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by: Rebecca Eisenman
Rebecca Eisenman
Intro to Rehab & Human Service

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About this Document

Here is what all of the readings are about!
Intro to Rehab & Human Service
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Eisenman on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AHRS 327 at Northern Illinois University taught by Natalie in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Intro to Rehab & Human Service in Nursing and Health Sciences at Northern Illinois University.


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Date Created: 09/10/15
Becca Eisenman Chapter 6 In chapters 6 and 7 they both talk about the way people with disabilities are treated Chapter 6 talks about the different types of abuse those people encounter Some types include physical sexual and emotional This really upsets me because with these types of abuse you never really hear about it happening too much with those with disabilities but you hear it everywhere about how a girl got drunk with some guy and got abused Not that either situation is okay to encounter but I feel that this situation is something that needs to be talked about more Chapter 7 In chapter 7 the book talks about how someones attitude beliefs and values can affect the way they view a person with a disability I believe that the way a person grows up does affect their view In my family we never really talk about disabilities and I was a child with one I never really learned what a disability was and even when I was working on my disability my parents never really told me what I was doing They always just told me it was my usual homework I thought every other child was doing what I did So as I grew up thinking this I never fully understood why other people had a different look so I admit I had a different attitude towards them until I started my major and actually learned what each disability is and what the word actually means 6 instances In this black board article it talks about how ablebodied people just assume that those in wheel chairs are stupid The first part of the article talks about someone being at a store and the cashier talked to the nondisabled person about what the person with disabilities wanted This frustrates me because theyre still people and you should always talk to the person who the question is being asked to not their friend Another is how the taxis just pass them by and don t even bother stopping for them The taxi drivers see them as a pain and as extra work Truth is though they can do them on their own These two examples stood out to me the most because it is something that happen daily that not many of us think about or talk about Hate crimes The one thing that stood out to me in this article is the word retard This word is so offensive to me because I recently got super close with this 5 year old girl who has Down syndrome and if anyone ever spoke to her that way I feel like I would have to punch them I do not feel that word is something to use on a daily basis and for that child to say that on the school bus is so highly offensive Another point is that my brother was on the short bus and he was just fine so why should someone who is retarded go on that bus I just cant believe a child that young has that type of attitude Although I didn t have knowledge about disabilities I still had respect and knew to be nice to everyone Focusing on ability This article focus on how the ID sets students up to fail if they are wanting postsecondary education It also tells us what the roles of the councilors are They are there to help support their students and to show pride in their accomplishments Through effective postsecondary opportunities students with ID gain soft skills such as selfadvocacy selfconfidence and self determination that are critical for future employment This was an important quote to me because it really shows how successful those students can be and what support can do for them Employment gap In this article it mostly stated facts The one fact I really liked was that each year those of us in the disability community attend commemorative events on July 26th the anniversary of the ADA I liked this because they do have a community whom they can relate to When I was in speech it was nice having a class with others who had the same problem as I did I was also surprised by how many people actually have disabilities I am happy that they are trying to change the employment gap and that it is getting smaller and smaller with this new change22 Becca Eisenman The blackboard article is linked to my understanding of persons with disabilities because it talked about students who have dyslexia and the resources they may or may not choose to take advantage of There was three students of different ages in who spoke about their experiences in college and what it s like to have dyslexia Spalding says that her reading work load was difficult because it took her longer to complete it and when she had to read out loud she felt like people thought she didn t know how to read She said that she utilized the writing center once but felt it was of no help and didn t really know of any other resources Another student Kendall says that his experience was a bit different He was aware of the different resources but only utilized one of them so that he could receive extra time on tests The third student Condie feels that everyone has some sort of disadvantage while in college and learns differently Grasping this made her realize that she needed to talk with her professors about her disabilities and figure out a way to keep her best interests in mind I found this important because I was a student with disabilities before coming to college and had to use my resources in order to pass my classes I had a speech impairment therefore my teachers never really payed attention to me until my speech therapist spoke to them The fact the students aren t using their resources really upsets me because they are there to help you The other reading chapter four gives us information on the different categories of disabilities along with the problems and solutions for each one This relates to our course content because most of these disabilities go with what rehabilitation practitioners would work with There were four different types of functioning physical sensory cognitive and emotional Each function is a result from traumatic injuries I felt this was important to mention because each of these functions are things we use on our daily lives and it made me think about what it would be like not to walk talk have vision hearing understanding or the ability to take part in major life activities I am a sign language minor and I still find it difficult to imagine being deaf Even in a class With no voices I still use my ears and vision to figure out What is going on


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