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Second week notes

by: Summer mendez

Second week notes ENG 175WI

Summer mendez
GPA 3.4
Nature of Language
Berriman, Elizabeth

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About this Document

Nature of Language
Berriman, Elizabeth
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Summer mendez on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 175WI at Central Michigan University taught by Berriman, Elizabeth in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Nature of Language in Foreign Language at Central Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Second Week notes September 9 Good to know from movie 1 Language competence if they don t have quotgrammar do they really have languagequot 2 Evolution directed towards language given the dangers 3 Pidgin language developed so two groups can communicate Creole children put rules on pidgin First sound children make rst pbm second tdn Deaf elliiltfleen are unable in pereeiue the aveeuatie input ei languagea apeken amund i l ienri If reapeaed in a aign language they aequire ii apeinaneeualg Basie Sei39iedule ef Aequiaiiiien pae langu age ef leaning beginning at abeul ea nienliha 3c babbling beginning ail are und ai39a mentha a Oneawead alagej beginning at abeul a year ea w Tweewee d aiagej beginning at llEaZU nien llha Telegaaiplriie apeeelrij beginning at yeara age Baaie l l l fy axle amund 4a 5 year5 a Elabeealien a eapanaien eapeeiallg ef leaieeinaalae lei E 39 l eatenl grainmanennlinuing 39llr391iquoteiiglrinii39l life i 40 s50 s Blank State Theory Baby s have nothing in their brain unless trained by parent 70 snom Chomsky Creative instrument theory Language is a bi product of growing up All languages speak to children 0 Simpli ed cluster of consonants Replaced r with some other consonant wabbit Reduplicate syllables teeny weeny Altered words to form diminutives dogdoggy Substituted words to eliminate pronoun mom wants ben to sleep Language Acquisition gradual development of ability in a language by using it naturally in communicative situations Language learning conscious process of accumulating knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of a language 1 Language and biologically triggered behavior Behavior emerges before it is necessary Appearance is not the result of a conscious decision Behavior is not triggered by external events Likely to be a critical periodquot for behaviors acquisition Direct teaching and intensive practicerepetition have little effect There is a regular sequence of milestones as the behavior develops correlated with age and development 9905 h


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