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Notes for Week of 9/7

by: Jordan Jarrett

Notes for Week of 9/7 MIST 2090

Jordan Jarrett
Introduction to Information Systems
Janine E. Aronson and Nikhil Srinivasan

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About this Document

Detailed notes covering lectures given this week
Introduction to Information Systems
Janine E. Aronson and Nikhil Srinivasan
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordan Jarrett on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MIST 2090 at University of Georgia taught by Janine E. Aronson and Nikhil Srinivasan in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Information Systems in Business, management at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 09/10/15
9815 Project management Affordable care act obamacare Healthcaregov crashed bc there were too many people trying to access the website at once SDLC Never prepared to take in that many people Poor project management CGI was building this website 0 Run by Canadians Healthcaregov red CGI and brought in a completely new company 0 They had to completely redo the process you ll have to do this in your life at some point Broad umbrella of processes Broken down more 5 steps System development methods Waterfall large institutions Builds info system under certain conditions Freezes parts of model Requirement gathering analyze requirements Requirements elicitation gathering requirements Documents have to go from client to developer to make sure they get elicited Freezing of requirements no one can touch them anymore or request additional features Once the systems developer knows what you want they re gonna start creating a design to build a system that meets these requirements Then the design is frozen Then its built Agile came out in early 20005 The agile manifesto laid out how systems development is going to take place if you think about real software systems development 0 Prototypes be able to see software product quickly Rapid prototyping using small iterations to create multiple prototypes and have users test them 2 methodologies o Scrum 0 XP extreme programming 0 Many companies are transitioning from waterfall to agile o Paraprogramming having more than one person program simultaneously Usually one new person and one old one 2 people to have multiple viewsideas to solve problems Works well for complex problems Catch mistakes more ef ciently OOOO Gantt chart we can use it for design development and implementation Project manager salaries Project managers make so much money bc there is more money at stake than their salary The PMBOK Guide39s De nitions for Project and Project Management 0 Project has a de nite start and de nite end 0 Goal create a unique product or service What is a project Projects are not processes The triple constraints MOV measurable organizational value Constrained by time resources and scope of project report 0 Scope how much work I need to do 0 Resources what do l have to accomplish this task 0 Schedule how much time do I have 0 A lot of times 1 of these 3 constraints has to be sacri ced in order for the other 2 to be ful lled quotAdding manpower to a late software project makes it laterquot 0 System development projects require a lot of time for people to communicate If you have a project that s already late and you add more people itll take longer to accomplish because you have to explain to the new people what going on o The more people you add on to a project the more you have to communicate The triple constraints what can go wrong 0 Scope problems what is asked by client of developer 0 Scope grope project team doesn t t really know what project is about Examples of lTenabled change projects 0 Business process redesign putting a new process into place 0 ERP enterprise resource planning 0 Organizations have these in place EPR amp SAP ERP solves problems by creating one system that contains all the data 0 Modules can be implemented based on what type of organization you are Steps to project management 0 6 steps not the same as SDLC SDLC is execution and control phase of project management PLC project life cycle Steps to project management and SDLC SDLC is execution and control phase of project management PLC PLC project life cycle 0 Projects usually involve many people across different departments Project charter Project charter contract Given to project sponsor and everyone who is participating Get signatures If they don t deliver you can say that they signed to agree on what they would do Bene cial if they ask for more and you need more time Work breakdown structure 0 Taking big task of project and breaking it down into smaller sized chunks and numbering them 0 Associate them with time and money Project structure Ga ntt chart 0 Lay out how much time it will take you to complete various tasks 0 Who will help you complete what and how long It will take them 91015 What is a project 0 Project something that allows people who have different skills to get together and work on a common goal 0 Projects have a de nite start and end 0 Goal is to create something unique within the organization 0 Project management uses people s skills to accomplish a goal The PMBOK Guide39s De nitions for Project and Project Management PMI worldwide body that has compiled all knowledge of project management into one book PMBOK project management body of knowledge 0 Not just applied in businesses but also for nonpro ts Time and money are 2 aspects of the iron triangle triple constraints PMP project management professional exam for project managers with more experience 0 APM entry level exam The triple constraints 0 Usually one side has to be sacri ced in order to ful ll the other 2 Project management scope Scope issues are prevalent in projects because people always want more 0 Scope creep small increase in scope Scope eap large increase in scope Scope grope when the client doesn t t know what they want Building project management capabilities People have different skills how do you get them to focus on the goal of the project 0 Focus on the ROI return on investment 0 Way to capture the measurable organizational value that is being provided by project Metrics helping you ensure you meet deadlines and goals as you approach the end of a project 0 Cost restrictions time deadlines Buyin everyone moving towards the same goal Project charter 0 Identifying risks is important bc you ll know what to do when something goes wrong Work breakdown structure 0 Can be extremely detailed You organize work in a project by telling people what they have to do Milestones vs deliverables o Deliverables tangible things the project manager provides to the client 0 Milestones signi cant events 0 CEO signing off on completion of project 0 Celebration for getting a part done Developing the WBS Depends on project manager how much you want to break this down 1 Rob Bellagio 11 Casino cages 111 12 Doors 121 Code 13 Elevators 131 Get to elevators couldn t cut bar 4 Guards 5 1 1 Vault


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