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JRNL 120: Week 1 - 8/26, 8/28

by: Sam Sizer

JRNL 120: Week 1 - 8/26, 8/28 JRNL 120 W02

Sam Sizer
GPA 2.92
Journalistic Tech/Prof Writing
Erick Lauber

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About this Document

Journalistic Tech/Prof Writing
Erick Lauber
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sam Sizer on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JRNL 120 W02 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania taught by Erick Lauber in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Journalistic Tech/Prof Writing in Education and Teacher Studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
JOURNALISM 826 S rar ring an ar ricle 5 W s and H quotWho quotWho r When Where quotWhy quotHow Inver red pyramid lt mos r impor ron r lt nex r impor ron r lt nex r impor ron r lt nex r impor ron r lt nex r impor ron r lt leos r impor ron r I r s obou r people quotpeople won r ro know news obou r peoplepeople s emo rions Hove an angle quotmain Focusmost impor ron r quot ri rle oF on or ricle keep i r objec rive quot3rd person quo re people quotphraseword quotonly a sen rence only rwo quo res don f ge r owery quotbe s rroigh r ro rhe poin r 828 Inside Repor ring gt Ch 1 The s rory oF Journalism quotMyths of repor rers male repor rers are surly cynical loners Female repor rers are gu rsy idealis ric beau riFul and single repor rers rou rinely solve mys reries repor rers ambush dodge shoo r repor rers drink a r rheir desks repor rers have a liberal bias quotThe bir rh oF journalism every cul rure seeks ways ro spread news I ancien r clay rable rs l roman rabloids diFFeren r views oF his rory l specialized Form oF li rerary expression l ques r For Free speech Rise and Fall oF American newspaper I public occurrences bo rh Foreign and domes ric 4 Benjamin Harris 4 4 pages un ril shu rdown 4 had 1 blank page I Zenger rrial and Freedom oF rhe press 4 New York weekly Journal 4 libel only occurs when prin red words are False malicious and sedi rions l Firs r newspaper car roon 4 Ben Franklin ran edi rorial car roon in his PA Gaze r re became uni ring oF colonies l Repor ring becomes disciplined craF r 4 Marke red ro masses 4 Innova rions in prin ring 4 Rise oF modern newsroom l Yellow Journalism 4 loud headlines 4 s rories oF sin and sex 4 lavish use oF pic rures 4 sunday supplemen rs 4 rumors disguised as news led in ro war wi rh Spain l Puli rzer spreads crusading in uence 4 launched crusade agains r corrup r news Funded ls r Journalism school at Columbia Universi ry es rablished Puli rzer Prize


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