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COMM 401: Week 2 - 8/31, 9/2

by: Sam Sizer

COMM 401: Week 2 - 8/31, 9/2 COMM 401 W01

Sam Sizer
GPA 2.92
Promotions for Radio, TV, Cable
Dr. Wilson

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About this Document

Promotions for Radio, TV, Cable
Dr. Wilson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sam Sizer on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 401 W01 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania taught by Dr. Wilson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Promotions for Radio, TV, Cable in Education and Teacher Studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
PROMOTIONS 831 Audiences con r Measuring Audiences cont quotRadio and TV audiences are diFFeren r 0 Radio laudiences lis ren ro s ra rionsForma rs laudience is more de nedcons ran r rhrough rhe day llarges r audience morning and la re aF rernoon laudience declines rhrough rhe evening quotRadio and TV media is diFFeren r 0 TV lrequires more a r ren rion lsigh r sound mo rion color luses special eFFec rs lmore complex and expensive audience spends more Time wi rh TV rhan any o rher medium 0 Radio lbackground noise limmediacy gt hear an announcemen r drive ro an even r lwri rers crea re a pic rure in rhe audiences mind lDJ39s are your Friends lcan f presen r large amoun rs oF inForma rion lmessages mus r be presen red oF ren ro be memorable llower produc rion cos rs quotWha r people do average American wa rches TV more rhan 4 hours a day average household wi rh kids wa rches almos r 7 hours a day about same amoun r spen r in Fron r oF compu rer ei rher work or leisure more rhan 70 oF children have a TV in Their bedroom reenagers spend abou r 31 hours a week on in rerne r 8 18 year olds are consuming media vir rually every waking minu re excep r when in school adul rs spend abou r 18 hours a week lis rening ro broadcas r radio ldown From more rhan 20 hours a week 0 sa relli re radio subscribers average 33 hours per week lis rening 0 sa relli re radio subscribers lis ren ro regular radio 14 hours a week Purposes of Promo rion Three main purposes of promo rion quota r rrac r a new audience 0 audience acquisi rion 0 increases ra rings quotmain rain curren r audience 0 audience main renancere ren rion quotrecycle audience 0 ge r people ro keep coming back rhroughou r rhe day quoto rher purposes 0 enhance or change image 0 announce Forma r change 0 promo re communi r service Types of promo rion quotonair promo rion 0 using s ra rions own air Time gt shows news even rs 0 in rernal promo rion gt scheduled For rarge r audience promos gt 1030 seconds long offair promo rion 0 using rime slo rs o bough r rime or space in other media publici ry sponsorships evenfs 0 ex rernal promo rion adver risemen rs 92 Purpose of promo rion con r Types of promo rion cont quot rypes of onair promos 0 weekly promo lwha r s coming up nex r week lused For weekly comedies and dramas 0 daily promos lwha r39s on roday s show llocal news daily ralk shows lgues rs on roday s show


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