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by: Mallory Jean Becker

Islam598-910.pdf ART 275

Mallory Jean Becker
GPA 3.47
World Arts: Visual
Maggie Duncan-Flowers

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About this Document

World Arts: Visual
Maggie Duncan-Flowers
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mallory Jean Becker on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 275 at Illinois State University taught by Maggie Duncan-Flowers in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 136 views. For similar materials see World Arts: Visual in Art at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 09/10/15
9 89 10 Islam 5 09082015 o Bahram Gur in the Green Pavilion in the Story of the Seven Beauties in a manuscript of Khamsa quotQuintetquot O O o Safavid Dynasty 15011722 O 0000 Made in Herat and Tabriz 15th century Key Terms I Nizami Author of Khamsa I quotSeven Portraits or Seven Beauties concerns the education of a legendary Persian monarch I Shaykhi the illustrator of the Khamsa I Turkoman r MERNSIRE Conf d n on Qua anlu quot duHotmnnolr39duxvemes Con dential Aq Qwunlu 39 du Mutton Mane du XV he s M Om I Emplm Samba de snn Ismail ovum mm Emplre Ottoman a Zone mm mm Ouzbek at SIfIvldes 2 00mm dos ottoman me Ema s C mufm I la vellle a I mm mu 1 1722 Native Persian dynasty that reunited Iran in the early 16th century Established Shiite theocracy Claimed descent from family of the prophet Based legitimacy on being divinely ordained as Shah the shadow of God on earth Shah Abbas 15871629 View the Shah Vlosoiue Isfahan quot O Safavid architecture I No structural innovations I Monumental elegant open design I Excelled in urban planning large integrated multifunctional complexes 0 Shah Abbas I commissioned NaqshI Jahan quotDesign of the World gt 7 usage 39 I 1 I39I 1 4 1quot 5 V 1 k M KeyTerms I Maydan o MasjidIShahMasjidIIman o Seen from the maydan Isfahan 16121638 0 Pishtaq 0 South Qibla Iwan o MasjidIShah Imam o Isfahan o Dome over Qibla Iwan o MasjidIShah Imam o The Court of Gaymars in a manuscript of the Shahnama 0 Made for Shah Tahmasp in Tabriz 0 16th century 0 Key Terms I Sultan Muhammad I King Gayumas I Siyamak I Prince hushang o Fragment of the Shroud of St Josse 0 Silk Textile 0 Women in Iran or Central Asia 0 10th century 0 Two Physicians 0 Miniature painting in a copy of an ancient Greek Herbal Treatise 0 Key Terms I Kaftan I Tiraz band 0 Historical Photographs of Weaving Trade i w39 i I Q i x i 39 7 V 3 0 19th century o Weaving structure of Textiles and Carpets l O O O o Ardabil Carpet O 0000 o Jannat Sara quotHouse of Paradise in Ardabil 2 gtg lll b Turkish knots used typically in Anatolia Turkey to make pilc or knotted carpets Warp foundation threads Weft weaving threads Types of Woven Rugs I Kilim gelim flat woven or tapestry woven I Hali farsh Knotted pile 0 Turkish knots symmetrical o Persian Knots asymmetrical The four traditional fibers wool cotton linen silk Commissioned by Shah Tahmasp for the House of Paradise Ardabil ran Made in Tabriz Safavid Period 16th century Design was inspired by book bindings 0 16th century 0 Constructed by Shah Tahmasp 0 Dedicated to Shaykh Safi alDin Ardabil Carpet 0 Safavid Period 0 Key Terms I Maqsud of Kshan wrote a prayer asking for blessings I Hafiz Islam 6 09102015 Map of the Ottoman Empire 0 Ottoman golden age 16th century I Defeated Safavid in 1514 and took possession of Tabriz and all its treasures and craftsmen I Defeated Mamluks in Syria and Egypt I Flowering of the arts under Suleyman the Magnificent and his son Selim Plans of Mosque types and Aerial view of Selimiye Camii o Selimiye Cammi Mosque of Selim II I Edirne Turkey 15681574 0 Key Terms I Centralized Dome Plan Dome on square I Koca Sinan aka Mimar Sinan and Sinan Pasha Plan of Selimiye Camii 0 Prayer hall with central dome o Courtyard with domedbay porches and central ablution fountain Hagia Sophia Ayasofia Constantinople and Nineteenthcentury lithograph of Hagia Sophia 0 Key Terms I EmperorJustinian I had the Hagia Sophia built I Sultan Mehmed II was able to capture Constantinople and he transformed Haagia Sophia into a congregational mosque Selimiye Camii o Edirne Selimiye Camii o Edirne Central core of Selimiye Camii 0 Key Term I Pendentive o SemiDome over Entrance o Selimye Camii 0 Key Terms I Ablaq Voussoirs I Muqarnas I Pendentives o The siege of Belgrade 9Right half in the Sulaymannama o Topkapi Palace Istanbul 1558 o Ottoman Period 0 Reign of Suleyman the Magnificent 15201566 0 Illuminated Tughra of Sultan Suleyman o Topkapi palace Istanbul 1555 60 0 Ottoman Period 0 Monogram of the Ottoman Sultans Reading Notes Chapter 2 pages 4554 o The city of Constantinople was captured by the Muslim forces of Sultan Mehmed II o The Church of Hagia Sophia was the model for the Ottoman Imperial Mosque o The Design of the World refers to the great plaza in the heart of the city of Isfahan o The legendary first king of Persian was Gayumaras o Sultan Muhammad was the famous artist who worked on the Great Mongol Shahanama awn m 33 I o This is an imag of the tughra o This image was a device that belonged to Suleyman II o This image was affixed to important imperial documents


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