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Chapter 3

by: Jessica Notetaker

Chapter 3 CJC 311

Jessica Notetaker
GPA 2.5
Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
Dr. Warren-Gordon

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About this Document

they are discussions over "African Americans"
Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
Dr. Warren-Gordon
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Notetaker on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJC 311 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Warren-Gordon in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 337 views. For similar materials see Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Criminal Justice at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Well the values of multiculturalism embraces the different forms of culture in cultural diversities and the willingness to coexist with people of different backgrounds Even though some people look and see multiculturalism as being something bad for our society Those people believe that it could lead to discrimination or prevents equality However on the other side if people would change their way of thinking and instead of something bad multiculturalism we can make it something good America is well known to be the most culturally diverse society Which means we might as well work together with our fellow Americans and nd a way to use other people s different backgrounds and talents to make out society great Also other arguments in favor of multiculturalism focuses on integration and social cohesion of others Living in a multicultural society with people with different traditions and perspectives makes people communicate with each other When people communicate they share ideas and perspectives so everyone learns a new way to see the world or even a small thing or situation So there is a development in an intellectual way Being in a multicultural society also leads to a more openminded population people start to see situations from another point of views For an example for someone who feels isolated and unconnected with our community will eventually nd a connection with someone who shares the same interests These common interest can include someone s religion race ethnicity even simple thing like gender and more When people are together and cooperate to the development of communication it is promoted the respect and the tolerance between different cultures People start to feel comfortable living and interacting with people from different countries or with different perspectives A multicultural society also makes people being less racist and leads to a nondiscrimination society having a more peaceful environment 1 It is widely believed by researchers that groups must have a minimum of ve members a 2 Part of the reason minorities are overrepresented in the criminal justice system may be related to X a 3 Erving Goffman s discussion of the backstage includes several processes including all of the following EXCEPT a 4 Communication comes in two forms Verbal and nonverbal a True 5 What is the signi cance of the 1972 Supreme Court case Furman v Georgia a 6 People opposed to a multicultural society argue that it a 7 Which of the following is NOT a type of minority group a 8 Ethnocentrism is the tendency to judge other cultures as a 9 Inmates in prisons must often choose to be a part of an ethnicity or racebased gang in order to survive a 10 Individuals join groups for two primary reasons to enjoy the company of others and to accomplish goals unattainable by themselves a 11 Erving Goffman suggests identi ed two important components of impression management dramaturgical discipline and dramaturgical a 12 Most people erroneously think of the United States as a melting pot of diversity a 13 Most states reintroduced death penalty statutes following the 1972 Supreme Court decision in Furman v Georgia a 14 The jewish holocaust during World War II was an example of one of the possible consequences for minority groups X a true 15 The social construction of race suggests that every society de nes the importance of race in their own way using their own particular criteria a true 16 A strong collective conscience X a 17 refers to the space between the communicator and hisher audience a 18 People in favor of multiculturalism argue that it X a 19 Former US President Gerald Ford was deemed the quotGreat Communicatorquot for his ability to inspire many with his words and acUons a Former President Ronald Reagan 20 A homosexual male trying to hide his sexual orientation in a heterosexual environment is engaging in what is often referred to as a passing Whiteness is a term that has recently became a political expression that describes a person39s bene ts to being Caucasian ln generations past quotWhitenessquot was a simple term that perhaps was used to describe how bright white the color of a shirt is Someone might say quotI never buy white shirts because they never have that new quotwhitenessquot about them after the rst washquot It was a simple term It is no longer that simple There are those who would have you believe that because you are born into the Caucasian race you have special privileges In today39s society it has become normal to call someone out on their quotwhitenessquot If someone believes that you got a better grade than them or a promotion at work they often will claim you only got it because of your quotwhitenessquot not because of your hard work or dedication We now have a society full of victims of race If someone is born a non Caucasian race society wants you to think that you are somehow an instant victim before you even learn to crawl Whiteness is a new term that measures how much of the burden of race in America does a person identifying Caucasian carries in their daily life The expression quotwhitenessquot hasn39t really affected my life in a dramatic way Until recently the term whiteness has simply meant the brightness of something to me Whiteness never really entered my daily routine I simply woke up and lived my life Now I am being asked to de ne my quotwhitenessquot I understand there is racism I also doubt that it will ever be 100 eradicated from our society Racism is an awful part of the world It comes in many forms not just quotwhite people are racistquot Even though that is thought to be the most common Maybe it is very pollyanna of me however a society that values all people no matter their race would be nice A celebration of the differences that we all have is how society should be Hopefully some day we will look back at this time in history and see the mistakes and have learned from them One day maybe the term quotWhitenessquot will go back to being a simple term that simply means the brightness of something and not the guilt trip it brings to someone who simply was born white


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