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GEO135 - Week 4 Notes

by: Shannon Surell

GEO135 - Week 4 Notes GEO 135

Shannon Surell
GPA 3.81
World Geography
David Johnson

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About this Document

These are the notes from the fourth week of class. The test has been pushed back to Tuesday, September 14th!
World Geography
David Johnson
Class Notes
World Geography, David Johnson, week 4, notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon Surell on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 135 at Illinois State University taught by David Johnson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see World Geography in Education and Teacher Studies at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 09/10/15
Geography 135 David Johnson Week 4 Notes TEST MOVED Exam 1 Tuesday September 15th Smallest country in the world Smom Sovereign Military Order of Malta the only nationstate according to de Blij is Iceland 0 Kinship is not required anymore for being a nation so this term has become very watered down Development a pattern everybody knows exists but how to describe it 0 Descriptive methods 0 Incomes Method World Bank method Countries are separated into either high income uppermiddle income lowermiddle income or low income VVeaknesses o It does not express the internal distribution of wealth and it just generalizes the countries financial standing 0 In many places the actual economy is not a monetized or monetary economy it could be a barter system as compared to handing out money 0 Resourceswealth method Takes about groups of nations rather than nations individually The same terms can be described for within the nation Core vs periphery o richest countries in the middle and then the countries not in the core are not as rich have vs havenots o the have s are getting better and the havenots are not getting any better North vs South 0 Northern hemisphere vs southern hemisphere 0 Almost all of the high income locations are in the northern hemisphere o Politicalaffiliation method Cold War 9 ended up being more economic growth Almost everyone uses this form of development most important Accidentally invented by Vladimir Lenon in the Soviet Union 0 He states that democracies of the west were going to go away because communism was getting larger 1st world western democracies Western Europe and the US 2nCI world communist countries Originally led out of Moscow Iron Curtain separated the 1st world from the 2ml world a border set up to separate these countries from each other 0 O O Physically built by the Soviet Union tall fence with barbed wire at the top plowed ground below the fence so they could see if there were footprints Soviet Union wanted no one to be able to escape and Brain Drain smart industrious people escaped to the 3rel world neither first world or second world Ex lndia 3rel world has become a much more derogatory term President Kusno Sukarno said a new nation needed to be created 9 spirit of Bandung 9 in order to use being in the third world to their advantage This led to the creation of the organization of nonaligned na ons This category includes most of the world s nations compared to the 1st and 2nCI worlds Early in the Cold War there was a revolution in China 0 People s Republic of China stated as communist 0 Problem communist area was mainly based out of Moscow Russia Beijing people were aware there are many more people in China than in Russia China stopped calling themselves part of the second world and then joined the 3rel world occasionally they join Russia in doing certain things 4th world not very prosperous Countries in the yellow color on an income map Still moving up in the world and making developments 5th world economic basket cases So poor that they are incapable of making advances Ex Bangladesh used to be East Pakistan 0 This country has now moved to the fourth world 0 Muhammid Yunis a local banker said to get rich you just need some money not a lot Created something called microbanking he loaned a woman money to start a business and once they started making money they would pay it back and then it would be loaned out again to other businesses o Teleological method means the philosophical looking of something downstream o Worried about how things are changing and how things are developing for the future 0 Developed countries DC vs Underdevelopedlesserdeveloped countries UDCLDC o Advantage 9 this is what drives development o It gives you a leg up on growing 0 Short term something that is transitory can go away very easily Ex youth you will get old one day Ex oil eventually we will run out of it 0 Yemen used to be a short term oil rich country but everyone knew they would run out of money and oil and then they couldn t continue to buy off the rebels and keep them from overrunning the capital Ex cheap labor short term because people end up wanting more money 0 As more money comes in workers want more wages short term advantage goes away 0 Long term a country can have both this and shot term advantages Ex Saudi Arabia short term so much oil but it will run out eventually long term energy giant from solar energy considering it is located almost entirely around desert 0 Problems 0 Dependency Theory largely accepted in LDC s States that you are poor because we are rich and we are rich because you are poor Only so much wealth is on the planet you cannot create wealth o Neocolonialism you are free but tied economically to who you used to be economically tied too 0 Debt services countries end up owing a lot of money means to forget all debts and just start over very controversial Thursday September 10 2015 Terms o movement of people o leaving one s country 0 enteringcoming to another country Ex moving from Illinois to Indiana you are emigrating from Illinois and immigrating to Indiana Factors types o why one would leave there country 0 Don t like the climate the way the country is being run etc why one would go to another country Specific factors what you believe affects what happens to you people who came to America for example came for political freedom religious freedom etc usually economic feature where you are likely going to get a job where you will make more money jobs go into some places and go out of other places chasing a Job going where people are like you or go where your ethnicity is tolerated much of the immigration into the US has been for family reasons Case Study Russia the USSR and environs Little emigration from Russia until 1905 A group of people then decided to try to overthrow the czar Problem it didn t work so they needed to leave the country ASAP Went mostly to Britain and USA some went to Germany Regimes were much more democratic in these nations as compared to Russia Next period of emigration was not due to a revolution but had to do with the growth of Russia and there view on the world technical term that means the area around the castle where the land has been built up and the trees have been cleared o Helps the people in the castle see anyone that was coming to attack them to make rustic out in the sticks out in the hinterland to send people to live out in the farm country to create this glacis area by taking Russians and moving them out to other places the government told certain people to move to certain places 0 Established a Russian presence and control over certain areas which helped protect Russia 0 The Soviets then decided to take the indigenous people of these other countries and moved them to Siberia due to the created overpopulation by the Soviets moving the Russians how many people are coming in minus how many people are leaving 0 Russia was a very popular country to immigrate to in 19902000 because it was the end of the cold war Net emigration 0 Highest in Mexico because of two things 1 economic opportunities and 2 caneb o people get educated and then travel somewhere they can use their brain and education for better use and can become more successful 0 Physicians migrated 9 great example of this 0 Migration corridors 0 Almost all of the people that emigrate from Mexico go to the United States 0 when you move your capital city to someplace where you don t trust the people so the people won t get out of line once you move the capital to watch over those people daily conditions aggregate of weather over time what does the weather look like over time the expansion of deserts the spreading of glaciers o Glacial lake lake that forms because the glacier used to be there but it melted and formed a lake 0 evidence that the glacier has been here Which one of the two is older normal moraine or the Bloominqton moraine Climatic regions 0 A Humid equatorial o B Arid Sahara desert or any desert o C Humid temperate US 0 D Humid cold E Polar cold 0 H Highland The Alps Himalayas O sum of knowledge attitudes and behavior what people think do etc Culture racial heritage 0 Ethnicity can change along with your culture when people look back in time and don t like where they come from and then invent a new story about where they really came from Population Density 0 amount of people per square mile 0 how many people are there per unit of land that you can actually grow crops on NOT like the Sahara desert TEST IS ON TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14 2015


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