Large family of gods b Homer s Iliad i Chronicles life of the gods c Gods represented in human terms i Not flawless Zeus has many lovers d Gods to know i Zeus 1 Sky thunder ii Hera 1 Marriage women iii Poseidon 1 Thesea iv Hades 1 Underworld v Athena 1 Wisdom vi Ares 1 War vii Aphrodite 1 Beauty love viii Dionysus 1 Wine revelry VII Philosophy a Pythagoras i Mathematical relationships were universal b Atomists i Universe is based on small invisible indivisible particles c Materialists i Fire earth air and water VIII The Greek Archaic Period 800480 BCE a Greek civilization began to develop i Democracies ii Order of the gods Xl iii Organized Olympics 776 BCE iv Sophisticated philosophy 1 Pythagoras 2 Atomists 3 Materialists b Painting i Painting lt sculpture ii Vase 1 Functional vessels 2 Fall into two periods a Geometric style 900700 BCE b Archaic style 700480 BCE c Dipylon Vase 8th century BCE i Geometric style drawn with geometric shapes ii No depth flat d Perseus and the Gorgons early 6th century BCE i Archaic style ii Warriors turned stance draped clothing iii More definition in physique e The Pan Painter 470 BCE i Archaic style ii Red figure pottery iii Artemis shooting a man iv Both figures clothed drape to clothing Sculpture a Kouros plural is quotKouroi i Male H Nude b Kore i Female ii Clothed c Polymedes of Argos 600 BCE i Funerary art tribute to deceased ii Depicted as athletic Greek values iii Left foot forward attempt at stance to make lifelike d Kore c 510 BCE i Artist can show technique in drape of clothing hairstyle e Kritios Boy c 480 BCE i Sense of movement start to see shift in weight Architecture a 2quot l Temple of Hera Pasteum Italy c 460 BCE b Drawing of Temple of Artemis Corfu Music a Consisted of a series of modes scales i Corresponding day of the week deity b Greek doctrine of ethos i Music influence moods and behaviors c Aulos and Lyre X Dance a Gods offered this gift to select mortals only b Religious rituals centered on dance c 600 BCE competitive festivals i Greek theater developed from this practice d Rhythmic movement X Literature a Homer i Iliad and Odyssey ii Epic poems b Sappho i Lyric poetry c Hesiod i Works and Days H Theogony d Aesop i Fables 1 quotTortoise and Hare quotThe Hawk and the Nightingale quotThe Fox and the Grapes


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