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Timeline Notes 9-10-15

by: Sky Holmes

Timeline Notes 9-10-15 BLE 220

Sky Holmes
GPA 3.47
Foundations of SEI
Kyle Messner

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About this Document

Includes topics such as... Permissive Period Restrictive Period Opportunistic Period Dismissive Period
Foundations of SEI
Kyle Messner
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sky Holmes on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BLE 220 at Arizona State University taught by Kyle Messner in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 123 views. For similar materials see Foundations of SEI in Education and Teacher Studies at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 09/10/15
BLE SEI Class Notes 9 10 15 Permissive Period 0 1701 Yale founded Male only English only 0 1731 Benjamin Franklin establishes 1St circulating library 0 1746 Princeton founded male only English only 0 1751 Ben Franklin writes concern Pennsylvania will be German colony o 1775 Missionaries attempt to promote English with Indians Continental Congress sets aside money for Indian Ed 0 1787 Franklin College founded instruction in German amp English 1St bilingual college in the US 0 1839 Ohio becomes 1St state to pass legislation allowing for bilingual ed EngGer o 1847 Wisconsin passes a resolution allowing students to be taught in German Dutch and Swiss 0 1864 Congress passes law prohibiting Native Americans from being taught in the Native Language 0 1870 NM passes law instruction in Spanish in elementary school Restrictive 1 880 1960s 0 1894 Restrictive legislation until 1921 0 18801910 80 population growth German Irish and British immigrants o 1910 147 peaking foreign born population See chapter 4 for notes on this period 19301931 Lemon grove incident First successful desegregation case Time of war WWII only speak American Held book burnings to promote English and destroy other languages 1957 Soviet Union beats us to space education has to be increased Opportunistic Period 1961 1980 1961 Dave County Florida Full bilingual program for Cubans due to rise of Castro and Baptista 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits segregation in several areas including education Title IV 1965 Immigration Act revokes Naturalization Act ESA provides bilingual program funding 1968 Bilingual Education Act Title VII 1969 Civil Rights movement Rebirth of bilingual education Vietnam and Civil Rights and Women s Rights Special Needs movement Dismissive Period l980present 1981 implemented programs to help specifically Mexican Americans 1982 Plyler v Doe Free public education cannot be denied to children based on ethnicity 1982 No constitutional right to bilingual ed 1986 English official language in CA 1989 Theresa school districts aren t required to provide native language 1984 denied legal immigrants health care social services Killed by gov states don t have the rights to make that law Recession funding for bilingual education gets cut Transitional bilingual education taking away the native language 1997 NY leg Voluntary prek classes Could mean earlier contact in instruction 1998 higher ed Act amended new rules for teachers states responsible for watching teachers teachers accountable for how their students succeeded 1998 CA passed prop 277 Ron Unes software developer did not think biling Ed fair for students hoping ELLs would learn quicker and faster All public schools were to be teaching only English 2000 AZ prop 203 Did the same as CA No Child Left Behind Brown v Board Education NCLB Title 111 More about test achievement less about incorporating bilingual ed Into schools 911 immigrant population dissipates Bush signs NCLB all about English No recognition of bilingual ed No consideration of bilingual ed Shortage of teachers 2002 Zelman v Simmonsharris 2003 higher ed act giving more pell grants more kids going to college doesn t talk about debt or failure to graduate 2004 required school districts to use intervention approach ELLs need instruction not intervention 2007 CHLB expires but remains in effect 2009 Obama admin CHLB not successful Congress reforms working way around NCLB 48 bil Spent on reforming education Addressed all NCLB and supported gap between eng And biling Students Set the bar high for biling Students to go to college 2010 As long as kids meet the standards 2011 ESEA states could apply for Common Core standards and funding and exibility 2015 passed NCLB revised Every Child Achieves Act allows ELLs to take 3 years Eng in their native language before testing in English


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