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Week 3 Notes

by: Madeline Redding

Week 3 Notes PHIL 1000 - 01

Madeline Redding
General Introduction to Philosophy
Matthew McGrath

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About this Document

Includes notes on Hume
General Introduction to Philosophy
Matthew McGrath
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madeline Redding on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 1000 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Matthew McGrath in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see General Introduction to Philosophy in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 09/11/15
eetiein fer Themsen 39ll39harn eon Argument Enntinuedl a Light te cle if it i5 retien el tie tie it when 39yreu ere well infeirmed l mE mEE WE 3953quot 15115719th 315E Wl39lE39l39I Eetienal te Elle unlilir if vauld pre t hit deing it When well infermetl mural and PTUdEHCE E n i What EllEmil l Eeneequentielism sage that whet gnu tie l 39 the m il ll i right Thing W 39tl39lE iF39m39ElE t inter simil rte the might eely ifpmf ehle theeis thlng Hm a mtli l iEllli ti ln 2 Is it clear that 39yreu eught te break yeur premise if it leesn t maximize 1inlelue E31511 way if simmering the queEtien if it39s just yeu naught tel In it Middle gmuml view between Hind Themeun 1liltihen en eat i5ju5t there39s SEEME reasen te perferrn it But this leesn t gue rentee that gnu 5UEHT te perferm it Maybe there ere mere weight5r reeeene net ta perlerm i1 Hume on Reason Passion and Morality o What does reason do for Hume o It judges what is true and false 0 Demonstrative Reason Judges quotrelations of ideasquot think 224 and generally math and logic 0 Probable Reason Judges matters of fact existence of objects and causeandeffect Tl Causeandeffect can direct the will but it can not move it H EX39 Pg 722 Of bOOk Reason IS and I SImIIar to SCIence likely reasons but no certainty deals WIth ought only to be the quotpmbablyll slave of the 0 What ClOES passion ClO passions and can o It moves the will moves us to act never pretend to EX Wanting to enjoy tenniswatching moves me to turn on the TV any other Of ce to watch Serena Williams play than to serVe and o Passion can39t be the judge of truth and falsity Obey themquot 0 Which is the source of our moral judgments if EX Pg 724 The willful murder example quotExamine it in all lights and see if you can nd that matter of fact or real existence which you can call vicequot 0 Famous Slogans 0 Reason is the slave of the passions 0 You can39t derive an quotoughtquot from an quotisquot 0 Can reason move the will 0 No because neither demonstrative nor probable reasoning can move the will 0 Reason can only direct passions it cannot produce them or oppose them Ex If you want to watch tennis passion and you know the game comes on at 3 PM on Channel 8 reason then you will want to turn out Channel 8 at 3 PM directed passion No deriving an ought from an is 0 Reason can tell you the is 0 Reason can39t tell you the ought o If there is a piece of reasoning that seems to derive an ought from an is it is faulty reasoning Reason can not be a source of action only passion can Hume quotWhy Utility Pleasesquot 0 Social virtues virtues concerning social life 0 Ex Generosity compassion modesty mercy 0 Utility serving the good of humanity or society o Is our praise of the social virtues based on selflove 0 According to Hume no 0 First line of reasoning quotA generous brave deed performed by an adversary commands our approbationquot 0 Second line of reasoning 1 We praise the social virtues for utility 2 We praise the means because we value the end 3 Utility is a means to the end of bettering humanity and not only oneself 4 So our praise of the social virtues stems from our valuing humanity and not only ourselves 0 Old Debate Egoism vs Altruism o Egoism we do what we do always in order to pursue our selfinterest o Altruism we sometimes do what we do at least partly in order to promote the interests of others 0 Egoists39 strategy appeal to the feeling od happiness you get by doing good for others 0 Hume is saying 1 Don39t just look at how we act look at how we react We take pleasure in the good of others we take pain in the suffering of others 2 Whatever you say about our actions our feelings indicate that we care about others 0 All this is natural and not merely taught in church 0 Distance makes a difference in how much sympathy people will have for others Hume on sympathy o Sympathy is a natural sentiment 0 Not motivated by selflove o It reduces with distance 1 The farther away the less concretely we can visualize it the less sympathy we have for others


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