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Week 3 Lecture Notes - AHS 102 Ball State

by: Janice Carter

Week 3 Lecture Notes - AHS 102 Ball State AHS 102

Marketplace > Ball State University > Art History > AHS 102 > Week 3 Lecture Notes AHS 102 Ball State
Janice Carter
History of Art Survey 2
Natalie E Phillips

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About this Document

Complete set of lecture notes from Week 3 from Natalie Phillips' AHS 102 class! Notes from days 9/9 and 9/11!
History of Art Survey 2
Natalie E Phillips
Class Notes
ahs, 101, weekly, week, notes, Lecture
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Janice Carter on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AHS 102 at Ball State University taught by Natalie E Phillips in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 572 views. For similar materials see History of Art Survey 2 in Art History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 09/10/15
9915 COMPARE NORTHERN GOTHIC AND LATE GOTHIC ARTISTS Northern Gothic Late Gothic Oil Painting Fresco Smallerscale panel paintings Largerscale wall paintings Atmospheric perspective Linear perspective attempts Hyperrealism w details Realism in overall picture END OF NORTHERN GOTHIC PERIOD Early Renaissance in Italy 1400 1500 OR 15th century Linear Perspective is developed Greater realism Intense interest in psychology Dramatic compositions EARLY RENAISSANCE SCULPTURE labor unions for people working with similar mediums ex painting guilds etc Increasing interest in Classicism Greece and Rome o the main focus is looking at art located in the Baptistery o by Andrea Pisano detailed relief sculptures Within a quatrefoil design 0 decorative design resembling a ower or fourleaf clover O Lorenzo Ghiberti vs Filippo Brunelleschi both engaged in a competition designing the scene of the Sacri ce of Isaac within a quatrefoil design The winner gets to design the East Doors of the Florence Baptistery O Ghiberti won his piece is more dramatic right 0 Brunelleschi runs away from Florence to Rome he gives up sculpture focuses on Ancient Roman architecture and draws the buildings I Brunelleschi starts to formalize the rules of linear perspective however Alberti published the rules rst EL r f 1 East oors of the Florence Baptistery pl 11 4 A LA Lirenzo GlhihElr39ti 0 East Doors of the Florence Baptistery by Lorenzo Ghiberti also called The Gates of Paradise Ghiberti abandons the standard quatrefoil design Sculpted in has relief 0 Isaac and his sons scene detail to tile oor to show linear perspective 0 Solomon Receives the Queen of Sheba scene Gothic style building 0 Adam and Eve scene Four Saints 0 Four Saints by Nanni di Banco sculpture set in a niche making use of 3D space brings more life Similar to The Visitation 0 Roman Portrait Heads use of emotions to individualize each portrait an emotional artist great during the Renaissance o rst art historian inspired by artists during his time started recording their lives O by Donatello one of the Evangelists classical in uence gt EXPLAINED FURTHER IN NEXT LECTURE 91115 o by Donatello strong classical in uence Sculpture intheround not seen since the classical period Individualization and emotion captured on St Mark o by Donatello sculptureintheround St George battle with a dragon to rescue the king s daughter hagiography of St George The battle scene is at the base of the statue George and dragon on left the king s daughter on right o hagiography biography of a saint O St George is standing on guard keeping watch of enemies o from Milan Was militaristic tries to attack Florence Florentines fought him off they believed God was on their side bc Florence was smaller than Milan 0 The St George statue keeps battles away reason for his worrisome expression 39 7w Eiii i39 nail aZii 39aau 39 o by Donatello David standing Victoriously over Goliath s head 0 David Florence Goliath The Duke of Milan 0 Some classical in uence contrapposto pose etc 0 Donatello emphasises divine intervention David is helped by God EARLY RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE O by Brunelleschi O Dome contest try to balance an egg on its narrow end Brunelleschi won He creates dome for the Florence Cathedral Giorgio Vasari art historian painted the inside of the dome two halfs of the dome rest against each other for strong support 0 Brunelleschi created scaffolding and crane systems to build the massive dome o by Brunelleschi strong classical in uence columns pediment round arches symmetrical O Brunelleschi studied VitruVius writings of Roman architecture 0 Interior decorated with perfect shapes o Michelozzo great architect who enhances classical architecture The Mediti P l EE quot Michelngm O The Medici Palace by Michelozzo in Florence home of the the Medici family banking family and patrons of the arts 0 Simple for a palace three horizontal layers not overly elaborate O The Medici family were incredibly smart didn t want to show off their wealth learned from the ancient Romans 0 Different textures on each layer from weighted to the bottom and elegant on top This symbolized how the family has a solid wealth but are elegant and sophisticated O Opened courtyard in the center colonnade with rounded arches like an early Roman house EARLY RENAISSANCE PAINTING 0 Andrea Castagno early Renaissance painter Lannmlrrnam In u L l I fluII Andrea Eastagnn o he only painted the lower half with the Last Supper scene Painted on a wall the windows are real Located in a monastery dining hall 0 The scene shows the reactions of Christ s disciples after he says one of you will betray me O Judas is sitting alone in front of the table with no halow Castagno is making Judas obvious since he is the one to betray Christ 0 The Marble panel above Christ and Judas is also a clear marker since the marble has a wild pattern I rm j liraZ IF17I1EVE o trick of the eye illusion of a painting 0 Andrea Mantegna perspective master r w 11 r 2 urge 4quot H by Andrea Mantegn trompe l oeil lighthearted subject matter a ceiling of a bedroom great use of O Perspective of the sky closing in is incredibly accurate


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