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History 101 Unit 1

by: Abbey Kaufman

History 101 Unit 1 HIST 101 008

Abbey Kaufman
European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century

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About this Document

Ancient Israel and monotheism
European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abbey Kaufman on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 101 008 at University of South Carolina taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 165 views. For similar materials see European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century in History at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 09/10/15
Histm39y lOl Western Civilization to 1648 7 University of South Carolina YaQ rv 39 36939 M Selim S V Podcast Outline Section I The IronAge Middle East Ancient Israel and Monolhcism Key question How did lhc ancian Jews bccumc Biblical monmhcistsquot d 39 Podcast a The IronAge Middle East Context from Archaeological Evidcncc t v l amp3 End of the BronzeAge order in the Mid East 00 oLocu Eyeing cil oLrnw 0 lZ BC s l CAbU pollii qod SUJ IQ lh MN W hfegl C0nmme1 Aaqrion Wham 12H ic WWW Vawtd h39qing a sigma4m poth M relied on fmae r6 i um39 Bongc of r m w gcMidd u W hog 5W smath SWTiEQLWfY K WE LL 2n ow was eav39mm WW5 1 cu mm 1800 anon 9W390 3 MOBC 16ng ma rms6 0 39 Privs39lx39 kinglt rifips and scribes infhe lronAgc Mid East 0w 00 3c unnsz M9W WUquot I 94 Wm WM 3 qoo dv w 7 king 0M W can MO V Q OV39QOVNM Sm f isquot 39arly Records of quotHebrewsIsraelitesquot besides the He iblc M 0609quot msmv rm 39 uwcmc whom bid 0amp00 BQ m0 imam lSraeu w 5 3 ex amtd NWW 0 02mm Wled W BC W Israelite Kingdoms Judah and Samaria as typical MidEast focieties quot339 FHA Pam m Mam if TWbe 0amp5 C 391 NOS 4 0 c6 mm 939 9 Q C mSUrcp mam mmfmn 0 bung 63 of ng BC 2 Mde SV39UCH EQ WNW EL Sa 01 own 95 vm WW S Qiglwcw ngmg PW Fat1v lunwlitac39 wnrshin ofEl Yahweh and other Rods WNWWMMWB 5quot 39 bu E r chum 0Q 80 mm Quest 6 gt401 hwth 5 5 Mlmw SaarH111 W a ranAge mass f anlu K f39 fhp hrntra A yrinn Empim Fm quotquot quot quotquotquotquot 3 39A35 Hams mome 9 Yoo In em naghxooq 80 6C fbgmd ram 190 400 60 Samow a WNOKJ da ggd a3 W51 MUSE09236 0W Sham 090 6639 Agwmnwv wm I W mp urtng 8 Th 212 Chaldcan Empire ran o udah 39t 08 b VJ 9V9Q omitm area 01 39mbu Q m UY QND mg WV 580 was Qunw mow emsamm was M f j hS OW Ems 0 WW sum Hagezh mow We from 510 Bahama 39 1quan Raw L0 5 ECW695198 O 4 IW39ITI ALI5 U 39 The Persian Empire o L rzs an his successors 39Amm M03603 4mm 9m aw SMWJ39 95 Magj WMJ ggo 3c Pcmd TQOF 0W Wm mecb 0quot HWCbJ I mwmcg of Pegprex 1 lt WY Q ews under Persian Rule monotheism ansgo Qriz l rgs CS QC m m S awrvemt39 Swm m WM quotMOW V953 weM gems MGR NW ewe Cum be Jewm QM OQCQWKQ mmmw Online Activity la Timeline and map miniquiz Podcast 1b The Hebrew Bible Origins and Interpretation Bible Basics Compiled stories laws prayers prophetic poetry etc I HQW W Bi W le39 W Elm mospkd mbagw EOWMM S l m 0 0 Cw mom 3 6 QMMM W W Quirks in the Hebrew Bible seams repetitions variations ed sclorCOlFs n m6 7lt M Seocmt 2 cv ia hon W s1mimqmlt4 We MU mco m Wrenches Historians39 use of all primary sources authors39 context and purposes WW3 39N Wmwvw 0 Q 3MMMM3 39wmvr m m oi wrvhng m WWW 3 7 NW m WWW W means we Wrck V Qz HS Wmc es a W MW head VD Historical ways of reading Hebrew Bible compared to other wag e gag K39 40 be Uh olQ Rcl me 0 WM mm W M 3Q WW 44am Show w to edle Pam g W 0 Ho39 Historians perspective on Biblical stories mixed favorite songs and tales quot mgan G8 quot1 me tom quot w passed dimkm mm homered eelmg Msong oi W KO Emmy mocm 36 MW gkorid CO quw Historians39 perspective on Biblical laws and prophecy aims of the writers amtM 848 stm 0pm mgh i m OWNU CKWS Editing and compiling of the Hebrew Bible Priests under Persiargstul oxeu HQW snow 39 C Bo 0mm 8 U 39MLOMp 06 r MOSl gt9 Hi5 Qm b eyrt atCWC b AO W m levwcxlem 5 QBc J EWEVl Online activity 11 Historical reading of sources miniquiz Podcast 1c Biblical Stories of lsrael and Historians39 interpretations Biblical stories of Abraham and family Historical interpretations smwes 0 Ps as omega or lensum ms JOQY39W 0 Cochm L EOV Bl pm 186A Yewotvsls 90quot JPCM J m has 1 4quot mom Rim iit k2 wwes foam 1 of from a 0 WM 10 6 US e is ca m We lta m 39 O r w iblic to g gd es 0 Moses an the Exodus from slavery and the Covenantquot BC Bmwm wexe new to qumcm womb x um WmW V was gvohwtm paw msea ad 0 W Asmara at loam lahwehn Mom OCOPLQ M N C Historians39 debates about Exodus tales and archaeolo 39cal evidence LB CAQS N OQS WQWMOQ 00 woo oi lrmt oeoe WW3 pC bots1M on W Hem UMSQWCA Biblical tales of Israelite tribes and one Kingdom of Israel under David39s dynasty Sm i4c23 emur Cowman Niki 539 comm vegvm 0mg W lows 2 0090M oxcwi WW 40m Semi tam Jeanne s MUM Pu mvwmm a O quot Snow s W 0 r qs gc 3104 ewm wpwiwaw Historians39 debates about David39s and Solomon39s Israel wCOULm mammim W nmmm Home 0 Down M ltzgtsoomon Wuxg em 4 39WA Donw 9 5390le ka Q oi Comomncu w of Jme a mm slipqu Biblical tales of 2 Israelite kingdoms Samaria39s Kings and Prophets Davis New axvia 05 was 0qwmltleVP voweu W v 60 QUMUMQ HQO W Ququ m5 00 m 0 fm wa 8mygh0 gt 356 9900 BC rm BC Q m en miows 7amp8qu f COWQW Historian s use ofthc Lalcs of Samaria and its Fall 0 GT 01 201th 1cme 8quotquot0 86 QUE 730 W00 W bkngj camel L 30 Mag 9 oiOw Qck Biblical smries of reforming kings ofludah Hezekiah and lusiah mg Jusicm mama Hgtgpiow 713 pm 35 QQ 39wa ilkva to pqli mm 9645 mm q gem 9mg nmsgoww mm MONUJehwbm UMS WWWW mmwmws m 60mm W 9 Jgt W Sues o 39refo kings Hezekiah and Josiah mum umcw WW WWW 397 o 5cmolt mic 0 quw of pm 0 WW 39g as i zx 3quot quotHu iMU OX l ngi YNWOL quotquot quotquot 39 excl 1M WNW oi q 0mm big Cckwi KHAWHOKN W o omwen r mmcx 0114 o 39 NW iahvlevi mam Jr W w F gtgwgt c rpmta no eut onomgaoig miah Den kevmmxi 7 08C meLw 365mb erki momq MM nbw vm WCXWCQOI quem to Vowme thf imam 4m damnfox v C W tmam Hi0 Jmu oIC fmxm 5 wow m Historians39 use of Biblical tales of lerusalcm39s fall and restoration Bmel O ewo lahwen52gt H4 pmuw lsmcl th OKHV Janaxms WW Neo 51mean 8 axjohon m 350 BC I FY hw v IX OW Q W a6 Q9329 Wangg6 gs f 39lqtm gmfbhq M lah Online activityQC iblical tales miniquiz Podcast 1d Modern Debates about Ancient Munotheism Traditional tales Abraham and Moses rponotheisrn Q 0 mm 0 HQ DW 390 bg l 393 03 3m MW WWW quot WW 39 I H Dmgm icing RMQ MC mo uymwwmwm Mmeuowm Historiansf questioning oftraditional tales of Moses39 monotheism WOWms wa 90695 0 Mom 11 Pmmhdm vonTUw W19 M Ok ov nwnSlgSeemoeS lh plx bu buf not SLAYme on u 9 Y5 N We 5 QA39V G mun mohme To helm3 W 39 0m 0 memsxmhf Mom I K39 Mom gqnghw 0106M 39 Sixml ow 6M5 M Historians39 Lhcorics about rise of monotheism In uence of Prophets in judah 4ny more mmmsm cow Jimma W 04 W movtxwm uer laibl wt kmhwggl l gc k L quotPmml c mweywm u39l C BL wmovtxt M ngd mtg bole strowegt 30m W m mu MW gloom Wm QONY mogm lmll Historians39 theories about rise of monotheism Persian mlch 23 ng 39erl u Jewish priequ 39XCAUKSWf Worsth one we JainL0 as me NDtmmm mam mm MOVESQCUCkl L99 clt QNQWISW ma a 5cm wwwol 39 OM SQDHV WQMJ bouo to a m c X g omw to mmvoi aw tome tagAm W CXWEOMCQ wlmmm grcuua Avalon OW


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