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Week 2 Notes continued

by: Brianna Brewer

Week 2 Notes continued ACTG 203- Section 2

Brianna Brewer
Accounting Lab
Professor Kristen Sohlberg

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About this Document

These notes are continuing on for Week 2. These notes have to do with Bad Debt Expense and Allowance for Doubtful Accounts.
Accounting Lab
Professor Kristen Sohlberg
Class Notes
Accounting, financial accounting, Bad Debt Expense
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brianna Brewer on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACTG 203- Section 2 at University of Montana taught by Professor Kristen Sohlberg in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Accounting Lab in Accounting at University of Montana.


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Date Created: 09/10/15
mm A f mjti 966 had 1 1429 30556 7 66m WW1 i 7 A 0 7 0 Q an 39C3 Ji a 39 35b 5 m 139 w 7 0 7 659 m o a 2 A55 3 UK gm 7me M 85 7 Aalqu 5000 in L03 U Oo E6 0 1 fva 0000 Alf5 New bWA 5 m MW 23 21523 quot 11 2 g W g g 2 owom as 0 OMQWA karatn5 quot titanium 5561 f me OLCCMSr J YComwlcs ce mmbie CWO 13535 Wm41 I5W1 r 0mm 01556 4 winaEQZEE CW MK 3amp2 r5546 aampxw W 3 M cmcze 173 I L AWW Om 30 mm w a Acnmh RQQNC A VD EL r EOJoop 345on v mi a majxqurIm ff E1 M 1 A K 360 900 NW m Meg A84 MA 39 3on mxmbxg w u i j 10quot39l5 m Na robisa3 piimoip19g9 mfm9 W 39 h X l LJ 233311biwvnggl q hfquotailii 39 v A1 g mse fifai wf quot 3 Anm M JWW 9 i F gang s 53 L m Mquot g ifim w m m w Wm Li m am 53mm MAMm J 302150 om QOQQ MM 5 WWW J A OJWU a 5gL m aiw Mkc m A j M ask Mme QAJarMaM 39E I A M39quotquot 39fd 9m r5 A th m 22w Mmquot T0 we as cgw mg r MW W ZZZsz ills F quotg j x E m T237115quot Ear gZJOOO wbb w W EZ Odb I Ax w DA iewo 1 w m pm i XAHG 12 Q39U r U TMEQNA E WA 969 E39 a A39Y gg 0J3quot i Emma akmax M l1JfCacoaHm SEC 5 Cm r 1 mg L mks Cah w rw S Sa Exer w W m 37 ED EXD cwa NJ Mia w B A 539quot 9355 Vddmcg 59W skiEl n Ca an m 51 gm amp lamp a 6 aggam m e 1 55 go we 6r 9519550 Q F I m wudwg uv AW 2 U0 quotJquot 3amp0 cm Nole chRmd x am x OLCi quot 5JBVYIW bk 39ZMW Wot leSiQ me 392 5 5112 35 W WWWW M h COLJA k L1 909W 20 0150 b 2390 r W W Mix jBQOJOQCJJ 56395 r L yJQG JQJ i J 7 Cit 3 12 SC Ow d I M m m w A 1 WSQOW J 11M 33 3mg 08 kw quot21 out JLUGJQUU x 02 ZQCiW m 0w 2 fjw L4 Am 0A s o 00 AR 353009 3 S DE KE 32va quot I MW N am J wm a mat mQS CWEAXJMI Y39 0 La 53 OM lZJ JQVWP 6L3 0400 Th2 kriwih gw aw WORN 3313 m dd4 The Hawthorne Manufacturing Company sells its products offering 30 days credit to its customers Uncollectible amounts are estimated by accruing a monthly charge to bad debt eXpense equal to 2 of credit sales At the end of the year the allowance for uncollectible accounts is adjusted based on an aging of AR The company began 2012 with the following balances in its accounts AR 305 000 Allow for DA 05500 During 2012 sales on credit were 1300000 cash collections from customers were 1250000 and actual writeoffs of accounts were 25000 An aging of AR at the end of 2012 indicates a required allowance of 30000 1 J ournalize the necessary transactions 2 Calculate the balances in AR and Allow for DA at year end Use T accounts 3 Calculate thetotal BD Expense for the year


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